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Virgin AustraliaOverall score based on 3517 reviews
Airline reviews

Excellent experience. On time flights, clean planes and professional staff.

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Excellent experience. On time flights, clean planes and professional staff.

Pros: "Yes the crew was great."
Pros: "The crew did well checking up on everyone regularly and the plane was comfortable."
Cons: "The meal was not very good. I would have really appreciated a small snack or desert also. The crew also seemed easily irritated at times."
Pros: "Exit row seating."
Pros: "Crew was good, seat was tight."
Cons: "Was sitting next to a drunk guy, but was Ok, he slept most of the way. Police and paramedics met him at arrival. Caused some delays. Not Virgin's fault."
Cons: "Flight delayed by 45 min Lost my checked bag"
Pros: "Crew was amazing"
Cons: "Nothing, great flight"
Pros: "Crew were good but looks like they forgot to serve snacks for few of us at the back, otherwise service was good."
Cons: "Put more attention to customers."
Pros: "Crew were ver friendly"
Cons: "Late departure?"
Pros: "Super quick boarding"
Cons: "Lounge in melb was dirty, food average. Lounge in Adelaide was over packed - couldn't get a seat"
Pros: "Crapped seats too close. Seat belts too short."
Pros: "Crew great. Very grateful for the cuppa"
Cons: "Headrest low for a tall person. Shoulders sort of rested on it. Notconfy"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment. No seat charging. It would have been nice to know this a head of time so we could have prepared (tracing with 3 kids). Right before we took off crew told everyone to down load virgin app, they didn’t specify the entertainment app. So we were not able to watch any movies."
Cons: "No I flight entertainment or chargers for phone"
Cons: "Leaving the day before. Not having just one but three delays and three changes of flights."
Cons: "Virgin app did not authorise my boarding credentials"
Pros: "Lovely crew"
Pros: "The seats were very comfortable and afforded plenty of leg room. I would recommend Virgin Australia"
Pros: "Help is there when required"
Cons: "Service excellent. Not long enough journey to see what I didn't like"
Cons: "No seatback monitor."
Cons: "Delays from Sydney to Cairns were disappointing and VA did nothing to make up for it. (The flight was pretty empty so that was a plus!"
Pros: "Another delay by 1 hour"
Cons: "I should only book qantas .... virgin are never in time."
Pros: "It wasn’t outstanding but no major problems Whereas the boarding process for the flight from Melbourne to LAX was poor 3 and half hour delay on tarmac no air flow Only to have a person disembark as well further delay ( dont blame her) The staff were ok but their hollow reassurances about support that would be given on the ground in LAX because of the delays were just that Told virgin staff would be on hand to assist TOTALLY UNTRUE yes they we’re there but didNOTHING to assist with ongoing flight delays"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Quick and efficient loading process"
Pros: "Great service and staff."
Cons: "The non existent baggage drop at Tullamarine. The in flight snacks needs improving."
Pros: "they eventually returned it"
Cons: "they lost my bag"
Cons: "I didn’t like the food. The pancakes I couldn’t eat at all, because they were too dry and tasteless. It’s so inconvenient that there are no printed menus. I couldn’t understand what they were saying through the system and I had to ask the crew member and they were obviously tired of answering the same question from passengers about food options."
Pros: "It was efficient. Crew pleasant."
Cons: "Basic service"
Cons: "All was good"
Cons: "Flight cancelled with no announcement.Delayed 5 hours."
Pros: "Can watch movies by phone"
Cons: "The food, the service are very normal"
Pros: "Staff were very pleasant"
Cons: "Around my seat was dirty. Magazine had lots of food spills. No entertainment provided. No meal included in international flight."
Pros: "The crew,the food"
Cons: "It was delayed near one hour"
Pros: "Excellent legroom in economy - seemed to be more than the 32" stated. Also, the seat was comfortable and the food was excellent on this long flight (MEL-LAX). Overall, a better experience than any US carrier we've flown."
Pros: "Entertainment system on the back of the seat"
Cons: "crew was inattentive. Asked for things and was told to wait until service which was over an hour away on two occasions.. Crew did not listen to questions. asked for more water handed the cup to the stewardess and they took it and never returned."
