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China SouthernOverall score based on 5510 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The dreamliner from JFK to China was a real pleasure the plane and crew were excellent food not really to my liking but ok,"
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Pros: "The dreamliner from JFK to China was a real pleasure the plane and crew were excellent food not really to my liking but ok,"
Pros: "The seats were soso. But the crew members were pretty good"
Cons: "They need a bugger plane"
Pros: "clean and new plane with enough rrom for decent comfortable foos was ok, fish dish was a bit too salty."
Cons: "I was traveling with friends who's flight kept getting canceled without any notifications, only found out till check in. I had an added layover that I didn't know about. My friends and I will avoid China Southern airlines in the future"
Pros: "Crew was good and seats were ok."
Cons: "More room but we all know space is limited. Food can be improved though"
Pros: "very Good service"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "Attentive crew, good breakfast in business class"
Cons: "Very warm, delay in boarding"
Cons: "Transfer process"
Pros: "Helpful staff both on ground and in the air"
Cons: "- The plane supposedly has free wifi :) :) :) but this is too good to be true. After a long and complicated procedure “all free wifi passes are gone, try again next time”. Someone said there are only 70 passes for the entire plane. - Similar experience with “free wifi” Guangzhou’s Bayun airport if you don’t have a Chinese simcard in your phone. - Navigating China Southern’s website for online check-in is a nightmare."
Cons: "The staff just took my husband and my passports while we have layover at wuhan. The Wuhan airport has nothing. The person who took our passports kinda detian us in the airport!! Is this legal? They also delayed our layover from 3hrs to 13hours layover in Wuhan airport! Nothing right about this!"
Pros: "None."
Cons: "The worse airport of my 22 years experience. Almost everyone there have no english. Unprofessional and kind of disrespectful. The worse of all is too many documents processing. Taking atleast 15 minutes to be cleared just 1. 1h 45 minutes to finish everything. Wuhan haha next time free flight i will not bother. Ohh 1 more thing. They use the Communist system in the international airport"
Pros: "They put us up in a hotel"
Cons: "We missed the connection due to airline delays. So the flight they're going to get us into Bangkok will happen the evening of the next day. If they can get us the ticket change."
Pros: "Outstanding customer service!! Food was good, and attendants were very alert, and empathetic."
Pros: "movies"
Cons: "no directions to the hotel during our layover. No English spoken at the hotel! Very confusing."
Cons: "I'm sorry but the Chinese push people and crowd people like no other. There's no such thing as personal space. For that reason, I won't book on this airline again. The Beijing Airport wasn't pleasant. Had to sit downstairs in the basement gate area just to get internet connection which was non existent. Airport was pretty small to be waiting around for 3 hours. Won't connect through there again."
Cons: "Guangzhou airport transfer was uncomfortable expensive and won’t be traveling via this airport again"
Pros: "The entertainment on board"
Cons: "They don't let you use your phone for whatever reason and they make a big deal about battery packs"
Pros: "Very professional and friendly staff. Prompt response to call button"
Cons: "Same as nearly every airline....;why not board from the rear. it would be so much more efficient.."
Cons: "It was a horrible flight for me will never travel again with you guys"
Pros: "Never flown this airline or even come to this part of the world before this trip so had no expectations. But the flight crew was super helpful, courteous, food was good, and flight was pleasant with good entertainment."
Cons: "They didn’t have sparkling water!"
Cons: "Wait too in hotel"
Pros: "Nice flight in business class. Good food, good entertainment. No complaints there."
Cons: "The long layover in Wuhan was a drag. China Southern couldn't check me through from Bangkok to San Francisco so I had to claim luggage and wait 7 hours at Wuhan Airport without access to a lounge or anything else for that matter."
Pros: "perfect trip"
Pros: "No problems is a good thing."
Cons: "Seats."
Pros: "Pretty empty flight so extra room on board"
Cons: "Security regulations unclear and not well explained"
Pros: "The flight attendants were great."
Cons: "The plane was uncomfortable for such a long flight. The layover in Wuhan was a nightmare."
Pros: "The staff were always very helpful and courteous."
Cons: "My television screen kept malfunctioning. It didn't prohibit entertainment, but it was annoying. It was a bit too cold on the flight."
Cons: "4 hour delay without sufficient reason, Uncomfortable seat."
Pros: "Flight left on time. Direct flight."
Cons: "Food is horrible. Aircraft cabin smells old and dirty. Staff not very friendly"
Pros: "Not much to like after being delayed."
Cons: "Both my flights were delayed. In the end arrived at my destination at 3:30 am when I was originally scheduled to arrive at midnight."
Pros: "The in flight entertainment was good, great selections and helped to pass the time."
Cons: "The seats in economy are alright, but my seat wouldn't stay reclined all the way."
