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ANAOverall score based on 4711 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "This is just a poor airline in which I will never fly on again. I will blame it a lot on miscommunication but seats are horrible and need way for cushion especially if you are on a 11 hour flight."
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Cons: "This is just a poor airline in which I will never fly on again. I will blame it a lot on miscommunication but seats are horrible and need way for cushion especially if you are on a 11 hour flight."
Cons: "Great flight everything smooth - the food is fantastic I flew economy and received excellent food. The employees are very friendly and the plane was a recent model Boeing very smooth."
Pros: "The plane was ghetto and old and there was only one tiny restroom for the entire economy class."
Cons: "A newer plane with more restrooms would be great."
Pros: "Food is bland, boring. Entertainment contents are limited and old movies"
Cons: "As mentioned above, more new selections of movies. Better taste and quality of food, please."
Pros: "Excellent service from the cabin crew."
Cons: "The Japanese (Washoku) breakfast was not as good as I expected."
Pros: "ANA was awesome as usual."
Cons: "The flight with United Airlines was horrible. The seats were small... leg room not the best. The flight attendants were terrible. I called 3 times to get headphones and they never came to give me any. The food was dry and we were only fed twice. I’m vegan/vegetarian so there wasn’t any options."
Cons: "the seats are not reclined, not comfortable at all"
Pros: "Crew was amazing.Premium economy seats were superb. Food was also good."
Pros: "Flight attendants are nice, polite and helpful. We didn’t lose any luggage and intact. Foods are good and plenty"
Pros: "I had 3 seats to myself, and I was able to curl up and get a good 2 hours sleep without being disturbed. Thank you ANA. Crew was lovely and friendly."
Cons: "Well they could have given me a free upgrade but I can live with a row to myself, kidding. When the ticket counter opens the agents stand in front of the podiums and bow and say a greeting (I think it was in Japanese). They need to get their timing better. So not much."
Cons: "Bigger seat, but compared to other experiences it was very good."
Pros: "I was surprise that even it was a short 2/3 hour ride there was still food being served. A very nice Japanese breakfast. - smaller plane, bus that picked us up and dropped us off in front of the airport. As we were doing a 12 hour layover, all our check in luggage was taken care of and sent to van"
Cons: "At our first checkin from Korea Ana, seems we have to look at a screen for our luggage just to double check that they made it past customs (never had to do that before) - check in was a bit longer compare to yvr their scanner was much smaller so definitely can’t have big carry on"
Cons: "if the seat can be reclined a little more"
Pros: "Crew was amazing and very comfortable seat"
Cons: "Food can be better and Entertainment was poor There should be more choices available. WiFi was spotty only 150 MB was available after paying. It should be free in business class like other airlines"
Pros: "I enjoyed the flight because the flight NH9 wasn't fully booked, I used my next seat too. Also, the crews are generally better then usual, more smile. Food also better than last severity trips."
Cons: "Even so, food can be better. I want more western drama on entertainment."
Pros: "Thoughtfulness, professionalism, patience and a lot of love put into the service."
Pros: "Their service"
Cons: "Foods"
Pros: "Very efficient"
Cons: "Food was not good"
Pros: "The seat I selected was the first row of regular economy. It had extra legroom and received excellent attention by the staff for drinks. The arline served 3 meals and snacks on the flight. I felt like I was eating the entire trip. :)"
Cons: "The seats were quite narrow. Most of the rows behind had armrests that were able to raise and lower, but due to my seat selection, my row had the stow-away monitors in the armrests. The seats also didn't technically recline. The lower seat cushion merely moved forward, emulating a recline, but the seatback didn't actually move. It was not quite comfortable."
Pros: "It was alright."
Cons: "Prepare to wake up with neck pain."
Pros: "Prepackaged sandwiches were so so. Crew were friendly and helpful. Leg room was pretty good. Bathroom had a lot of amenities."
Cons: "The seats are kind of flat."
Pros: "Good service"
Cons: "baggage was broken."
Cons: "Chose to fly directly across Pacific through multiple thunderstorms instead of routing through Alaska and Canada. Half of the flight was 4/5 level turbulence."
Pros: "Staff are super kind."
Cons: "---"
Pros: "short flight ready to get home"
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "attendents were very friendly and very accommodating."
Pros: "People the staff was nice and tried to be helpful"
Cons: "Gates kept changing flight was delayed multiple times the flight had no air so I was sweating the whole time my nose began to bleed. I missed my connecting flight to Okinawa they sent me on a hour long shuttle to another airport to fly out the next day."
