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Singapore AirlinesOverall score based on 3892 reviews
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Well, I didn’t like much. The staff didn’t have any beverages except for coffee and water and they never came by. The food just sucked. There was no entertainment at all.

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Well, I didn’t like much. The staff didn’t have any beverages except for coffee and water and they never came by. The food just sucked. There was no entertainment at all.

Pros: "The whole Business experience on SQ"
Cons: "During the same trip I discovered 2 different arrangements of the Business Class cabin on Singapore Airlines A350, SQ469 CMB-SIN, and SQ036 SIN-LAX. On the SQ036, I occupied seat 15 A (mono, aisle-window): I did not understand the reasoning behind this layout: Seat facing straight the front of the aircraft, but not enough space to stretch the legs, and limited height for the footrest, feet getting hurled against a ceiling very quickly, and also footrest only on one side = one foot. The deep cavity, that is probably meant to house the lie-flat disposition, is at a 45° angle with the general direction of the seat. I am 77 and not in any way a contortionist. I decided that the best course of action was to remain seated for the duration of the 14:30 hours, flight without extending my legs. Maybe the crew could have explained how the passenger is supposed to fit into that weird design, but I did not ask, afraid that the demonstration might reawaken chronic shoulder and hip pain. I would be glad to read (not test) how this configuration is supposed to convey the sense of comfort expected from a Business Class ticket. It did nothing of the kind for me."
Pros: "The whole business class experience"
Cons: "During the same trip I discovered 2 different arrangements of the Business Class cabin on Singapore Airlines A350, SQ469 CMB-SIN, and SQ036 SIN-LAX. On the SQ469, I occupied seat 12 A (mono, aisle-window): A lot of plastic curved walls etc. For larger persons, the result is not quit comfortable."
Cons: "More food variety"
Pros: "The boarding process was easy and straightforward, the seats were comfortable and had individual entertainment screens, the crew was very polite and helpful. For meals, everyone was given a printed menu at the start of the flight so that meal options could be easily made."
Cons: "My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more frequent offers for water refills during the flight, since water cups are so small and staying well hydrated on flights is difficult but essential."
Pros: "Crew were amazing and great entertainment"
Cons: "Boarding could be better"
Pros: "everything, the crew was efficient"
Cons: "more African entertainment to be added on the Johannesburg route"
Pros: "Excellent crew and very well dressed and always smiling"
Cons: "The lights were switched off for a very long time. That can be avoided"
Cons: "Flat beds on second flight"
Pros: "The crew did a wonderful job of anticipating needs and having all the little ammenities you could want."
Cons: "They gave you a menu at the start of the flight but didn't serve any of that food, and the food wasn't very good"
Pros: "Kindy flight attedances,,smooth boarding,,delicious food"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was canceled. They moved passengers to the Lufthansa but didn’t tell us even though we checked with the counter every 20 min. Apparently a text went out that we didn’t get"
Cons: "Flight way too cold"
Pros: "Friendly crew and spacious."
Cons: "Food could be better"
Pros: "Excellent service, made a very long flight very pleasant and enjoyable."
Pros: "Friendly staff Good customer service"
Cons: "There was nothing i dislike"
Pros: "The food was good, good choices and at good intervals. Lavatories were well maintained. Entertainment was excellent."
Cons: "My first leg, the crew appeared rushed. Seating was tight. Would definitely upgrade next time."
Pros: "They treated you like you were important and really took care of my every need"
Cons: "Getting on a cattle car to go to another terminal and then get in line again to go on the plane"
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "The food for Premium Economy was very poor. The choices were substandard and the food at some meals was inedible. Very disappointing for the price of the tickets. The cabins and equipment seemed old and jaded."
Pros: "everything good"
Cons: "need new toilet"
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice, attentive and joyful!"
Cons: "Sitting in a middle seat. Was told at the jetway counter no aisle or window seats were available. I saw no fewer than 5 empty aisle seats in my area."
Cons: "the food was mediocre at best - had to ask for water couple of times"
Cons: "The plane was freezing - absolutely freezing. Too cold. There were not enough fluids given out. Given we could not even take water brought in the airport into the plane there needed to be regular distributions of fluids on the flight as there was on the flight from London toy Singapore. It is a long flight and being dehydrated on a plane is not a good thing."
