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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Guangzhou? 25% of our users found tickets to Guangzhou for the following prices or less: From Auckland $1,495 one-way - $1,749 round-trip, from Christchurch $1,545 one-way - $2,152 round-trip
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Air CanadaOverall score based on 25061 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Food and beverage service was great. Wine/beer and hot meals provided on the long flight were really appreciated. Excellent restrooms on the 787."
Cons: "Not enough leg room etc. for the long flight."
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Pros: "Food and beverage service was great. Wine/beer and hot meals provided on the long flight were really appreciated. Excellent restrooms on the 787."
Cons: "Not enough leg room etc. for the long flight."
Pros: "Entertainment was good. Ground attendant at LAX was helpful and understanding at least..."
Cons: "Everything else. For starters, I purchased a ticket from LAX to Kiev with a 2 hour stop in Toronto. AIR CANADA never informed me I'll need an eTA and I had to do it under pressure of missing my flight at the airport. Connection was awful as well. My luggage never arrived to Kiev...."
Pros: "I like the app to tell me where is my baggage. Thanks"
Pros: "Flight itself was great but we waited 1.5 hours in Toronto on the tarmac waiting for a gate to clear. Unacceptable"
Pros: "Nothing much"
Cons: "Please train this guys for customer service and fix there attitude."
Pros: "Flight was not overbooked Flight left early & arrived early No delays from AC"
Pros: "Crew on board pleasant and fluent."
Cons: "Check in at Boston rather snotty. Lounge atrocious. The employee at the gate was not able, or willing, to help with seat mix up on next lap, Toronto/Santiago"
Pros: "It really sad to know on a 5 and a half hour flight they only offer coffee tea or soda ☹☹ . Never knew about the changes in purchasing a meal or snack.."
Cons: "Should have been informed somewhere about the changes in purchasing a meal."
Pros: "found it good. I am eighty years young,I didn't need any extra help.I am very self self sufficient. I was travelling alone. and I really didn't need any extra attrbourention There was a family with a infant and small children just in front of me.I was happy to see the flight attendant,help them get organized and she spoke very nicely to the children.The Baby did cry for a while and the flight assistant did try to help themto calm the child. All in all I was able to read my book and even take a little nap . I would fly Air Canada.again. Thankyou Anita Arbour"
Cons: "The only thing I would improve on is to inform passengers of what carousel the baggage would be coming out.on I don't travel a lot and felt lost when trying to retrieve my suitcase. Thankyou again!"
Pros: "Great cabin crew."
Cons: "Huge delay without explanation."
Pros: "left on time, arrived on time Good communicatiion from captain"
Cons: "Staff in economy not very friendly Very long wait for baggage"
Pros: "Crew was ok, entertainment was great"
Cons: "Seats in ac 787 are very soft, you will feel the knees of the passenger seating behind you, I couldn't fall a sleep, you feel a kick every time the passenger behind you moved his knees. Kosher food was terrible! Not eatible! Plane is very slow l, took 11.5 hours instead of 10 hours with the 747."
Pros: "Same as above"
Cons: "Overall experience with kayak was too poor and I paid a fortune just to have my flight changed, spent 8 hours in Frankfurt transiting no advise from kayak and no way to contact kayak"
Pros: "Air Canada's business seat is one of the best out there, and the crew on this flight was super friendly. Extra props to the service director, Joseph."
Cons: "Boarding was slow for business class joining after zone 2 announced. Despite being parked at a gate with two jetbridges, only one was used. AC could use a refresh on its entertainment selection - hasn't changed much over the summer."
Cons: "Took forever to board"
Pros: "Free upgrade to preferred seating"
Cons: "Dry, gross French toast. Air rouge entertainment app constantly crashes."
Cons: "We got delayed, but this was not the fault of the airline. My bags were put on the wrong flight as well"
Pros: "Excellent fight.... comfortable and easy..."
Cons: "Crew where a bit slow... and the use of 4! Languages for announcement was annoying..."