Pros: "The leg space of the plane"
Cons: "Some crew hard to understand they English"
Pros: "The boarding process, on-time departure and in-flight service were all great and it has the on time arrival."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Crew are nice, helpful and polite"
Cons: "Airport problems turned it into a very long flight. We circled around Fukuoka for and hour. We ended up landing in Nagasaki and used taxi to Fukuoka. Over all time to final destination is 6 hours late."
Pros: "The flight attendants in the Economy Class did an excellent job throughout the flight."
Cons: "There was nothing I did not like."
Cons: "Missed my flight over a misscommunication on getting to the airport. Thete was not sufficient time to arrive more than an hour early due to the fact Gimpo airport opens at 6am and the flight was at 7:45. When I arrived I was not allowed to check in or board and no one wanted to help me find out what to do. They suggested I call my ticketing agent. Thankfully they were helpful but they mentioned the ANA SHOULD have helped me find the next available flight but the representative kept repeating it was not her job. Finally she looked and said there were no available flights and tried to push me to buy another ticket through another company. My ticketing agent helped after she heard what happened and rebooked my flight for the next day. Hopefully everything goes smoothly but ANA staff at Gimpo were a bit of a nightmare to deal with"
Pros: "Drink"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "We didn't hear the announcement that the gate for our flight had changed. I just happened to look at the flight info and noticed our flight was not listed. I went to the desk then I was informed of the change. Poor service."
Pros: "Aircraft was new and spacious"
Cons: "Crew forgot to ask us for drinks upon serving us meals. I also had to repeat my order 3 times."
Pros: "The flight attendants treat passengers as valued guests. The check-in clerk gave me an exit row with extra leg room without me requesting it and without charge. Average time that you need to be at security ahead of your domestic flight = 15 minutes! As with everything in Japan, flight left on time."
Cons: "The connection time of 1.5 hours with my flight to Canada was a bit short. I had time to get through security at Narita, find the right gate, visit the facilities, and buy a bottle of water and that's all."
Pros: "I've flown to Asia many, many times and NH is the best of all the carriers I've used."
Pros: "the service is good"
Cons: "the seat is too small"
Pros: "Staff are very attentive and helpful; the entertainment system is top class"
Cons: "On boarding, the markers for "business" and "diamond" class are only distinguished by a (low) signpost at the head of the queue. If you're further back or not so tall s difficult to see which queue is correct... quite a few people (not me fortunately!) got turned away because they don't know ANA's boarding system. Also a problem with boarding at HND where the overhead monitors show BIz but not First/Diamond. As some other reviews pointed out, BBC news just didn't work. CNN worked intermittently."
Pros: "Crew services"
Cons: "Seat space, window side, especially foot area no space for my bag and legs"
Pros: "In-flight service from staff was excellent as always, food is good but not outstanding (but let's be clear this was economy class), movie selection is good."
Cons: "From Japan to other places they're always organised, but boarding in London was a little chaotic which is a common problem for ANA flights in other countries *to* Japan - they hadn't set up signs properly or made clear announcements for families with children, First Class, Business class boarding etc. The First Class/Diamond status queue (not for me!) was actually set up in front of a supporting pillar, basic organisational things like that. On balance though, still a top-class airline."
Pros: "overall clean and comfortable, service is great"
Cons: "The lack of legroom in economy class is a serious problem on long flights. I am only 6' tall/145 pounds, Window and middle seats are are not an option for me. This fact Is a strong disincentive to travel (no, I am not willing to pay the upcharge for the minimal legroom increase, i.e. to make that charge worth paying considerably more room would have to be provided."
Pros: "Very comfortable, and the crew was excellent."
Cons: "The international breakfast (Spanish Omelet) was mediocre. Poor movie selection – United has a much better and larger selection of movies."
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable to sleep in."
Pros: "ANA flight rarely have big problem, I just let myself relaxed."
Cons: "I don't know, but I felt some cabin crew were a bit cold to me this time. I usually fly with my partner who has Gold status. When I'm with him crew come to greet us and very nice to us. I csn say it's unnaturally nice to us. This time I was on my own anf I felt I wasn't very welcomed. Ot could be my imagination though!"
Pros: "I liked my aisle seat. The plane was clean. Crew professional. Temperature comfortable. Pillow, blankets, and headphones given."
