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Virgin AustraliaOverall score based on 3519 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The crew did well checking up on everyone regularly and the plane was comfortable."
Cons: "The meal was not very good. I would have really appreciated a small snack or desert also. The crew also seemed easily irritated at times."
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Pros: "The crew did well checking up on everyone regularly and the plane was comfortable."
Cons: "The meal was not very good. I would have really appreciated a small snack or desert also. The crew also seemed easily irritated at times."
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Pros: "Movies good Boarding and luggage retrieval good"
Cons: "Arrived an hour late Was another passengers fault tho but annoying"
Pros: "Crew was professional and flight was excellent. Seats were uncomfortable as expected and tight. Cracker was good but I don’t like yogurt."
Cons: "WAS NEVER ABLE TO CONNECT TO WIFI. Seats could be plusher."
Pros: "Good crew, clean."
Cons: "Food both free and purchased. Seat most uncomfortable after and hour and a half."
Cons: "An attendant working in the check-in was very rude. I was unable to check in using the kiosk so I requested assistance from an attendant near the kiosks.The attendant refused to assist me and told me to wait until the other attendant was free. That attendant then helped the white man next to me."
Pros: "Comfy for a cheap flight."
Pros: "Virgin Australia crew members have been extremely courteous in my recent flights with them."
Pros: "fast boarding"
Cons: "Better Movies"
Pros: "Snack was good"
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable and msny headrests would not stay in position making back of neck very uncomfortable. Also. Making passengers board via rear plane door and stairs where ramp to front plane door was used makes it much more difficult for seniors with carry on bag. Should use of front entra"
Pros: "Took off a bit late but good communication around it. Comfortable easy and accommodating"
Cons: "No seatback monitor."
Cons: "Not very comforting seats"
Cons: "Delays from Sydney to Cairns were disappointing and VA did nothing to make up for it. (The flight was pretty empty so that was a plus!"
Pros: "Boarding the plane from both sides was efficient."
Cons: "Entertainment system inoperative"
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "Despite multiple confirmation emails from Kayak (including this survey). But I found out last minute from the airline that the flight never actually got booked, so I needed to book a different flight last minute."
Pros: "Check in was easy and I could not have asked for a better crew who were pleasant and helpful . Each and every flight in Australia on Virgin Australia has been made so easy for me with the help I have received from the crew with my husband who has mobility problems . seats very comfortable"
Cons: "There is no negative with this airline from ground crew to air flight attendants"
Pros: "This was an excellent flight with a top notch crew."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "Had more then normal snacks."
Cons: "High numbered srat assignments board fron back of plane. This requires you to climb down & up stairs with carry-on bags. Would be good to mention when making reservation & seat assignments."
Cons: "There was an extremely long line at check-in with only a couple of Virgin Australia attendants working. Despite the line (of several hundred people), the staff appeared to have no urgency about moving customers through the check-in process, and at one point two of the the three workers quit working, packed up and left. Replacements arrived five minutes later and took another five to ten minutes to set-up before helping customers - leaving one agent for the overflowing line. Total wait time for check-in alone was over 1 hour."
Cons: "Boarding made half passengers drag their carryon luggage down stairs, then drag them up the plane. Not acceptable! Almost pulled my back out."
Pros: "Nice crew."
Cons: "This flight was full with many families with small children. The parents exercised almost no control over their rambunctious children. A gentlemen in my row turned around to request that the children seated behind him not bang and bump the back of his seat. After 3 such requests a fight almost broke out between adults. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this on a flight. I myself got no rest on the 3 hr flight to Cairns."
Pros: "Very helpful"
Cons: "Pleasant"
Cons: "Really tight seating. My knees hit back of other seat."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "All food had to be purchased and there was no wifi"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "As it is alliance with Singapore Airlines for international connecting but didn't felt any reasonable reason for not serving snacks."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Check in was terrible. The kiosks were not working and there was NO staff available to instruction or to ask questions. The check-in and bag drop off lines elevate terrible. I believe a big problem is they only allow one bag including carry-on and there were no signs indicating this!"
Pros: "Can watch movies by phone"
Cons: "The food, the service are very normal"
Pros: "Staff were friendly and service was good.Flight was on time and my husband made his connecting flight."
Cons: "Only 2 toilets for economy passengers on a full flight."
Pros: "Departure lounge isn’t a 5 km hike from the street! Plane seems to have more leg room, onboard snack. Generally an easier package"
Cons: "Can’t think of a single thing!"
Pros: "I missed the connection in Sydney to get to Cairns… So, still waiting to board the last leg of the flight. The airport in Sydney was really busy and it just took a while to go through customs, and baggage claims etc.."