Pros: "My flight from Orlando to Montreal was comfortable and convenient. Boarding went smoothly."
Cons: "The overhead bins were surprisingly small so take that into consideration when packing your carry on. Staff was tolerable but not particularly polite or welcoming."
Pros: "It was not a completely full flight. The Boarding process was done by mainline Air Canada employees and it was perfectly good and the flight left on time. The aircraft's interior was not clean. The carpet the seats and the tray tables all dirty and discussing. The seats are undiscribly substandard and uncomfortable. The bilingual announcement was done incoherintkyin both languages absolutely not professional Crew was nice except an Asian/Canadian flight attendent. It's a less than adequate experience even for a officially second tier airline. Why does Canada put out an embarrassing product like this airline ? Shame on them !"
Cons: "No complementary snacks despite going through dinner hours. Flight was delayed and disrupted connecting flights. Hard to understand crew explaining what to do to address delay"
Pros: "Flight was good. Left a bit late but made up time"
Cons: "Security took nearly an hour to get through even though it didn't look very busy."
Pros: "Great price, easy transitions and connecting flights. No complaints here!"
Cons: "A three and a half hour flight with a fruit juice and not even a pack of peanuts . Air Canada that was pathetic !"
Cons: "I needed to sleep ( it was 1:00 am in the city I originated from) and in the smaller plane the seats barely reclined and it was hard to get comfortable, let alone sleep."
Pros: "The movie selection was very good."
Cons: "The seats were so close to together that whenever the person behind me moved, I got hit in the back. Anything that was dropped on the floor was hard to get since they were so close together which also made it hard to get in and out of the seats. The main meal was fine, but the second meal was mediocre."
Cons: "Pilots we're late. Flight delayed until they arrived."
Cons: "Not enough food or beverages"
Cons: "Spending the entire flight with my knees wedged into the the back of the seat in front of me was painful. I'm 6'2" which is not unusually tall. So greedy and careless for Air Canada to put the seat rows so close, selling an extra row of seats while causing pain for all the tall passengers."
Pros: "Space between seats in economy class"
Pros: "Friendly airport and flight attendants. Ease of checkin."
Pros: "At $320usd per person per direction, you can't beat the price thanks to whatever magical gremlins Kayaks employs to fix prices for them...we flew Air Canada and we'e very pleased with their fleets new addition of 787 dream liners. Do yourself a favor and find a flight on this aircraft. From takeoff to landing, there was never a question about our safety and comfort, and the sleek, organic aesthetic of the dream liner somehow met a new standard for both ergonomy and tech/entertainment. I especially found the sub ports in my personal screen useful."
Cons: "Transatlantic flights are too long. Hurry up Science, magic me up some low earth orbit/sonic+ future jets already...Jaesus..."
Cons: "Food was mediocre Entertainment movies outdated"
Pros: "I was given an upgrade to Business so what not to like. The meal I chose was a strange combination that I would not recommend - lentils with chicken and a few carrots. The crew was great."
Pros: "I liked my seat in the back, the crew, the movies, and the food."
Cons: "The two different technical issues they had that made us leave almost two hours late and caused me to miss my connecting flight."
Cons: "Flight was delayed Missed the connecting flight food was terrible on plane baggage was damaged reached London in two days instead of one so much restlessness missed important family gathering at the destination"
Pros: "Safe and on time. I liked the opportunity to check in my carry on luggage."
Cons: "TV's did not work and the flight attendant bumped into me every time she walked down the aisle. Earphone plugs did not function properly. Outlet to charge my phone was missing."
Pros: "Great Crew. The entertainment package was very nice."
Pros: "The flight attendants were lovely and the flight itself was fine and comfortable."
Cons: "As there were no screens on the seats, there were limited entertainment options. I was unable to download the Air Canada app before the flight due to very weak airport internet, and then was unable to rent an iPad because only credit cards were accepted: not cash or debit, or even VISA debit cards. As for boarding, the departing gate kept changing and being removed from the screen before the flight; also there was a 30 min boarding delay."