Pros: "Service by the crew was great"
Cons: "Food in the economy class was not so great Options provided were not tasty. Each meal tasted same. No kid option available. Tastier options available on other major international flights."
Pros: "Boarding, friendly crew"
Cons: "Very slow service, took 2 hours. Entertainment system didn't worked for first half of flight."
Cons: "leg space"
Cons: "Boarding at Singapore airport was shocking, as we had to wait 6 hours for our flight. Rating low to the crew mainly because of the ground staff as they were not very communicative to begin with about the explanation for our delay. Only when the passengers got a bit more vocal about wanting explanations, they started giving us a bit more information. All estimated times given for boarding the flight were incorrect by a big margin! Seemed more like they were giving shorter wait time for boarding just to please the passengers, where as they were well aware of how long the wait would be."
Pros: "Crew was good."
Cons: "Despite booking Hindu vegetarian meal, chicken was served. The seats were too uncomfortable and no space at all."
Pros: "Nothing specific"
Cons: "Menu is average but get they need to cater for wide variety of tastes"
Cons: "The cabin was quite warm"
Pros: "I like the services from Singapore Airlines."
Cons: "Your web site tried to charge me $90 for aisle seat, do you agree that this is a big joke or what? I have decided no use your company any more. Not sure why a great airlines like Singapore Airlines would partner with your company???"
Pros: "Everything great personnel"
Pros: "Great service. Really friendly and polite. Lots of current movies and TV shows to watch and provided earbuds with adaptors. Made the experience a lot more pleasant."
Cons: "The seats can be laid bag pretty far and the people in front of me decided to recline for a majority of the 10 hour flight. I wish the chairs either didn't do this or the flight attendants would have said something. I didn't feel like I had the authority to do anything about it. Also it was so warm! I have no idea if there was a fan."
Pros: "Helpful staff and a comfortable trip. A plus all the way around"
Cons: "breakfast was terrible"
Pros: "Comfy chairs and good food on Singapore Airlines."
Cons: "Some of the male crew didn't do anything, the females did all the interactive work in serving and helping the disabled as far as I could see."
Pros: "Red wine was good"
Cons: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"
Pros: "I got in some exercise during the delays and gate changes"
Cons: "Delay after delay, gate changes, lack of care from employees, missed a day of vacation in Germany, missed out on photos and memories"
Pros: "Main Entree hot"
Cons: "Cold bread; dessert similar sweetened gak"
Pros: "The wonderfully kind and friendly air hosts and hostesses"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Very nice crew."
Cons: "Why are the slippers/socks not distributed before take off or already in the seat pocket? Why is the food order taken after take of and not before? Why does singapore airline have old seats I new planes? What happened to the earlier leader? Friendly staff alone does not make the deal. And given ticket prices SQ is not attractive any more for me."
Pros: "Everything else was good"
Cons: "Old aircraft with tired looking seats."
Pros: "everything, excellent job"
Pros: "The overall experience was good. Crews are friendly and approachable. Food taste good."
Cons: "Beware of babies on board."
Cons: "Same food options as previous flight Not as many movie options as the longer flight"
Pros: "everything great, every time again"
Pros: "The food. The nice crew members. The comfortability and service. The tech and entertainment available."
Cons: "The entertainment was poor"
Pros: "The service"
Cons: "The quality of the red wine"
Pros: "Service and Operation"
Cons: "The plane ... its old, in need of a new interior as things are falling off and dirty ... Flew business class and although the service makes up for the old aircraft, i think SQ can do so much better !!!"

Quality flight from start to finish. Customer service is evidently very important to this company. The staff really exceeded expectations.

Cons: "Flown business class 4 times with China southern. But their beds never lay completely flat. Always have a hump in the middle so I raise the back a bit to compensate"
Cons: "Boarding by bus .... on time but departure delayed 45 mins ... I guess typical for China ..."
Cons: "Should have leg rest and phone charger outlet"
Pros: "very Good service"
Pros: "Helpful staff both on ground and in the air"
Cons: "- The plane supposedly has free wifi :) :) :) but this is too good to be true. After a long and complicated procedure “all free wifi passes are gone, try again next time”. Someone said there are only 70 passes for the entire plane. - Similar experience with “free wifi” Guangzhou’s Bayun airport if you don’t have a Chinese simcard in your phone. - Navigating China Southern’s website for online check-in is a nightmare."