Cons: "Nice people but the seats are close so very tight fit for anyone over 5"5'"
Pros: "service"
Pros: "Mostly everything"
Cons: "The seats were a bit cramped."
Pros: "No significant problem"
Pros: "First class was dirt"
Pros: "staff onboard the flight were helpful to mum, she said they were really nice"
Cons: "I booked this flight for my mum who has dementia. I was told o pick her up at the excess baggage area, where her walker would be and that she would be brought by staff there via wheelchair. After 45mins and no mum, I asked staff where she was. They said they were waiting for me at the gate as they didn't have enough staff to bring her, and I couldn't take her walker through security, so I had to go there and pick her up (passing 4 staff members with golf carts just sitting and waiting). luckily she wasn't distressed, but when I got to her, the man at the desk was then told over the radio tthat he could bring her down... poorly organised. Not the end of the world, because she was okay, but it could have been really upsetting for her otherwise."
Pros: "Enormous leg room"
Cons: "Fly Virgin Australia every time if possible"
Cons: "Wasn't happy that my suitcase was broken for such a short flight from Brisbane to Cairns"
Pros: "Staff polite and helpful at boarding desk"
Cons: "Poor food selection"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Literally had to cut in front of people exiting the landed flight in LA and run to the next flight, which was going from LA to Sydney. Same thing happened after landing in Sydney. Had to collect my bags, go through customs, recheck bags, take a shuttle to a domestic flight terminal, go through security, then I hear over the speaker it was the final boarding call for my flight, had to run again. I am a 56 y/o woman, was not fun. When I arrived in Cairns at about noon, I found that my bag missed the flight. I was told my bag would be delivered to my hotel in Palm Cove that evening, I received my bag the next morning. The flights into and out of LA were run by Delta, the flight from Sydney to Cairns was VIrgin Australia."
Pros: "Crews are always nice on Virgin, had priority seating which was really nice given my status is with a partner airline"
Cons: "Flight was late leaving and then over an hour late into destination so was late for work and an important meeting missed. The flight was full of very smelly passengers. I understand this is not something the airline can manage but here should be standards for boarding passengers. It is difficult situation I realise, but I was across the isle from a person with incredibly poor personal hygiene and the smell was almost unbearable."
Pros: "The egg and lettuce sandwich was fresh and delicious! A bigger serving would have been nice. The Cadbury biscuit chocolate was also a perfect match with a coffee."
Cons: "The inflight entrainment could have been more extensive. For example the big fat Greek wedding advertised in the inflight magazine wasn't available as a selection."
Pros: "Nice that they had a tasty snack with a chocolate biscuit"
Cons: "Alcoholic beverages would be better if"
Pros: "Did not give us a hard time about bags that were a little over weight."
Pros: "Flight attendant was friendly and very accommodating!"
Pros: "Very efficient service and excellent trip to Cairns. Check in and loading was seamless."
Pros: "Staff were extremely helpful and kind towards my infants need. I easily secured my sons safety car seat to the seat by the window and with restraint and support he was comfortable and happy the entire flight."
Pros: "Good food, quick flight, we had a fair amount of space"
Cons: "The hostess forgot to give us drinks and didn't even remember after everyone had been served"
Pros: "The crew was nice enough and the seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Only water and tea and drink options and the supposed Wi-Fi onboard didn't work at all."
Cons: "No leg room."
Pros: "We were given delay updates regularly, even when the delay time remained consistent."
Cons: "We had to empty our water bottles prior to getting on board which felt like a waste of resources. If it is necessary to do so, maybe it would be beneficial for the staff to let us know why we have to dump clean water down the drain."
Pros: "I liked the inflight entertainment"
Cons: "More leg space on the economy seats, It makes you wish you could afford the upgrade to business class."
Cons: "It's like traveling on Spirit in the USA...you have to pay for everything"
Cons: "We had to pay double to check our bags at airport because we did not pre check them online. Ridiculous"
Pros: "Good ticket price."
Cons: "They charge $60 per checked bag at check-in, and weight limits on carry-on luggage are unreasonably low."
Pros: "Boarding was a breeze! Staff was very friendly"
Cons: "No free snacks or beverages... only available to purchase"
Pros: "Thanks for making my trip affordable, until I started wanting to check one bag over the 15-pound on-board limit, have some food, or even water!"
Cons: "It's important to be prepared for the extra costs associated with flying these low-cost airlines. I paid around $100 for each leg of my journey around Australia, Malaysia and Bali and it really added up. I had prepaid for the Air Asia flights, meaning I had to weigh my one checked bag, but didn't catch JetStar's rules until too late to do online. This resulted in additional fees, according to airport personnel."