Pros: "The trip from Toronto to San Francisco was better than the San Francisco trip because the return trip was on a Boeing 747 and a much more comfortable than the Airbus."
Cons: "The Airbus red eye going to Toronto was too cramped so it was not very relaxing. The planes are not clean. I'm glad I have wipes to clean the table tray because it was messy."
Pros: "It seemed like a quick flight."
Cons: "Better food needed."
Cons: "I arrived before the earlier flight to Cleveland, but even though there was room on the flight for me Air Canada said I would have to pay $150 to switch to that flight. So I had to wait five hours (and the next flight was delayed) for no reason. Air Canada should be more accomodating to customers who want to take an earlier flight, as I had to wait around for no reason whatsoever."
Pros: "Very friendly crew. Smooth flight."
Cons: "No entertainment. Great person sat next to me."
Cons: "The announcement about turbulence were to much. Could have been way more subtle or shorter"
Cons: "I was seated in the middle of the plane right by the bathroom in the middle seat, the lady to the right had the same idea that these seats were very bad cause they don't have much space as the others also it's right next to the bathroom,, were you get to enjoy the noise from the bathroom door to flushing not include the smell,,, I wonder why you guy charge more for seats with space and you don't give discount for the worst seats in the plane,,, The lady complained and they changed here seat I had to stay there and not be able to sleep for more than 5 mints, from the reasons that I said before,,, by far the worst experience,"
Cons: "your app is useless because it didn't even notify me on the changes to my flight."
Cons: "The food was not that great. Very less in quantity. Vey low quality. Even Chinese airlines offers better food while traveling from Vancouver to Beijing. The airlines should improve their food services."
Pros: "I like having the trip map in front of me so I can track progress. Usually I don't get it on flights this short."
Pros: "The flight attendants were friendly and amazing. They checked on me when I let them know I was sick and made sure I had plenty of ginger ale."
Cons: "Disliked dealing with Luftansa airlines. Canada Air was amazing with customer service compared to Luftansa."
Pros: "The seats and spacing and recline on aircraft for this leg were great"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and ended up arriving almost 2 hours later"
Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"
Pros: "I was expecting less and China Southern delivered a very good experience on flight from Auckland to Guangzhou. I was able to meet up with my son who flew them from SFO and fly on to Cambodia together. Guangzhou airport is stellar, clean, spacious, and transit was comfortable. Will flutter again with confidence."
Cons: "The usual complaint thatevery airline's economy seats are just too small."
Cons: "Milk and sugar in the coffee."
Pros: "Friendly cabin crew"
Cons: "Over 2 hours late on departure"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "2h delay for unknown reason, missed connection"
Pros: "Service and food were fine. Baggage allowance was generous."
Cons: "There was very little seat space... seemed narrower than usual and knees touched seat in front all the time unless I got them in one particular position, then it was just a very light touch. I don't recall being on a less comfortable flight. It's a shame that it was an 11 hour flight. The next flight was far better although only 7 hours. However, after the first flight I really appreciated the extra space so very much!!"
Pros: "Busines class seats (pods)."
Pros: "Boarding procedure, flight attendants were helpful"
Pros: "I like it allow an adult passenger with 2 free checked baggages,each can be 23kg max."
Cons: "The Online service is only set for Chinese who is living in China. You can not do the Seat Reservation without Chines mobile phone. You can not do any pre check-in because you are holding an Australia Passport."
Pros: "Cabin crew support for food."
Cons: "Availability of limited Bollywood movies. Expecting English subtitles for Hollywood movies"
Cons: "the meals were not really pleasant to eat"
Pros: "Fligths were on time"
Cons: "The entertainment system didint work on my seat, the crew on the fligth from China to Bangkok was not friendly, most of they were not smiling."
Pros: ""Nothing". I really mean it Nothing."