Pros: "Cheap flight."
Cons: "Different"
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "Crew was fine - nice enough."
Cons: "Oh my! So much body odor(!) on the airplane. It isn’t CHina Southern Air’s fault, but the plane smelled to high heaven - it was a terrible 2.5 hours. I’ll avoid this airline going forward due to the $150 luggage fees and smelly cabin."
Cons: "Unable to use Mobil check- in asked at ticket counter for a forward seat next to exit doors because I am a tall person over 6’3 ended up aisle seat that had issues maintaining a locked upright position plane left 35 min late"
Cons: "it took forever for their ticketing agent to check us in. apparently it's a huge deal that my full name isn't printed on the boarding passes, which caused problems after every check point i went through."
Pros: "movies"
Cons: "no directions to the hotel during our layover. No English spoken at the hotel! Very confusing."
Pros: "Courteous staff, meal served on a 2 hr flight"
Cons: "Overhead movie was only in Chinese with no headphones distributed. Boarding passes have to be claimed in Guangzhou from a previous flight."
Cons: "Guangzhou airport transfer was uncomfortable expensive and won’t be traveling via this airport again"
Pros: "China Southern's cabin crew are amazing, responding quickly to anything a passenger might need. They seemed a little frustrated at the end of the flight near Wuhan, most likely because they had to clean and prepare to go on to Guangzhou."
Cons: "It wasn't super clear from our booking that we'd go to Wuhan and then Guangzhou instead of a straight shot! Seats were a bit uncomfortable on the Dreamliner for such a long-haul flight. Also, the food wasn't great but it's abundantly supplied, even a night-time snack if you asked."
Pros: "Nice plane"
Cons: "Non"
Pros: "Service was good."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "For India-to-US journeys, China Southern routinely misses the short connection. The second flight does not wait for the connections and there is no plan for the predictably stranded passengers. The airport is littered with stranded travelers. Alternate routings often involve transit Visas which take some eight hours of queuing up. In the meantime, business and economy travelers alike are stranded without food, water or information in a BITTERLY cold terminal. There is no food or drink to buy. On top of that, officials and service people don't speak much English. Given the experience of my co-passengers today and those stuck in the terminal for the past few days, one has to wonder why the airline flies these sectors at all."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "horrible seats, horrible staff, horrible food. then their airline make you want in this giant, confusing line to transfer planes which feels like its part of the state, but it's actually some strange system run by their staff which you wait in line for a stamp. i littleraly took 2 hours."
Pros: "On time, comfortable, beautiful, new terminals (Beijing and ZZ)"
Cons: "No wine served"
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "With no personal screens they played an action movie with people dying left and right and it made me anxious. Seats aren’t very comfortable and the food is not very good."
Cons: "It was a horrible flight for me will never travel again with you guys"
Pros: "Never flown this airline or even come to this part of the world before this trip so had no expectations. But the flight crew was super helpful, courteous, food was good, and flight was pleasant with good entertainment."
Cons: "They didn’t have sparkling water!"
Cons: "First and Business not VIP immigration or luggage!?! Multiple crying babies with toddlers running the isles all night with no parental control or Flight attendant(s) intervention, even after being asked by multiple passengers. Woooh... movie/IFE selection drastically cut back! why? Food, worst in 7yrs. Guangzhou layover, lounge(s) not prepared, minimal pre packaged snacks no hot food, showers not working or rather not cleaned from night before would take "hours" for them to be cleaned and available. Will probably be last flight with Southern China, has dropped considerably and is no longer a "worthy" airline."
Pros: "Nothing special but there was a good amount of room and the crew was nice."
Cons: "Had to take a bus to the flight."
Pros: "We arrived safely."
Cons: "I was unable to check in online.When I mentioned this at the ticket counter the agent responded that they kept hearing that from passageners. Apparently this wasn't enough of an issue to make any changes. The plane was uncomfortable for such a long flight. Lots of movie choices, but few current choices. Flight attendants weren't that friendly."
Cons: "Very good"
Pros: "Friendliness of Crew."
Cons: "Business class seats could do with an update. Entertainment - movie selection could with an update."