Cons: "No instructions on how to use the remote for the television."
Pros: "Good for a short flight! Very nice staff"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable. Entertainment was OK."
Cons: "I don't know what that food was, but it wasn't food."
Pros: "Comfortable flight and cabin crew were very good"

As an elite member i was put in the back - bad Also both flight delay total more than 1 hour

Pros: "Brand New a350-900. Great price"
Cons: "Food choices for westerners, more leg room."
Cons: "Six empty seats in the “emergency row” I was not feeling well and needed the extra space.5 hours into the 13 hr long haul to Taipei, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate, they charged me $120. Bucks for the privilege. Kosher meal was unbeatable."
Pros: "Easy boarding procedure."
Cons: "Seat was broken. The seat's back kept returning forward. Not a lot of water and snack we're given for flight this long."
Pros: "Food was slightly better than the previous flight."
Cons: "Same lousy headphones. My seat had a led rest that made it harder to get in and out, and wasnt usable due to the close distance to the seat in front. What was the designer thinking? I missed the drink service if there was one, never saw water going around until right at the end. . ."
Pros: "Great customer service"
Cons: "On time departure"
Cons: "The food could have been more tasty and warm."
Pros: "Size and clarity of entertainment screen on economy."
Cons: "Quality of earphones are low. Food could be better too."
Pros: "I was able to rearrange my seating, no surprises with the clear notification of the gate change upon my arrival, and quality of service was spectacular."
Cons: "If the crew could have been more diligent with bathroom duties, a less of a surprise could have been noticed upon a visit. Not really their fault, the passengers seemed a bit more messy than expected."
Pros: "Very enjoyable and comfortable flight"
Cons: "There was no provision for vegetarian food in the flight"
Pros: "Nice clean plane. Pleasant crew."
Pros: "Good entertainment choice"
Cons: "Average economy plane food"
Pros: "Lots of selections on entertainment during flight, good movies and music."
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Food was ok"
Cons: "End to end experience, was not informed in advance when we purchased the tickets in regards to the baggage when in transit flights"
Pros: "Comfy 777. IFE screen is bigger than other planes. Facilities are newer. It seems to be quiter too."
Cons: "There is one option for the breakfast."
Cons: "I had preselected a window seat, but somehow I was “bumped” out of this preselected window seat to a middle seat. I informed this detail to the Air China rep at check in but she would not listen nor care about it. I tried explaining several times, but basically got nowhere. Thanks for listening"
Pros: "Perfect landing. On time!"
Cons: "The flight was late, and with a short layover in TPE, I had to run through the airport to catch the connecting flight. Quite a stressful experience.!"
Pros: "Even with some delay taking off, we were only a few minutes late at LAX. Overall flight was nice and uneventful."
Cons: "Baggage is not First In First Out. Although I was probably one of the first few passengers coming out of immigration, my bags came in last. It took about 45 mins to 1 hrs after immigration to get my bags. Was it because they were first loaded in Taipei, since our connection form Manila arrived 4 hrs before the LAX flight?"
Pros: "Pleasant flight attendants, great attentiveness. Clean planes."
Cons: "Seat cushions were VERY hard."
Pros: "I was able to upgrade to economy plus at check in, food was good and service was good no complaints. Aircraft was new and clean."
Cons: "Flight was booked to capacity."
Pros: "Great service with drinks and water. The seats were super comfortable!! The plane ride was smooth. The hostess/hosts were excellent and had really nice manners."
Cons: "I like everything"
Pros: "Polite service of the crew. Overall conditions of temperature etc. Food was good with choices as were beverages."
Cons: "My husband has quite long legs, and although I had plenty of room, he was a bit close (though not tight) in legroom."
Cons: "Aircraft uses a 3 x 4 x 3 configuration on a 777, which makes things pretty tight. Typically this is 3 x 3 x 3 ."
Pros: "I loved the entertainment and seats!"
Cons: "Staff was polite but a bit cold. Good food but not much variety. No non meat option."
Cons: "Seat assignments are not given until you check in at the desk. I bought this flight many months in advance and could not choose my seat at that time. I then tried to get a seat when I was sent an email saying "check into your flight and reserve your seat". Websight would not let me do either so I went to check into my flight earlier then normal only to find out that my only option was middle seat. Tried to change the seat and was given the run around to go to different gates, which I did and the attendant just kept telling me to go to a different gate. Very frustrating and very uncaring and unfriendly attendants. This was a super long flight and very uncomfortable. I will consider another airline when making my next travel booking."
