Find cheap flights from Maroochydore to Auckland


Find cheap flights from Maroochydore to Auckland

Maroochydore (MCY)
Auckland Intl
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Wed 28/10
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Low season

November Best time to beat the crowds (12% less expensive on average)

High season

December Most popular time to fly (29% more expensive on average)

Average price of a return ticket

$700 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal for a return ticket

$414 or less

When to book flights from Maroochydore to Auckland

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $708 or less.
  • The cheapest flight from Maroochydore to Auckland was found, on average, 75 days before departure.
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is November.

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Top airlines flying Maroochydore Sunshine Coast to Auckland Intl

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Virgin Australia
Overall score based on 3,533 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Everything seemed to run smoothly and efficiently, from boarding to disembarkation."
Cons: "The snack offered on board was quite small."

Cons: "Seat space (as tight as ever), onboard refreshments (ran out of orange juice so only had water to offer as complimentary drink)"

Pros: "NYE celebration aboard, lovely staff, easy and peaceful flight"

Pros: "No complaints, relatively spacious economy seats"
Cons: "Food was nothing to write home about"

Pros: "Crew was amazing"
Cons: "Nothing, great flight"

Pros: "Easy check in on line and at baggage check in at Nadi, landing was good, the fact that we made it safely was also good, great crew - I felt sorry for them too!"
Cons: "Screaming kids, I had one kicking the back of my seat pretty much the whole trip, as well as throwing tantrums (I know this isn't the fault of the airline but the crew could've helped a tad more - can't blame them for not wanting to go near them though I didn't want to be seated in front oft them either!!!) No tv for inflight entertainment, meal very average, they ran out of one of the choices early on (probably the only good choice!), landing was good…very relieved to arrive!"

Pros: "Boarding and disembarking were very smooth, and our bags were ready for collection very quickly."
Cons: "I'm disappointed that Virgin doesn't include more food on their flights anymore, especially as this flight was over lunch time."

Pros: "The crew were excellent. Seating ok."
Cons: "The flight could have been better if there was entrainment on the Boeing 464 return flight from Brisbane to Perth for the travellers that do not know how to use a laptop, IPad etc."

Pros: "Crew were very attentive and polite. Better than Singapore or Air NZ."
Cons: "Self check in was chaos. Labeling suitcases was difficult to do yourself and many needed help. If you didn't follow instructions to the letter the auto reader didn't work. Many were very frustrated including Virgin staff who were clearly run off their feet trying to cope. Scrap the system ."

Pros: "Crew was very courteous and we had decent leg room for economy. Flight was on-time unlike Quantas"
Cons: "Food was not appealing but the beverages were great."

Pros: "Crew were very conciliatory given a 45min flight delay"
Cons: "Plane snacks are generally disappointing"

Pros: "Amazing crew, food, and experience."
Cons: "NA"

Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Everything is good."

Pros: "Crew were amazing, food was delicious"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed with no explanation, we sat once boarded waiting to take off not knowing what the further delay was, ended up arriving and clearing customs an hour behind schedule. This is becoming more common with my flights with Virgin Australia."

Pros: "The entertainment options were great"
Cons: "Figuring out how to get from domestic to international terminal was far from easy. The security lines were tight and slow. The waiting area was crowded and loud, it was a relief to get on the plane. Also the coffee was terrible"

Pros: "I was able to sleep"
Cons: "Making sure there was a vegan food option and the crew knew."

Cons: "The computers continue to be problematic. It took 25 minutes at the checkin desk to get the system to take my document numbers. Also the in flight movie system has issues with touch sensing, often being slow to respond and misreading the location of the touch."

Pros: "The plane had few people so it was quiet."
Cons: "Meal was very average, captain speakers were very low and we couldn’t hear. The landing was rushed and rough even though it was good weather and plenty of space to slow down aircraft. No entertainment or offer to purchase/rent. The flight was delayed and we arrived one hour later."