Pros: "WiFi on board"
Pros: "Everything was mediocre at best"
Cons: "China southern line and its base Guangzhou airport is notorious for delays. I had 18 and 23 hour delay so for each of my legs of my return flight. Of course connection flights were missed and the multi-step reassignment was time and labor intensive."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "The plane is accessed by bus from the gate, and pretty far away. The stairs to the plane are not handicap accessible."
Cons: "4 hour delay without sufficient reason, Uncomfortable seat."
Pros: "Ease of transition in Beijing since staff was there to help facilitate easy transfer to my next flight."
Pros: "Nice service! Provides customers many varieties thing."
Pros: "Solid meal, regular beverage service"
Cons: "No use of cell phones, even in airplane mode. Then, they don't allow entertainment units of exit rows to be out."
Pros: "Airplanes are new"
Cons: "No amenities"
Pros: "Long flight, but one of the best we've flown. The flight times make a huge difference and China Southern really impressed with their itinerary and price. The A380 may be my favorite plane now too. Kids loved the movie selection, they ate both meals and they slept in between. Can't ask for more. One child got sick during flight but the stewardesses were very helpful. Will keep them in our top options going forward."
Cons: "I was prepared to be upset at China Southern because they try to get you to pay for picking your seat ahead of time. We took our chances and they got our family of 7 seats together on all 4 legs of our flights! It's a risk, but they seem to be very accommodating to families. Don't waste the money paying extra"
Pros: "On time arrival"
Cons: "Promptness Wheelchair amenity"
Pros: "Crew was really good and helpful but sometimes there was a language barrier. I accidentally got off the plane but it was my own mistake aa I should of paid closer attention to the itenary. I did ask a crew member if I should leave the plane and she said to ask ground crew. But there was a lot of pasangers that did the same thing. I had to go through customs, security check and immigration to get back on the plane."
Pros: "Flight was fast & good service by flight attendants."
Cons: "Food served was mediocre."
Pros: "everything else"
Cons: "flight was delayed"
Cons: "see comments above"
Pros: "new planes on departing."
Cons: "no english.bad customer service.delayed flights worst nightmare.will never fly again."
Pros: "Got to destination pretty much on time."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable & crunched - elbow to elbow and leg to leg with neighbor passenger."
Pros: "timely and effective to get to seoul from zhengzhou"
Pros: "Business class seating"
Cons: "Boarding, food, poor english"
Pros: "price point"
Cons: "They changed my flight hours before I was due to leave to another flight the arrived later then my connecting flight left. They offered to change the flight to one that would cause a 23 hour layover in Ghangzhou. They refused to pay for accommodation or even upgrade me for the inconvenience. The customer service representatives were rude and not helpful. I ended up having to get a refund. I flew with Korean Airlines and had a great experience. I'll never consider using them again."
Pros: "The plane was always on time and the crew was always ready to help. The food was also good."
Cons: "Lost my luggage"
Pros: "I had decent leg room."
Cons: "Food was all carbs and dry."
Cons: "Because the first flight was delayed, we had to run like mad men to our connecting flight or else we wouldve missed it."
Cons: "Without any explanation, Air China delayed my flight from Beijing to Hong Kong for 3 hours and ground staff still had an bad attitude toward hundreds of passengers asking questions."
Pros: "The crew in business class was amazing, aircraft was not as new as the first flight but comfortable. No complaints."
Cons: "Again, I feel the meals are not as good as some other airlines but it was an amazing value for the business class flight so I can see past the meal. Staff was great,"
Pros: "crew promptly answers call. very courteous. although we left PEK 40 mins later, we arrived in LAX on time. lots of legroom on this flight back to LAX for a 5 foot frame. a big plus"
Cons: "bathroom would have been cleaner and hoping to put some air freshener in the bathroom."
Pros: "Amazing crew, very polite and helpful Excellent take off and landed super smooth - koodoos to the cockpit team The seats on the aircraft from Beijing to Vancouver was much more comfortable that the aircraft before ( Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh ) but I think that it’s because it is a newer aircraft"
Cons: "The food quality was very poor and portion too small. This could utilize some improvements"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They should improve connections"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ca Needs to be more clear on who can get a transit entry , I with a US Passport didn't get one and stuck in pek airport for 25 hours ,"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Seems like airchina have no experience in aviation business"
Pros: "Boarding was streamlined, planes took off on time and made it to destination before time. Entertainment options were decent."