Pros: "The food was good the crew were very nice and polite"
Cons: "The seating was a bit cramped. Because I have long legs there wasn't a lot of room between rows. I have been on other flights with China Airlines where the seating was comfortable and roomy but this flight wasn't. The entertainment screen was not very user friendly. The screen was small and not very clear to watch."
Pros: "Loved the movie selection"
Cons: "Not too many vegan options"
Pros: "Enjoyed everything about my flight.Awesome service from the crew most welcoming.Plenty of leg room and comfortable seating.I have already recommend this airline to family and friends."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The second plane was lovely, with an outlet, comfortable decor, and awesome entertainment system. The first plane economy was roomy for an over seas flight compared to planes I have been on in the past."
Cons: "Airlines could not check me in their system without me having a return ticket, which I did not need for Indonesia as I was receiving a visa upon arrival which does NOT require a return ticket. I was told this as the flight was boarding, so I had to spend $$ on a last minute flight in a panic to anywhere - that I couldn't get a refund for just so I could board the plane."
Pros: "The service was awesome from booking through to boarding the journey and disembarking.Would recommend to family and friends."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "- Onboard entertainment - Meals were reflective of Taiwanese meals - the minced pork rice was yummy! - Crew was attentive and came by often to address any needs"
Cons: "- Little leg room in Economy class - Air conditioning could not be adjusted (but helped with ventilation)"
Pros: "Most comfortable economy accommodations I've experienced: good food (!!), polite staff, free blankets/pillows, head phones, personal tv with extensive movie collection. Infinity better than AirAsia, which I flew the same route in reverse."
Pros: "Legroom and entertainment are nice. Seats in economy are better than average."
Cons: "The staff does not seem to mind bumping into you or a seat with a cart in the aisle... And they don't control the 'gold rush' boarders who can't tell zone 1 from 3 or premier from economy... Of know what 'parents with small children' means... They just run the bulls...."
Pros: "comfortable seating and leg room, great selection of movies for entertainment."
Pros: "Crew are courteous and efficient and food was good"
Cons: "Check isn't organized at all"
Pros: "Very accommodating."
Cons: "Airline somehow cancelled our spot on the flight without us knowing, only found out when we were doing the checkin at the airport. What followed was an hour and half of international phone calls to try to sort this mess out. Ended up with us having to go to an airport an hour away to catch another flight so we don't miss our trip. Terrible terrible experience and stressful."
Pros: "Efficient, affordable"
Cons: "Food not the best but it's okay"
Pros: "I particularly appreciated having so many employees assist those passengers (including me!) who needed to connect in Tapei with the flight to Bangkok. Our flight arrived a bit later than scheduled, and I was concerned that I would miss the connection to Bangkok - but our connecting flight was held for us, and several employees were available to direct us to the correct gate for boarding. thank you all!"
Pros: "Individual movies screens for each passenger with unlimited free movies/music/etc. Leg rests that pop out & seats that recline more than most. Very nice crew. Food was pretty good."
Pros: "I have flown on many airlines to include many US carriers for domestic travel, as well as, many international carriers. I have flown around the world 4 times in the 2016-2017. These flights were flown in Coach. I have to say that China Air was remarkable in its service, cleanliness, on-time departure and arrival, and all around airline operation. The meals were decent, the entertainment was well rounded, the aircraft was clean, the seats were wider and had greater leg room, the flight attendants were responsive and trained, and the on ground support was very helpful. I don't have anything negative to say about China Air and I have crossed the Pacific on thief airline three times now."
Cons: "Their web interface for miles account and general information needs a great deal of attention. I would love tosee them make improvements to their web and smart phone applications because they detract from the great service that they providein Air."
Pros: "Very disappointing because we didn't get our luggage up to now"
Cons: "Overall excellent service"
Pros: "Found a lot of new movies and foods tasted great"
Cons: "Slow to board the plane and the seat near emergency door was not very comfortable."
Pros: "Nice staff and fast boarding"
Cons: "Terrible seating and mediocre food"
Pros: "That we were provided with seat belts."
Cons: "The level of uncomfortableness rivaled that of Spiritair. From friction burns on the knees from the seat directly in front of you, to virtually hosting your front neighbor's head in your lap when they recline. And I'm all of 5'8"! Even though easily +90% of the passengers were Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and Europeans, and that the flight was between 2 English speaking countries, we were addressed in Mandarin Chinese. Reminds me a bit of Air Canada with their often French bias."