Cons: "Flight delayed over two hours. Person at wuhan boarding gate unable to understand 'boarding time' - kept telling me departure time instead, despite my repeatedly pointing at the words "boarding time" written in Chinese. Not too many important things to report at boarding gate - boarding time is one of them. This person didn't seem to grasp that concept despite the fact that she worked at the boarding gate. Overall a very unimpressive experience with little regard shown for customer service. Not sure how or why so many repspecavle and professional international airlines woiuld agree to partner with this one."
Pros: "Service was good."
Cons: "My lugage was not at the airport when I got there but the airline found it and delivered it the next day."
Pros: "I love the amenities provided by this airline. They give you pillows, blankets, headphones, and magazines. I love the attentiveness of the staff. They provide drinks, meals, and snacks during the scheduled time. If you need something else, then they are happy to help you. The staff really helped us with the temporary visa process during our layover in Wuhan!"
Cons: "My entertainment monitor was not working during the flight to Guangzhou. I listened to music on my own device for entertainment."
Cons: "Guangzhou airport is confusing so it took me a while to find the international transfer flight. But there are signs in English everywhere so eventually I figured it out. China requires a transit visa but easy to get, make sure you bring a pen."
Cons: "Boarding was interesting."
Pros: "Better than we had expected. Comfortable seats, stewardess were nice no helpful. Food was Asian menu, chicken and rice or pasta. Great value given our round trip to Asia was under $600, it exceeded our expectations. We even got 2 checked bags free as part of our ticket price. Very smooth flight and on time."
Cons: "The long layover in wuhan.....very non layover friendly airport. Not a lot of places to sit and no food options while waiting 7 hrs before our next connecting flight."
Pros: "SFO/Wuhan/SFO - great plane, good food good value"
Cons: "Beware of WUHAN China - it is dangerous, the airport is HORRIBLE and the Customs officials are a true nightmare. Make sure you have plenty of pages in your passport as you have to clear customs over and over - beware of the Taxi Stand (you have to walk to domestic terminal). I was hijacked in a taxi from the official taxi stand - a typical fare of 100 yuan and he charged me 400 yuan only once in the taxi."
Pros: "The ground crew at GuangZhou was very helpful in leading us from our delayed flight to our 2nd flight,"
Cons: "Our 1st return flight from Wuhan to GuangZhou was delayed for an hour, and we almost missed our flight back to the US by minutes as we have to go through Customs. But we had to pay for a cart transportation from the terminal because it was too far away. I felt like China Southern should've paid for the transport service, as it was their fault that we almost missed our flight."
Pros: "The service staff were very friendly throughout the boarding and flight. The seats were fairly comfortable with a decent amount of legroom."
Cons: "The boarding area at the Wuhan airport is miserable. There was one tiny shop to buy some snacks, and nothing else. There was a completely empty Duty Free store, and no available food options - even though it was in the middle of the day. My flight departed from Gate 2, International Terminal. The entertainment options in the flight were plenty, however, the sound on my system did not work. Therefore, I was not able to use the system throughout the entire 14 hour flight."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "no english.bad food.no customer service.delayed flights worst nightmare.will never fly again."
Pros: "I was sitting like a zombie for the flight because the entertainment system on my seat was not turning on. The crew said there is no alternative seat, and could not fix it either. The international terminal at Wuhan was interesting experience as well. There were no clear directions to walk from the domestic terminal to international. The airport crew was prompting where to go"
Pros: "China southern was unable to fulfill a special meal request I submitted by both phone and email. I additionally conformed at check in and was told it went through. Once on board, however, there was no record of it. I was asserted an extra veg meal at the end, aftet all other passengers were served and ate. Additionally, you are not allowed to use a phone, even in flight mode, for the entire flight."
Pros: "dream liner is smooth...and no fat flight attendants"
Pros: "Stewardesses we're extremely courteous & responsive. I was impressed with online streaming system. I was blown away by the free transfer to a layover hotel in downtown Wuhan - we were shuttled like first class. Many of were prepared to sleep at the airport for 8 hrs so this was very thoughtful!"
Cons: "Planes did not pull up to the gate - sometimes shuttle times were exceedly long. Meal quality inconsistent - meals from Wuhan to Bangkok were not appetizing at all!"
Pros: "more room for leg compared with some of other airline"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "price point"
Cons: "They changed my flight hours before I was due to leave to another flight the arrived later then my connecting flight left. They offered to change the flight to one that would cause a 23 hour layover in Ghangzhou. They refused to pay for accommodation or even upgrade me for the inconvenience. The customer service representatives were rude and not helpful. I ended up having to get a refund. I flew with Korean Airlines and had a great experience. I'll never consider using them again."
Pros: "Getting off the plane!!"
Cons: "Every minute of the flight!!"
Pros: "The nice flight attendants & the good entertainment"
Cons: "Nothing"

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