Cons: "Food isn't the best (had Hindu meal for my flights) not sure if there is a better option. There isn't much in terms of snacks, outside the set meals. Some of the crew members do struggle with communicating in English, but I always found someone to work with."
Pros: "Good food, relatively comfortable for a 13 hour flight"
Cons: "The entertainment system was modern, but not that many good, English-language movie or TV options. I found it difficult to get wine and black tea (they served green) - both of which are essentials for a long-haul flight. Flight was a little late. The security lines for transfers at the Beijing airport is a complete mess, which was the most stressful part of the trip."
Pros: "Same see above"
Cons: "No WiFi, no charging. Food was inedible."
Pros: "I did not take this flight becase of overbooking. I cannot understand why it is assumes that I took this flight."
Pros: "Easy no problems good staff"
Pros: "Arriving"
Cons: "Play flight attendants horrible food movie selection very poor"
Pros: "Crew very nice. Take off on time both times. I liked the movies and games, kept me entertained for 13 hours. The Air China plains, used for domestic flights, don't have any entertainment, even during 3 hours flights. This I didn't like in China."
Cons: "The seats in both international flights were not confortable. The audio port on plane from China didn't work well I had to keep holding it at all times to be able to hear on both ears."
Cons: "flight was cancelled and rebooked for another day, but Air China was cheap in compensation for hotel, let alone compensation for food!!!"
Pros: "The seats were decent. The flight attendants were very attentive."
Cons: "The food was not to my liking."
Pros: "overall it was good; crew was excellent, kept the plane, specially toilet clean throughout."
Cons: "food selection for vegetarians better movie selection; english in TV documentaries."
Cons: "Plain delayed and connection missed. Should not sell tickets with short overlays."
Cons: "minimal legroom"
Pros: "Excellent"
Cons: "Delayed flight, dirty restrooms"
Cons: "Missed this flight because the first one was late. There was not enough time in between. And my luggage didn't make this flight either! It became a big debacle and I spent an extra $200 fixing it."
Cons: "I didn't know when I was supposed to board or what the process was, and the crew wasn't helpful to me when I asked. Maybe language barrier?"
Pros: "The crew were lovely."
Cons: "Poor entertainment and food (but I think plane food generally isn't great on any airline). Big gaps between beverage service - so bring your own bottle of water unless you want to be that annoying passenger like me who is constantly pressing the button for service to just get water."
Cons: "Wasn't on the flight"
Cons: "Delayed twice - on my way to an my overnight layover to see a friend in Beijing and then on my way to Tokyo."
Cons: "delayed"
Cons: "Food and Entertainment was worst. I travel 2nd time with Air China. This I feel like traveling with local Chinese service not like international service"
Pros: "Business class features Seating Entertainment Food"
Cons: "Language barrier, but not too bad"
Pros: "everything was better"
Pros: "Good selection of movies."
Cons: "Flight attendants were rude, only dry cookies for snacks on the 13h flight, really hard to have wine seems they don't want you to have any. Only with your dinner she wasn't great either."
Cons: "Seat is small and uncomfortable No entertainment on flight Landing late Food test not good poor customer service"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, helpful"
Cons: "Plane feels old. You get what you pay for, it was by far the cheapest airfare... but included my luggage getting lost after a layover."
Pros: "Friendly staff and on time."
Cons: "The one thing that would stop me flying with this company is that most of the food served had meat in it. I understand it might be their culture, but as a company who serves people from all around the world, they should really consider changing their menu. Not everyone supports the killing of animals, and not everyone has a diet that do as well."
Cons: "The flight attendant shoved me down the aisle with a drink cart. Mobile phones cannot even be looked at, even in flight mode, because of outdated policy. Staff is generally rude. The entire plane was spitting, clearing their noses with loud noises, and chewing with their mouths open. Basically, the perfect airline to display one of the rudest cultures in the world."
Cons: "Our 2am flight from Phuket was delayed 2 hours so we missed our connecting 14 hour flight from Beijing to NYC. Once our plane in Phuket was ready we were then shuttled group by group from the terminal to the plane on a bus which took about another hour, at 3 in the morning. There is zero concern for people missing their connecting flights or any mention of what to do if you do have a connection. The airline does not coordinate with its own connecting flight - how hard can this really be - which we missed by about 5 minutes. We could see the plane sitting on the tarmac still connected to the gate but yet we had to go through security and immigration multiple more times and pass through the funnels of the airport like cattle. We were then stuck in Beijing for another 5 hours before our 14 hour flight after already traveling for about 10 hours thanks to the Phuket ---> Beijing fiasco. Additionally, whatever they serve as meals on these flights should not be confused with actual food. Do better, people. Flying across the world is tough enough without your total lack of consideration for your passengers on these epically long flights."