Pros: "The staff is extremely friendly, speak great English and attentive. They sat me in an aisle, as per my request since I'm a bit of a nervous traveler. I really appreciate that."
Cons: "The boarding process took a long time and got delayed and seats were double and triple sat."
Pros: "The staff on this leg of the flight was very nice, however, the next leg they were very rude."
Cons: "It was way too hot on the flight and the smell was very unpleasant. The seats were too close together."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "It was like riding on s cardboard box. The most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in for a transpacific flight."
Cons: "China Eastern seems to be cutting corners in Business Class - cheap headphones, significantly reduced food quality, non-functional WiFi and cabin attendants with very limited English fluency."
Pros: "The flight attendant got me a vegetarian meal without me asking. I thought I had ordered one but I had not? So I thought I would have to skip a meal."
Cons: "I hada middle seat next to a very large man with broad shoulders who was taking up space in my seat (he also had a middle seat). I know he could not help it but the flight was long and very cramped and uncomfortable. I wish larger passengers would not get a middle seat"
Cons: "Crew speaks only a couple of words in English. Never flying China Eastern again."
Cons: "Busted infotainment screen. A perfunctory apology was offered after the flight had landed. None of the crew had any level of proficiency in English and shied from interacting with non-Chinese passengers. And finally, 10-abreast seating on the Boeing 777 is a nightmare."
Pros: "Ease of boarding."
Cons: "Delayed an hour without a notification of how long."
Pros: "The crew was helpful."
Pros: "the flight attendants take a step forward to offer assistance. Very friendly throughout the trip. Seats are slightly roomy than Air Canada planes. Plane has wifi included."
Cons: "Rear business class seats don't recline much. Crew are surly! About what I expected. Not the airline I choose when I have a choice."
Cons: "MU ground service in PVG was fair during check in, it was not as polite as in HK."
Pros: "Food was ok"
Cons: "If they spoke more English"
Pros: "amazing crew and nice boarding"
Cons: "Entertainment could be better. Food is ok, not great. Crew is very nice but limited English."
Pros: "all the crew are amazing.. it was good ,most of all safe sound"
Cons: "just wanna about the night kit. like toothbrush and toothpaste ,eye masks . the rest are better.."
Pros: "We were bussed to the far end of the tarmac to board which seems normal for this airline out of Nanjing. The step stairs would be a problem for anyone with mobility issues. Seats are comfortable enough and the inflight entertainment has several options for current movies, tv, audio or games. Mine worked on the flight home but not the outbound flight. Meals were plentiful but not to my liking, catered to the majority of the travellers which is reasonable. There were some vegetarian meals available to those that requested previously. They came around many times with beverage service and water as well. Language is a bit of a barrier but if you are patient you can figure it out. Very happy overall with the experience we had at the price we paid."
Cons: "Food options were limited. Boarding was a long process by bus out to the tarmac."
Pros: "While the business seats weren’t as comfortable as the pods, they did go flat for a decent sleep but they aren’t as wide,you need to be traveling as a couple if you have a window seat if you want to get out while the other person is asleep."
Pros: "Die Stewardessen waren sehr nett"
Pros: "Good price"
Cons: "2 stops in china"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Old plane lot of noise. Staff looked bored and not interested in working. Lazy Brits. People working hard were the expat. One is always better off with Mid East Airlines like Qatar."
Cons: "No hotel was provided for 24 hour stay.It is mentioned on their website to provide hotel for trips from Yvr"
Cons: "In the exit row, which I thought would be comfortable, but it wasn't because the seat didn't recline. Red eye flight, so very hard to sleep."
Pros: "As always, I was impressed by the high level of professionalism."
Pros: "good price. on time. reasonably comfortable seats."
Cons: "unannounced gate change that almost led to our missing the flight. mediocre food and non-existent entertainment."
Pros: "Good flight!"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "excellent price, lots of wine, champagne and beer"
Cons: "long slow line to show passport and boarding pass at entry. It was faster to go through immigration and out again than wait in line. Flight had 3 hour delay as they found a smaller plane. Waiting area had the doors open to the sub zero temperatures outside. No announcement made as to when we were to depart. We finally boarded buses and were forced out into the cold at 3 am to stand in line on the open stair to the plane. I was in business class with seat 12B. There were only 4 seats of business class. No Entertainment. a small snack was served"
Pros: "The crew was friendly. Seats were small."