Pros: "Check in was easy as they had plenty of representatives available. Short flight so did not experience food / entertainment, but everything was on time, crew was friendly, and they quickly had our bags out at the other end. We sat in the exit row so had plenty of legroom."
Pros: "Flight attendants were pretty good but not great"
Cons: "I had garbage that I tried to get rid of and the attendant told me to hold on to. I had to board the plane from outside and go up steps with my carry on."
Pros: "Alot"
Cons: "NOting"
Cons: "Virgin was responsible for our transfer and did very little to help their international travelers"
Pros: "Professionalism. Check--in online was smooth. Boarding smooth. In flight services good."
Pros: "flight attendants have great attitude"
Cons: "1 hour delayed , not hot drinks nor entertainment"
Pros: "it is really fast to check in, but the seat is just in front of the toilet, the smells are disjusting."
Cons: "30 mins on the phone to get a meal voucher that covered less than half the cost of the. Meal"
Pros: "The flight was very good."
Cons: "What I didn't like was having my flight changed from the original 7 pm to 5 hours earlier! It messed up our arrangements and meetings with others."
Pros: "Travel was easy, and the flight crew was great"
Cons: "Virgin bumped my family (myself, wife, 11yo son) from flight due to a downsize in aircraft. Only notification was email at 11pm previous evening, which we didn't see. We arrived at airport to find out we were ticketed on flight leaving 10:55PM rather than 11:35AM, and new flight routed through Sydney rather than non-stop. Virgin offered no compensation for getting us to Melbourne a day late on a worse flight. Would not pay for hotel for a stay overnight in Perth to take alternative flight in morning."
Pros: "On time departure"
Cons: "Beef dish was mainly rice with insufficient meat or gravy to flavour the rice and there were no vegetables. Entertainment selection was of little choice with documentaries that were not only unsuitable for children but in my opinion unsatisfactory for adults."
Pros: "Everyone was super helpful and friendly."
Pros: "Fantastic service!"
Cons: "Delay was not appreciated with a fidgety 2 year old"
Pros: "Staff polite and helpful at boarding desk"
Cons: "Poor food selection"
Pros: "I liked the inflight entertainment"
Cons: "More leg space on the economy seats, It makes you wish you could afford the upgrade to business class."
Pros: "The crew members were very nice and easy going."
Cons: "The flight took off 25 minutes late. The boarding started later than it should have and took way too long. The airport was understaffed from the security point to the boarding point. That was surprising how in smooth both of those processes were based on seamless experiences at the same airport"
Pros: "quick boarding process using both front and rear doors"
Cons: "check-in was stressful, baggage check didn’t start until 45 minutes before take-off"
Cons: "It's like traveling on Spirit in the USA...you have to pay for everything"
Cons: "Arbitrary singling out of passengers for baggage weight violations when majority of carry-on bags weren't to regulation for most passengers. Exorbitant fees for checking bags at gate."
Pros: "Good ticket price."
Cons: "They charge $60 per checked bag at check-in, and weight limits on carry-on luggage are unreasonably low."
Cons: "The queue at the Queenstown airport was an hour long to be processed. Many more people were behind us and an agent at the counter left with many standing in the queue behind. Too long of s wait!"
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Flight was a reward booking from Qantas / emirates miles, and our experience was being pampered on these flights. Jet star budget reward flight was a disapppintment, no food or beverages, or entertainment. Pane was late but with no explanations or updates."
Pros: "Seats were clean and comfortable. Staff were lovely."
Cons: "The self check in system was a joke. Glad we weren’t in too much of a hurry. Also disregard my rating of food and entertainment as we had none on the plane."
Pros: "Nothing in the service that would warrant any positive discussion"
Cons: "Upon attempting to checkin online, Jetstar indicated that checkin had to be undertaken at the Queenstown airport. No prompt was provided to indicate that baggage registration and payment would have to be handled via the general website, in spite of being denied the ability to checkin online. To our surprise, we faced a $75/bag checkin fee at the airport, being told registration of baggage at the airport would face a premium fee. Unfair or what...?"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "90 minute wait in check in line"
Pros: "Left and arrived on time Front and back entrances"
Cons: "Charge for everything- checked bag(s), soft drinks, even peanuts Leg Space limited"
Pros: "Short flight."