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seating"

Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Delayed almost an hour. Landed and had to wait in another queue to get off the plane. Been waiting 15 minutes on the runway. This is really ruining the only holiday weekend I get for months."

Pros: "Crew was good."
Cons: "Seating ok for say a flight from Syd. to Melb. But not adequate for a short haul international flight. Lack of food is disappointing."

Cons: "Tight leg room"

Cons: "Waited a long time for the catering crew before we could board. Once in the air, very smooth, friendly, professional."

Pros: "Help is there when required"
Cons: "Service excellent. Not long enough journey to see what I didn't like"

Pros: "I like Virgin Australia -- luggage allowances are generous and it's nice to have a snack."
Cons: "Flight was late, snack was not nearly as nice as on my previous trip (little crunchy snacks instead of cheese & crackers), they didn't want to serve hot drinks but offered no caffeinated substitute (in my opinion, if they are going to halt hot beverage service due to turbulence, they should offer free soft drinks instead, or at least free beer & wine since that would have been offered anyway if the flight had been on NSW time). Nothing major, just not as great as my previous experience with this airline."

Pros: "Plane was clean, crew were fantastic, food was acceptable"
Cons: "Seating doesnt allow a lot of leg room for taller people unless you want to pay more for Premium Economy, We travelled early December and the Entertainment still referred to the November listings"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The food was pretty damn good Staff were friendly"

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Row 10 seats were extremely cramped. Seemed worse than usual. Was placed in middle seat and was unable to even read a magazine. Hostess saw how cramped I was and commented that I should purchase a x class fare, Perhaps virgin should ensure they supply adequate basic seating"

Pros: "Not that crowded for a Monday morning flight."
Cons: "Didn't have enough landing cards."

Cons: "No food or entertainment provided as part of cost. When compared with service initially provided it's hugely disappointing. No fault of the crew of course. C'est la vie."

Pros: "same as first leg"
Cons: "same as first leg"

Pros: "Love economy X on VA!! MCY is awesome to fly out of. Small and easy"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We were booked with a 45 min layover between flights, however they offboarded us and said that the minimum booking run is 1 hr required. Poor on Kayak end."

Pros: "Nice smooth fligj t staff were very nice"
Cons: "The ground crew not their to get us off the plane so we had to wait for them."

Cons: "Very small amount of food! The chair was not comfortable. Small space to move . Qantas have more space ."

Pros: "Crew were great and looked after us"
Cons: "Seats a bit small but better than some."

Pros: "although late leaving we made up a bit of time."
Cons: "No inflight entertainment, no sweets on descent and the staff were grumpy"

Pros: "My Mum has mild dementia and was going to Sydney from Maroochydore to visit family. From check in at MCY to arrival back at MCY the staff looked after her very well. She needed assistance boarding and disembarking and they were very helpful and courteous and that's why I choose Virgin over the other airline that flies the same route."

Cons: "Terrible take off and landing. No screen on seat back. Crew handling of problems not good. Ground crew not ready. No advice of 25 min late arrival. Worst flight by Virgin ever."

Pros: "Nothing,the flight was full of young children,who waited hours before flight after getting in plane we were told the flight will be further delayed,we would reach Auckland 3;15 am, people were hungry the airline should have had the decency to feed the passenger."

Pros: "The flight crew were friendly and efficient !"
Cons: "Seats could be a bit larger and a bit more comfortable"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing?"
Cons: "The staff were very rude. The seats did not recline. The flight sucked. I will NEVER EVER FLY VIRGIN EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cons: "When booking nothing was said if you are traveling short hours like 3 or less even you are traveling international you have to pay for every baggage that you have to check in so we were surprised that we have to pay $230 for the 2 package we check in . Last time we have to use this airline"

Pros: "quick and easy boarding, friendly crew, decent leg room, in seat entertainment, clean facilities"
Cons: "seats are a bit hard, flight was very cold (can't control air flow), reading light was mixed up with another seat"

Pros: "Complimentary snack and drink."