Cons: "Food could be better. Website slow - sometimes unresponsive."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed two hour and I still Waiting for my 2 lugages. I will never use this company again ."
Cons: "There is no"
Pros: "It was a real airline"
Cons: "Didn’t let you use iPhones... even on airplane mode"
Pros: "Very little."
Cons: "Lost my bag, no food, no TV, nothing. Bare bones flight."
Pros: "The tickets were a great price, the staff was great, the entertainment selection was great, and overall I'd give the experience an A-"
Cons: "The food wasn't good and it was really hard to request the vegetarian option."
Pros: "The movies and seats were amazing so it made the flight go by faster"
Cons: "None of the crew really spoke any English"
Pros: "Better than expected. Crew was very friendly and attentive. Great value business class!"
Cons: "This was by far the worst airline experience I've ever had. This airline almost appears to go out of its way to treat it's customers poorly. The experience starting with check-in is a customer service nightmare."
Pros: "Movies are updated"
Cons: "Wifi doesn't work. Rude crew, doesn't have manners. Lack movies. no choices since they run out."
Cons: "Kayak doesn't give the gate or terminal on reservations, that means it is a mystery. China Eastern changed terminals in Shanghai and there was no warning in the reservation. This part of the experience needs to improve"
Cons: "Small seats"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Please email me a contact in Bangkok - English speaking"
Pros: "Good service"
Cons: "Each flight there was cigarette smoke that would occasionally come through the ventilation as if some of the crew was smoking or someone in the bathroom was smoking, but I have not experienced this with other airlines."
Cons: "It was just delayed without any announcement."
Cons: "Because of flight delays a connecting flight left me behind, making this a 36-hour trip. Nothing can compensate for the agony that caused."
Pros: "Great on-board service"
Cons: "I had a layover in Kunming but was unable to check my bags all the way through to my destination, which was after the second flight. The plane landed 20 minutes late and then I had to go through baggage claim, check-in, get my 2nd boarding pass printed, re-check my bag, do customs, and security during my layover (1 hr 40 min) between flight. It was the most stressful flying experience I have had to date. Ended up running through the airport in Kunming, begging to jump lines in order to make the second flight, and catching the plane 5 minutes before takeoff. Luckily they allowed us to board even though it was so close to time. Very stressful experience."
Pros: "Good in flight service and movie selection. Flight attendants were very accommodating."
Cons: "The layover was 18 hours and there was a delay in my flight"
Pros: "The direct flight and schedule."
Cons: "The seat cushion not plush enough. I felt the solid metal for 10 hours +! For additional $800.00 to upgrade to Business, it was not worth it, for this time. I had to switch seat for landing, because the mechanics on my seat after I release my assigned sea 6At to a couple wanting to be together. My reassigned seat aisle 6D. Miss Lee the flight attendant on the right was cordial yet a little plastic, and task oriented. Appearing to try to be sufficiently polite ."
Cons: "The food was probably the worst airline food I have ever had."
Pros: "The food was good"
Cons: "They have wifi and charging stations, BUT THEY DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE YOUR IPHONE EVEN IF IT IS IN AIRPLANE MODE. iPads are ok, they said, but not iPhones. They are very rude about making sure your phone is off."
Pros: "Straightforward boarding, comfortable seats, friendly crew members, three square meals and a snack, in-flight entertainment. All good--no real complaints, especially for a budget airline (they let you check a twenty-kilogram bag for free, as well as allowing you a carry-on bag and personal item). Also, both legs of a two-part flight departed and arrived on time."
Cons: "The breakfast was not anything to write home about, and the movie selection was not great, but these are minor issues."
Cons: "It took us more than 18 hours to actually land on Wuhan"
Pros: "I"
Pros: "Costumer service"
Cons: "Time late"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the food was awful! flight the crew was blatant and not very friendly. they need to learn how to serve customer. i've been traveling with many airlines but Air China is the worst ever!"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and accommodating even though I was non-Chinese"
Pros: "The food was good."
Cons: "The entertainment system."
Pros: "Pricing"
Cons: "Planes not being delayed, causing us to miss our layovers."
Cons: "For this plane, the seat is very cramp - leg room has shrunk. Entertainment selection is poor, no new movies at all - like watching reruns."