Cons: "Very expensive luggage prices Little, to no leg room. Crew member said they’d get me water..never did."
Pros: "nothing to complain. everything is good."
Cons: "none."
Pros: "Comfortable seats."
Cons: "Pay for everything even water."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to pay for checked baggage when other people got on with more baggage than me. It’s a scam."
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants, smooth flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Check in was fast and friendly. You MUST buy checked luggage on line before you get to the airport or you will pay. We did this and had no problems at all. Also get there early and be nice. Were told our CPAPs would count as part of our free carry on allowance and were infuriated as this has NEV"
Cons: "Misinformation on CPAP policy."
Pros: "The service was terrible. The entire experience was really incredibly disappointing. I will never book Jetstar again."
Cons: "They charged me the price of my ticket because my carry on weighed too much. The staff was very rude!"
Pros: "Had to change planes in Sydney where they tried to charge $80 per bag for extra bags that Melbourne agent had checked in for free."
Cons: "Worst airlines--except for Tigerair. Pay more upfront with Virgin Australia or Quantas. Jetstar will empty your pocketbook with charging for every little extra--no carry on baggage over 7 kilos--if over prepare for up to $80 charge. They claim these charges are for safety and have convinced their employees of this nonsense. Sydney airport has some of the worst wifi in the world."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by over an hour. Then another hour plus on the tarmac. Concerns regarding weather at destination, and not having enough fuel to divert to alternative airport- but how can you attempt to fly without enough fuel for such emergencies? Isn't that routine procedure? Poor customer service, captain stated we may have to land at airport 2+ hours flight away from original destination. All worked out in the end, despite (rather than because of) Jetstar."
Cons: "I had to pay $160 for luggage. I didn't want to check it, I wanted to carry on my backpack and small luggage case. Didn't realize BOTH had to be below 7 kg which is absolutely nothing. The check in man was rude and definitely could've helped a backpacking student as myself out... the flight was practically empty I don't think weight of luggage mattered!"
Pros: "Didn't realize we had to purchase baggage in advance. Doubled the cost of the flight. The attendant did move us to exit row since we paid so much, but it wasn't clear when purchasing the tickets that you needed to by your baggage in advance"
Pros: "The flight is like Southeast Airlines, so don't expect any entertainment or special features. The ride was a bit bumpy, but the plane handled the conditions well. The flight was for only 2 hours and 48 minutes. We didn't get anything to eat unless you paid for it; the food didn't look that appealing to me. Overall, I just happy to be in Australia safely."
Cons: "No entertainment or good service."
Pros: "The crew was courteous and nice."
Cons: "We were charged $100 per bag and $50 per Kg over the weight limit. Baggage fees were not clearly listed when booking this flight. We found out about the cost when we were checking in to board. Jetstar should state up front in the flight cost area about their baggage fees, not hidden in the fine print. A side note, everything on the flight cost extra; water, Wi-Fi, etc. Once the added fees are calculated into the cost, Jetstar is not cheaper than the other airlines."
Pros: "Easy boarding in Queenstown and the flight staff was friendly and helpfull."
Cons: "Thier bag fees are outragous. It was extreemly difficult to find thier allowances online and we ended up paying more than our ticket price to check our bags. If it was more clear what the fees are, we would not have chosen Jetstar. I would recomend going with New Zealand Air over Jetstar hands down."
Pros: "Service was awesome0000"
Cons: "Nada"
Pros: "Friendly crew, budget price"
Cons: "No drink service at all"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The excess lugage policy"
Pros: "To get a drink faster - preorder online when booking"
Cons: "Baggage fees not clear"
Cons: "Late boarding, deceptive price shrouding practices (charging you $160/bag if you don't book it in 3 hours ahead of your flight) when there is no reason to support it. No entertainment. Poor drinks service. Cramped seats."