Pros: "It was an efficient 1.25 hour flight. No frills. Quick refreshments were served. It was expected and I was perfectly happy with the service."

Pros: "Everything was great. On time and very nice service Thanks"

Pros: "Great crew and seats were very comfortable"
Cons: "The person sitting next to me was extra nervous which was a little un nerving"

Pros: "On check in we were offered the extra legroom right at the front, with just the two of us on the row!"

Cons: "tv entertainment,i wish i had realised that there was no TV for the children. ."

Pros: "Speed"

Pros: "It was OK"
Cons: "It would of been nice to know why we were delayed."

Cons: "If the boarding time had remained unchanged and there was more legroom"

Cons: "Flight from Napier to Auckland was delayed"

Pros: "No drama."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Time"

Cons: "Boarding routine Space available"

Pros: "On time if not ahead of time"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The price was OK"
Cons: "The flight (scheduled for 80 minutes) was almost 6 HOURS LATE!!! The information we received whilst waiting was inconsistent. Very frustrating."

Cons: "We were shocked to be charged $275 for two checked bags. At the point that you are checking in you are trapped and don't have a choice but to pay it. We were told that if we had paid in advance it would be cheaper, but we didn't know what the weight of our bags would be so I just figured I'd pay at the airport. They didn't say that they charge so much more at the airport - which is a total rip off. We were also harassed by not having the email that showed we purchased an Australian Visa which is digitally tied to our passport. If they need to verify our Visa, then they should have the electronic means to verify it. Also, we were traveling from Sydney to Auckland so since we were leaving the country I'm not sure why they had to see our Australian Visa in the first place. We were already in the country!"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly as scheduled."
Cons: "The waiting"

Pros: "Excellent crew"

Pros: "Norhing"
Cons: "Staff rude..was very cold and we also dindt get any glass of water never use this company anymore"

Pros: "Carryon luggage is restricted to 7 kg. Conflicts with worldcstandards and then they apply it to foreigners, but not to Kiwis! They would not let me take on my roller bag, but many locals got to! 9"
Cons: "See above"

Pros: "Crew were patient & helpful"
Cons: "The fact that both my recent Jetstar flights have been delayed (to & from Rarotonga, and today’s flight was so late I missed my connecting flight & it meant a disadvantage to my family plus $221 extra for me to buy another ticket."

Pros: "The pilot made such a smooth landing, it was one of the best I’ve experienced."
Cons: "Probably just the delay and time management for boarding"

Pros: "Early departure, smooth operation, efficient service"
Cons: "Seats a bit close for Clive’s 6 foot frame"

Pros: "Crew, food and timelines"
Cons: "A metal bar was poking into my back from the seat (17D) - as if the padding had worn away and the seat frame exposed. Tray table had not been cleaned and was covered in crumbs"

Pros: "Most of the staff were supportive and caring and made me feel like nothing was too much to ask. The flight was on time."
Cons: "It was a flight we've done heaps before. It would be nice to have all luggage actually transferred through from Napier to Manchester as it's an added challenge when also carting babies around."

Pros: "The ease of boarding"

Pros: "flight comfort was as expected"
Cons: "plane was over an hour late. a week before another Jetstar flight to Queenstown was 2 hours late. seems Jetstar is often late."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled and next available was nearly 4hrs later and left late! And then they have the gall to tell you to board quickly. Emails all about trying to frighten you into paying for extra luggage and sell you mediocre food and pay for a seat allocation."

Pros: "No mess airline, fast and efficient"

Pros: "Arrangement when flight was cancelled."
Cons: "Cancel the flight without letting me know"

Cons: "1 hour delay on take off"

Cons: "The floor next to my seat looked like someone had emptied their chip packet on it. The plane was late arriving but surely there’s time to vacuum up the mess!"

Cons: "How close the seats are."

