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You're Going to Love Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva is the perfect haven for those who want to take in all that Israel has to offer but stay "off the beaten path". There's more here than just the remains of an Ottoman Empire stronghold or significant Biblical landmarks. There's a way of life and a culture that's just waiting to be explored.

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When to Visit Beer Sheva

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The best time to visit the region in general and Beer Sheva specifically is the winter months, from January to around March. Once April hits, the temperatures rise to 80 and keep climbing, along with the humidity.

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Where to Stay in Beer Sheva

If you have room to splurge, book a suite at the Mashabim Holiday Village. The Desert Inn is a good option if you're looking to stay in a mid-range hotel. Backpackers will enjoy how affordable and yet comfortable the Beit Yatziv Youth Hostel is.

Popular Neighborhoods in Beer Sheva

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How to Get Around Beer Sheva

The Cost of Living in Beer Sheva

Shopping Streets

Mall-goers will love the BIG Shopping Center, which is an open-air shopping center, similar to the outlets or "power centers" in North America.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs ₪5.73 in Beer Sheva and a dozen eggs will run you ₪11.62.

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Where to Eat in Beer Sheva

Head to Cafe Lola to chow down on a classic Israeli breakfast of homemade bread, smoked salmon, and fresh juice. If you come by in the evening, expect tapas-style snacks or shakes with an Israeli twist, like a blend of dates, candied pecans, and coconut milk. Two can dine for ₪65 - ₪85.