Pros: "Nothing in the service that would warrant any positive discussion"
Cons: "Upon attempting to checkin online, Jetstar indicated that checkin had to be undertaken at the Queenstown airport. No prompt was provided to indicate that baggage registration and payment would have to be handled via the general website, in spite of being denied the ability to checkin online. To our surprise, we faced a $75/bag checkin fee at the airport, being told registration of baggage at the airport would face a premium fee. Unfair or what...?"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "By the time we paid for luggage fee and seat fee, it ended up to be more expensive than Qantas. Also, after our flight was cancelled due to weather, they were not very cooperative to take care of us - they put us on a flight two days later and didn't help us to get on an earlier flight on Qantas (their parent company)."
Pros: "Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Bare bones, you get nothing on this flight.... not even a plane ;). We did not try the food, and there was lots of small children that were tired..."
Cons: "No food or entertainment. Seats do narrow and MINIMAL leg room"
Pros: "Same as the previous review"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "90 minute wait in check in line"
Pros: "nothing to complain. everything is good."
Cons: "none."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Extra fees were unexpected."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to pay for checked baggage when other people got on with more baggage than me. It’s a scam."
Cons: "The entire experience"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants, smooth flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Check in was fast and friendly. You MUST buy checked luggage on line before you get to the airport or you will pay. We did this and had no problems at all. Also get there early and be nice. Were told our CPAPs would count as part of our free carry on allowance and were infuriated as this has NEV"
Cons: "Misinformation on CPAP policy."
Cons: "smooth flight"
Pros: "Boarding was easy."
Cons: "I got an email stating the flight time had been changed to 23:45 but when I arrived it still left at the 23:15 original time. I paid an extra $73 for bags which is robbery. The 4 hour flight was freezing cold and I can't even get a blanket or cup of water without being charged?!? I know this is a low cost airlines but that's ridiculous!! Your passengers are people too, no just profits!"
Pros: "The service was terrible. The entire experience was really incredibly disappointing. I will never book Jetstar again."
Cons: "They charged me the price of my ticket because my carry on weighed too much. The staff was very rude!"
Cons: "Jet star line to check in was very long with only two people working"
Cons: "I had to pay $160 for luggage. I didn't want to check it, I wanted to carry on my backpack and small luggage case. Didn't realize BOTH had to be below 7 kg which is absolutely nothing. The check in man was rude and definitely could've helped a backpacking student as myself out... the flight was practically empty I don't think weight of luggage mattered!"
Pros: "The flight is like Southeast Airlines, so don't expect any entertainment or special features. The ride was a bit bumpy, but the plane handled the conditions well. The flight was for only 2 hours and 48 minutes. We didn't get anything to eat unless you paid for it; the food didn't look that appealing to me. Overall, I just happy to be in Australia safely."
Cons: "No entertainment or good service."
Pros: "The crew was courteous and nice."
Cons: "We were charged $100 per bag and $50 per Kg over the weight limit. Baggage fees were not clearly listed when booking this flight. We found out about the cost when we were checking in to board. Jetstar should state up front in the flight cost area about their baggage fees, not hidden in the fine print. A side note, everything on the flight cost extra; water, Wi-Fi, etc. Once the added fees are calculated into the cost, Jetstar is not cheaper than the other airlines."
Pros: "Easy boarding in Queenstown and the flight staff was friendly and helpfull."
Cons: "Thier bag fees are outragous. It was extreemly difficult to find thier allowances online and we ended up paying more than our ticket price to check our bags. If it was more clear what the fees are, we would not have chosen Jetstar. I would recomend going with New Zealand Air over Jetstar hands down."
Cons: "Baggage fees not clear"
Pros: "Overall a good experience!"
Cons: "I did not like having to pay extra charges for luggage after I chose by booking. I thought I was choosing a "deal" and it was not the great deal I thought I had."
Pros: "I checked in online and wasn't able to add my bags to my reservation, so figured I would do it when I got to the airport. Big mistake. It cost me NZ$ 215 to heck my two bags (one was admittedly heavy, but that is still an insane amount). I knew I would have to pay for bags but more money because of something that I was unable to adress is absurd."
Pros: "They are very unclear about baggage fees and we had to pay at the counter. 2 bags $300. Really!!!"
Pros: "JetStar was the only carrier offering a non-stop from Adelaide to Cairns. That's why we chose it."
Cons: "Be aware that you get a 7 kg carry-on allowance, and pay for checked luggage, by weight. Cheapest to buy when you book the ticket, can be purchased before you get to the airport, and very expensive at the airport. Seats are jammed together, very little legroom. Best to know going in that it is a low-cost, no frills, no space airlines."
Pros: "Crew were fantastic... efficient, welcoming, professional."