Pros: "It was a very cheap flight, so flying the family back to NZ from the UK, for what we paid, it was great."
Cons: "Plane food was quite average, on the first flight LHR-PEK flight the plane was a bit old and the entertainment system was nearly shot, but the second flight PEK-ALK was a dream liner, which was fantastic. For the price we paid, there was nothing we could complain about, would definitely flay again."
Pros: "Crew was very cooperative."
Cons: "Not enough English movies or series or songs. Tv screen not working. My baggage got delayed by 2 days"
Cons: "Big delay in PEK"
Cons: "I had a special meal preference as a vegetarian dish. First meal I got was, rice and steamed Napa cabbages without sauce ( little disappointed); second time, they forgot to serve me the vegetarian meal all together. I got chicken dish which I could not consume... I wish I had a crew who could speak English so that I could communicate about the situation, but I just let go of the issue. I am planning to go fasting on my returned ride."
Pros: "Courteous crew, more organized than the Houston flight. Good food. The airport is very easy to follow and find places."
Cons: "Long ride from airport to the hotel."
Pros: "being offered pillows and blankets"
Cons: "The man across from me received a blanket that had been vomited on. The smell permeated our row. The sandwiches were too much bread and mayonnaise, and not enough meat. The under-seat storage was very small, my bag didn't fit. No screens for entertainment."
Pros: "The plane did not crash, I was able to get aboard. The tomato juice was good."
Cons: "I arrived at the gate having found out that someone had cancelled my ticket. I had, had to pay $800 on my flight to Seoul, since they would not let me board because of a late connecting flight. Sometime during re-issue of my destination ticket, someone cancelled my return flight. Though 3 hours early, I had to wait for the counter to open, and then wait an hour and a half standing at the counter to get a ticket. There was no entertainment. The orange juice was not drinkable. I had to run through the Beijing Airport. so many security checks and my bag was searched many times during this trip. my toothpaste was confiscated though it had only about 3 uses left it was a full size tube rolled down to the last bit."
Pros: "Easy no problems good staff"
Pros: "The plane was comfortable and the crew nice. Good food included. Even had a Western option, but I opted in for the Chinese one."
Cons: "There wasn't much of entertainment, but the flight was short enough."
Pros: "Courteous service, clean cabin, reasonable price for business class ticket compared to any other airline."
Cons: "Flight cancelled (not because of weather or emergency) without notify me at all! Disarrster trip! At the end both of my luggages lost! I was told they are still in Beijing. Pray I can get them in several days later!"
Cons: "I had to stay at Beijing for overnight and took a flight the next day."
Cons: "No good service"
Pros: "Seats are pretty standard, and they do give you snacks even though the flight's less than 2 hours."
Cons: "As usual, delayed."
Pros: "Some attendants were nice and sweet. Food was decent. Planes took off and landed on time. Allowed me to carry on guitar, eventually. Pleasant seat neighbor. If I fly again I will purchase business class tickets without a doubt."
Cons: "Some attendants were rude and possibly hate Americans. I think I may have been the tallest person on the plane and somehow ended up in the last row which has the least amount of space(huge metal box under seat directly in front of me). Could not sleep either 15hour flight due to a mixture of turbulence, cold temp, baby’s crying, etc... If I ever fly Air China for 15 hours again, I know now to spend a little more on business class seats."
Pros: "Blankets and a pillow were provided"
Cons: "No entertainment."
Pros: "Flight departed at 7.55 am, was about 2 hours - no real breakfast was served, just a roll and a muffin."
Pros: "Kayak website is not liable towards its customers. Due negligence."
Cons: "The BYOjet agent that is the partner of KAYAK is irresponsible and careless and got lack of customer support."
Pros: "Food was pretty good, staff was attentive and helpful, amenities were nice, if unremarkable. The airfare was incredibly inexpensive!"
Cons: "The "electronic devices must be off" rule is stupid. Most airlines allow you to have phones on once we're at max altitude and many even offer in-flight wi-fi at a cost, which would have been great on a 14 hour flight. Huge miss on the part of Air China. Also I understood that I was supposed to get a complimentary hotel for my long layover but the U.S. office didn't actually reserve it like they said they would so I had to pay out of pocket. Another huge miss here."
Cons: "My bags were lost!"
Pros: "The blankets they give you are quite soft and the food isn’t too bad."