Cons: "1 hour later we took off. Departure gates were changed from 9 the whole way down to 1 after we all walked there! The carousel didn’t give us our luggage until 45 mins of standing there waiting after an overnight flight!! Aircraft was way too cold. And had to ask for 1 cup of water, not even offered to us."

Pros: "The cabin crew were very good"
Cons: "The flight was 5hrs 45 mins late"

Pros: "Great boarding process. Happy/smiling staff. Great experience overall."
Cons: "No onboard entertaibment but it is a budget airline on a short haul flight so...."

Cons: "I thought it was poor I had to pay $60 for carry on luggage. Absolute rip off"

Cons: "Arrived in Melbourne 2 1/2 hours late."

Pros: "Boarded quickly and no delays. Didn't order any food and no entertainment on planes from Nelson to Auckland"
Cons: "Baggage took a while to come out. Likely due to Jetstar only having one carousel."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Awful service, took a booking from Melbourne to Aukland and cancelled 5 hours later. Offered no alternative or option but to leave our trip. Completely destroyed our travels which we saved years to accomplish. Avoid these (JETSTAR) like the plague, unless you want an incompetent airline to wreck your traveling. Words really cannot describe our feelings towards our treatment and lack of any empathy from the airline, who took a booking and then cancelled it in record and and said there is no other flights! Thanks for that - never again."

Pros: "The crew including the check in and ground crew were excellent, very friendly and patient."

Pros: "On time departure/arrival"

Pros: "We didn't crash and everything apart from the leg room being smaller was okay."
Cons: "They have taken two inches off the leg room. I know cause my legs now don't fit sitting straight."

Pros: "courtesy baggage for carry on"
Cons: "Late flight 1.5 hr missed business meeting...will not use again for business or time critical travel And seated next to a fat passenger who spilled into my seat...most uncomfortable flight leaning into aisle to get some space meant I was bumped by the crew. lame experience all round"

Cons: "The baggage prices is very expensive"

Pros: "On time. No fuss. No frills. As per expectations."
Cons: "Lower standards for no-frills airlines. Slow check-in at AKL, make sure you arrive 3 hours before departure time."

Pros: "flight smooth with bad weather, competent pilots"
Cons: "Bagage fee extortion, we were a family of four and had to pay $200 US dollars for 4 bags because it was not paid online. I wasn't sure what everyone was bringing yet when I booked tickets. the baggage agent told us it would have been less than ten dollars per bag if booked online. I can see doubling the price but not quadrupling... the luggage is still boarding the plane, whether you pay 10 or 50 dollars, it doesn't change anything other than they make more money off of the passengers."

Pros: "I was rebooked to JQ7001 which is VERY disappointing as it leaves Sydney 6 hours later than JQ199, my original flight. Reason given by Jetstar: JQ199 has been closed. An outright lie as JQ199 departed Sydney as per schedule today. I"

Pros: "Almost everything"
Cons: "Lack of room when seated"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Return journey of our flight was moved so disrupted our onward flights. Getting in touch with customer services was impossible. Only way is to 'live chat' then they tell you their hands are tied and to speak to the 'refunds team' who don't have a number and will 'be in touch with you'. They won't be. Then outbound flight was cancelled at the last minute. Waiting for a refund........and waiting. If it's a choice between jet star or swimming to your next destination, swim."

Cons: "It was our first experience with a low-cost flight and we did not receive any information about the cost of the baggage when paid prior to the flight in the airport. It costed us more than the tickets!!!"

Pros: "It was a good flight, good pilot"
Cons: "The flight was delayed It is a 7+ hour flight I think you could offer some snacks and coffee or tea for free At least one good movie for free Every airline I've chosen to fly with does it but Jetstar It was quite disappointing"

Pros: "Crew very helpful thanks. A bit rough to have to pay 4 baggage in top of paying 4 flight.On international flights, yr baggage is included in the price ."

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