Pros: "The crew were really nice and pleasant Leg space was a little tight The non-veg food was a little non-tasty"
Cons: "For Mumbai to Beijing the announcements should be in English First, then in Mandarin later - As 80 % of the passengers were Non-Chinese For Beijing to Vancouver the announcements should be in Mandarin First, then in English later - As 80 % of the passengers were Chinese The Air -china crew English need to be improved"
Pros: "Check-in and boarding went very well, very quickly."
Cons: "The plane was suppose to depart at 6:25 pm, it ended up being closer to 8:00. I suppose that really didn't have to do with anything Air China did, but we ended up landing nearer to 11:00 than the 9:45 that I booked, It was nearly midnight before I was able to get home."
Pros: "Airfare was a good price."
Cons: "Departure from Newark was 1.5 hours late because of a lame reason, the luggage couldn't be loaded on the plane in a timely manner. When I arrived at Beijing, they encouraged me to run to my connecting flight, even gave me a sticker and had people directing me, but it all seemed like for nothing as I wasn't even fast tracked through security. Not only did I sprint a mile across the terminal for no reason as the flight departed when I arrived at the gate, they couldn't even properly direct me where to get a new ticket for the next flight. About 100 people missed the flight so I don't know why they didn't hold the connecting flight as it was the last one of the day. Very poor service and organization the entire length of the trip. The flight the next day was late as well!"
Pros: "Foot rest at your seat."
Cons: "They don't allow you to board with a bottled water and wont give you one on board. Therefore on a 12 hr flight if you want to sleep (who doesn't) and you would like water, you have to have a little cup without a top to be on your tray table or in the easily hit with your knee cupholder. I ended up drinking my small amount of water quickly so I wouldn't end up with an accidental spill onto my feet. Not good foresight by a major airline."
Pros: "Movie selection was okay, could have been better but there was enough to make a 12 hour flight passable."
Cons: "Traveling from Bangkok we were required to go through security twice more at Beijing from some reason, and then again prior to boarding our carry-ons were checked again and all water/liquids taken from us. This became a problem because after the initial meal and drink service there was no service for more than six hours. For at 12 hour flight only two meals were offered. The flight attendants were scarce and unwilling to help people, even closing the curtains to their work areas. My girlfriend is on medication and shouldn't become dehydrated so I was forced to "acquire" a bottle of water from the service area when the attendant left. The food was atrocious, far worse than when we flew from San Francisco to Beijing for some reason. I believe the crew was understaffed and tired. Overall it was extremely disappointing and I will do my best never to fly with them again, or through Beijing airport."
Pros: "I'm happy to be back in the U.S. safely. Thanks to the crew for their expertise!"
Cons: "Coming back to the U.S., the food was not prepared well; something was wrong with the noodles. The salad didn't taste good. The fruits were okay The flight attendant was supposed to help me with setting the entertainment, but she never came back."
Pros: "Great price but crowded seating, no air flow, bad food, couldn't use the games on my phone, and the touch screen entertainment was a 50/50 chance of not working. The stewardesses were nice but spoke almost no English so helping us to find our connecting flight was impossible."
Cons: "Crowded seating, no air flow, bad food, couldn't use the games on my phone, and the touch screen entertainment was a 50/50 chance of not working. Stewardesses spoke almost no English so helping us to find our connecting flight was impossible."
Pros: "Friendly service"
Pros: "Even got food on the flight!"
Cons: "No movies"
Pros: "My luggage was damaged. What I called about the claims process it turned out to be rediculois and drawn out."
Cons: "Did not like how my luggage was handled and the phone service staff is poor quality. They just try their hardest to get you off the phone."
Pros: "I was worried after reading some of the reviews. However, I was extremely happy with my experience. Clean and comfortable. Everything was on time and no delays. Cabin crew was attentive and very helpful. A great all-round flight and trip."
Cons: "No real complaints. Airline food is airline food. The services for drinks was amazing though."

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