Cons: "Another flight we’ve had with air China that ran late (3 of 4 flights we had on our trip, all air China, were late). The cabin temperature is a bit warmer than most airlines."
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Everything else. I was also seated next to a baby that cried for 11 hours of the 13 hour flight. Perhaps there can be a family area."
Pros: "The price was right, food and crew were great!"
Cons: "No electronic use allowed! No phones, iPod, iPad; even in airplane mode. In flight entertainment only, at least there was that."
Pros: "Food"
Pros: "This leg of the trip was ok but, overall, my experience on Air China was deplorable. They overbooked a flight, booked us on a later flight, and charged us $500 for the new booking. Their argument was that they did not realize we already had our boarding passes when they rebooked us. What?! The entertainment is very dated and so it the aircraft. The only redeeming aspect of this flight was the food. It was really good. Oh... and there are no outlets on the plane, which is not typically on flights to Asia. They also lost half of the passengers luggage."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Food, blanket, movies on board"
Cons: "The layover was too short and I had to run to my transfer. I wish crew would have let people with short layovers off first"
Pros: "In between there must be light snacks be served"
Cons: "No entertainment because no individual screen for movie"
Pros: "I was able to get home and my luggage came with me."
Cons: "I actually was put on China Air so I would have a chance to make my connection and they were just fine. The stars are NOT for China Air."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing. Flights were delayed and service was beyond terrible. Warning DO NOT FLY AIR CHINA. Spend the extra 20 bucks on another airline. I promise 20 dollars is not worth missing vacation days and headaches."
Cons: "First time flying Air China - it was cheap and I mistaken it for China Airlines. Newer seats with touch screen TV, but the seating, screen and tray table were dirty and not properly wiped down. Lack of entertainment - no new movies, just a bunch of old released. Food was ok, minimal drink options. At time very difficult to understand crew members. It was the cheapest flight, and now I know why. The flight back to the US was significantly better than the flight from LAX to Beijing. That flight there was in an old Boeing with old dirty uncomfortable seats that I had to first drape with a blanket before sitting down and extremely dirty tray area that I scrubbed down with some wet wipes myself. The only saving grace was that it was an empty flight and I had the entire row to myself. Worst, we had a 7-hour delay in Beijing where the ground members did not speak English and could not give anyone an explanation as to why there was a delay. My family in Thailand came to the airport twice because they went back home the first time since they were waiting for too long and the airline could not give them an estimate of when the flight would take off. Never flying Air China again. Would recommend spending more a little more and fly EVA air or something else."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "The staff was always rude, no matter which flight I was on."
Cons: "All members we encountered were not overly warm or nice, especially given that our flight was delayed which caused our next flight to be missed. They did find another flight for us the same day, but at the airport we were quarantined (so to speak) and could not leave to get food or drinks until the decision was made that we could officially get on the proposed flight. The vending machine offered did not take credit card and we could not leave to exchange currency. On flight, the crew was the same, when I was in the bathroom there was a large bang on the door..I assume to let me know to get out as we would be landing soon...which we didn't land for another 30 minutes. Food was gross, same as above with drinks. I could go on and on..needless to say I won't be flying Air China again."
Pros: "Beautiful and helpful staffs"
Cons: "Their English level too low"
Cons: "The flight got cancelled and we had to take a flight 2 hours later. Even though the air line provided a lunch box as the original flight was scheduled to be at 12pm, the food was terrible."
Pros: "Most of crew members are very nice and kind."
Cons: "The entertainment system didn't work"
Pros: "comfy seats"
Pros: "Fair"
Pros: "The price is the best ever. The entertainment is not vary and focused only on Chinese people."
Pros: "I was able to get a window seat. The crew was friendly and attentive. I fell asleep when they were distributing food and beverages and the stewardess kept an eye out for when I was waking up to ask if I need anything."
Cons: "Air china did not have enough crew to manage the flight. They didn't offer self check in at any kiosk, and they only opened airport check in 2 hours prior to the flight. The lines were out of control. Korean air had to come and assist, which was a good thing because they were much more friendly than the air china staff."
Pros: "Even got food on the flight!"
Cons: "No movies"
Pros: "The flight had a good entertainment selection. The hostesses were kind. I appreciated that the staff left notes for me when I was asleep during the food service, and that I could still get my meal."
Cons: "The plane left pretty late. My TV screen stopped working about thirty minutes into the flight. It was difficult to select vegetarian options (actually, I never managed to do this successfully)."

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