Pros: "I checked in online and wasn't able to add my bags to my reservation, so figured I would do it when I got to the airport. Big mistake. It cost me NZ$ 215 to heck my two bags (one was admittedly heavy, but that is still an insane amount). I knew I would have to pay for bags but more money because of something that I was unable to adress is absurd."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The staff were rude, mean, unwelcoming, and unhelpful"
Pros: "They are very unclear about baggage fees and we had to pay at the counter. 2 bags $300. Really!!!"
Pros: "Crew were fantastic... efficient, welcoming, professional."
Cons: "We were SHOCKED to learn that we could not purchase additional baggage weight allowance online (were not allowed to check in online), and when we got to the counter to check in, were told that each additional kilogram of baggage weight over 20kilos (per person) would cost us $25!!! This is outrageous. We are traveling in Australia/NZ for 23 days with golf clubs and many bags, spending lots of money in these countries, and were very upset to learn of this archaic policy."
Cons: "The flight was an hour late and then we waited on the plane while they unloaded all the cargo bins to find three golfers bags who evidently did not make the flight. That extra time made us miss our connecting flight to the US. We spent almost 3 hours in the Sydney airport getting the run around on what we were supposed to do. When we checked in Queenstown for our flight the person at the desk must have know we would not make our flight as she did not give us a boarding pass for the Sydney to the US flight, but gave no directions on what to do if it was missed. I mentioned our connecting flight and the close connection to the flight attendant and she said it was not their fault."
Pros: "Check in was quick, but our flight was delayed. We received an email notification which helped. Of course we wish the flight wasn't delayed but having an extra hour in queenstown is amazing."
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Cons: "It was very discouraging having to pay almost as much as our flight for our small checked baggage - and it was confusing regarding how much we had to pay, I still don't understand what it was we actually paid for. There was not clear indication about this policy when I purchased the ticket, and we were traveling without internet access and unable to add a bag to our booking before hand. I've flown hundreds of times and never encountered this kind of fee. This frustration alone will likely lead me to choose another company next time."
Cons: "We were charged $215 at check in to check our luggage because we hadn't "ticked" that we'd be bringing luggage when we purchased our tickets. We purchased our tickets on Kayak and never were we warned or even been informed that this would be the case. The fee for baggage turned out to be $70 per bag plus $15 per Kg for each Kg over 15 Kg. Which is absurd. Any regular flight allows bag up to 23 Kg before additional charges. This is extortion. Yet there was nothing we could do unless we wanted to leave our bags in Queenstown."
Pros: "Before purchasing tickets, i confirmed with Jetstar agent that i could purchase bag fees anytime before the flight. I was even quoted a price. 3 weeks before my flight i went on to prepay for 1 piece of luggage and they wouldn't honor the quoted price. I had to pay almost double! BEWARE of luggage fees!"
Cons: "Huge luggage fees. Won't honor price quoted"
Cons: "Check in process is extremely slow with long lines. You are not able to check bags and are charged significant amounts to check in which cost even higher if you do it at the airport. Anything other Jen water is charged while on the flight."
Cons: "There's no kiosk to check in. You have to wait in line and if you're unlucky like me, you get behind a whole load of people off of a tour bus. Ugh."
Pros: "Easy booking"
Cons: "Maybe"
Cons: "I made a small gift purchase in Queenstown and they were going to charge me $70 to put it under the plane. They could have easily put it in a small box, put it under the plane, and charge me $25 at the most for it. Instead I had to give it to the clerk at the counter because I only paid $20 for the item. I didn't mind having to put it under the plane but for $70?"
Pros: "Efficient. Friendly. On time."
Cons: "Lack of leg room like all airlines"
Cons: "Got charged 15$ per kilo for our bags even tho we couldn't check in online"
Pros: "Horrible airline. Can't understand the reservation people. Misleading on what you are paying for. Worst airline I've ever seen. Fly Virgin, which is much better."
Cons: "All the customer phone people speak in heavy accents you can't understand. Airline makes false statements on its website. Awful company."
Cons: "Had to pay an unexpected high fee for baggage, extremely low weight limits for carry on luggage."
Pros: "Overall just a standard floght"
Cons: "I paid $70 to check my baggage for a 1.5 hour flight, almost half of the ticket price itself. Absolutely outrageous"

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