Cons: "We were SHOCKED to learn that we could not purchase additional baggage weight allowance online (were not allowed to check in online), and when we got to the counter to check in, were told that each additional kilogram of baggage weight over 20kilos (per person) would cost us $25!!! This is outrageous. We are traveling in Australia/NZ for 23 days with golf clubs and many bags, spending lots of money in these countries, and were very upset to learn of this archaic policy."
Pros: "The process from baggage check-in to boarding was seamless!"
Cons: "Baggage fees were not included in the original cost."
Cons: "The flight was an hour late and then we waited on the plane while they unloaded all the cargo bins to find three golfers bags who evidently did not make the flight. That extra time made us miss our connecting flight to the US. We spent almost 3 hours in the Sydney airport getting the run around on what we were supposed to do. When we checked in Queenstown for our flight the person at the desk must have know we would not make our flight as she did not give us a boarding pass for the Sydney to the US flight, but gave no directions on what to do if it was missed. I mentioned our connecting flight and the close connection to the flight attendant and she said it was not their fault."
Pros: "Check in was quick, but our flight was delayed. We received an email notification which helped. Of course we wish the flight wasn't delayed but having an extra hour in queenstown is amazing."
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Cons: "It was very discouraging having to pay almost as much as our flight for our small checked baggage - and it was confusing regarding how much we had to pay, I still don't understand what it was we actually paid for. There was not clear indication about this policy when I purchased the ticket, and we were traveling without internet access and unable to add a bag to our booking before hand. I've flown hundreds of times and never encountered this kind of fee. This frustration alone will likely lead me to choose another company next time."
Pros: "Before purchasing tickets, i confirmed with Jetstar agent that i could purchase bag fees anytime before the flight. I was even quoted a price. 3 weeks before my flight i went on to prepay for 1 piece of luggage and they wouldn't honor the quoted price. I had to pay almost double! BEWARE of luggage fees!"
Cons: "Huge luggage fees. Won't honor price quoted"
Cons: "Check in process is extremely slow with long lines. You are not able to check bags and are charged significant amounts to check in which cost even higher if you do it at the airport. Anything other Jen water is charged while on the flight."
Cons: "Well of course we all know you have to pay for everything on Jetstar. And I wasn't interested in paying those exorbitant prices for their food and drink offer. They sell themselves as a cheap airline, but they are anything but."
Cons: "I checked into my international flight and had a bag that was within weight limit. The cost for checking said bag is listed at 50.00. The attendant told me I had to pay 215.77 to check my bag. I then pointed out the price is listed as 50.00 on line. The attendant then said if I checked the bag on line, I would only have to pay 50.00. However, since I already showed up to the counter, I could no longer check in on-line and would have to pay a different price. The attendant then changed the boarding time, by moving it up 15 minutes, and said I needed to check in with him now. The cost of checking a normal size bag, on an international flight, was as much as the cost of the plane ticket. I was completely deceived and forced to pay a higher price that went against stated policy. I never agreed to pay the higher price nor did I sign for it… I was just charged that amount. I agree that I should pay a fee for checking a bag. That fee should be the same as everyone else and the fact that I was not allowed to check in on line punished me financially."
Pros: "Easy booking"
Cons: "Maybe"
Cons: "I made a small gift purchase in Queenstown and they were going to charge me $70 to put it under the plane. They could have easily put it in a small box, put it under the plane, and charge me $25 at the most for it. Instead I had to give it to the clerk at the counter because I only paid $20 for the item. I didn't mind having to put it under the plane but for $70?"
Pros: "Efficient. Friendly. On time."
Cons: "Lack of leg room like all airlines"
Cons: "I was charged $160 AUD for a single bag. This is preposterous and I had no idea I had to get a separate ticket that includes luggage for this airline."
Pros: "Cheap fare"
Cons: "Restricted carry on weight limit"
Cons: "Had to pay an unexpected high fee for baggage, extremely low weight limits for carry on luggage."
Cons: "I had had to fly international as the flight originated from Japan. I had to clear customs in a special assistance line as the smart Gate didn't understand. So add 30_45 minutes to when you think you will be exciting the airport or transferring. Bring your own water and food. Nothing is complimentary or speedy. Don't bring coffee, hot liquids are not allowed. Also, make sure you booked the option with a checked bag or it's charged as excess and it's an exuberant amount."
Cons: "No options for check in baggage when I purchased the ticket online, so baggage cost me $260 at check-in. Agents at the desk were extremely indifferent and borderline rude, overall extremely unhelpful. Airplane interior was dingy, seat cushions were worn down and flat, extremely limited leg space (I cannot stress enough how inadequate the leg space was), no entertainment. No complimentary drinks, not even water."

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