Cons: "I was flying to Delhi & it was an emergency situation for me bcz i lost my Dad & i was flying to perform the cremation of my Dad. And thing this was informed to the China Southern officials so that they could arrange something for me. I requested them to put me into another flight for which i was ready to pay the whole amount but no one listen to my request & i had to wait so long. I was amazed to see that no one was keen to understand my problem at both he airports i.e. Auckland Airport & Ganzhaou Airport. Apart from this the behavior of your officials was so rude & arrogant it made me feel as if i was a slave or some kind of culprit. Due to the ignorance & laid back attitude on your part i couldn't reach my destination on my time. Seriously it took me "24 hrs Extra" to reach my destination & as a result of which i couldn't perform the cremation. I was pissed off by the service; complete ignorance by the staff/officials of ur airlines. I wasn't expecting this kind of treatment from a reputed company like you. I request you guys to look into this matter seriously and try to take some corrective measures so that this thing won't happen in future with someone else."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ground staff did not want to help me and refused to put me on this flight because they reffered to no transit visa, although I was legally allowed to get on the flight as I have just found out, but it is gone already. As a result all my consecutive flight were cancelled as no show. I tried to reach the airline help line, however due to Chinese New Year they don't work, so there was no way to solve this problem I am VERY dissapointed. Will take this case to the court if my money not refunded"
Pros: "One of crew lady was very rude. Lunch was bed , but movies were great!"
Cons: "Was comfortable flight, didn't late for first time. But disappointed with crew."
Pros: "Service and aircraft fleet."
Cons: "Most flights delayed for no good reason. Miss connections on both legs of our round trip to India"
Pros: "Meals and professional cabin crew."
Cons: "Seats and movies are due for an update."
Pros: "Good leg room"
Cons: "Two flights now that I had a touchscreen that didn't work. Flight was fine but not exceptional. The main frustrations were from inconsiderate passengers - no doubt the ones who take advantage of lower airfares."
Pros: "Wonderful staff. We had a problem with our entertainment system and so they upgraded us to first class. Felt really valued."
Pros: "Service was good."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Food, entertainment, solid"
Cons: "Flight got rerouted to Chicago because of snow. Airline abandoned us for almost 10 hours. No one knew where to go, what to do. That part was horrible after a 15 hour flight."
Pros: "Seats were ok. Downloaded media for each seat was diverse and entertaining. Food was alright."
Cons: "Crew was pretty curt and not polite. They also 'didn't have time' to load my bag onto the plane, along with ~15 other people. I had to wait two days for it to arrive. 'No time' to load bags is kind of an odd and slightly unacceptable reason to not load baggage onto a plane. Airlines close check-in for flights 30 mins before departure time to ensure that all bags make it onto the plane. I was 3 hours early. Don't know why they 'didn't have time'. They also broke my friend's bag."
Cons: "Me and many customers on CZ 371 lost our baggages during the transit in Guangzhou. Still no update on lost and found yet."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Staff was so rude and tv is not working properly"
Pros: "Ontime departure"
Cons: "Nothing special. Entertainment system was intermittently working requiring reveal reboot. Food just average or perhaps slightly below. Customer service was fair but not to the caliber of other Asian airlines (e.g., Cathay Pacific)"
Pros: "Good flight overall!"
Cons: "My checked in luggage did not arrive at my final destination airport!"
Pros: "The flights Ending!"
Cons: "First and Business not VIP immigration or luggage!?! Multiple crying babies with toddlers running the isles all night with no parental control or Flight attendant(s) intervention, even after being asked by multiple passengers. Woooh... movie/IFE selection drastically cut back! why? Food, worst in 7yrs. Guangzhou layover, lounge(s) not prepared, minimal pre packaged snacks no hot food, showers not working or rather not cleaned from night before would take "hours" for them to be cleaned and available. Will probably be last flight with Southern China, has dropped considerably and is no longer a "worthy" airline."
Pros: "Great staff, food, comfort. Very clean toilets."
Pros: "Food was delicious and leg room was decent. Good toiletries."
Cons: "Chairs could feel every kick, nudge and tapping on touchscreen. Not many snacks offered."
Pros: "1. Boarding was on time and orderly. 2. The vegetarian meal was fine except for the penne pasta which hardly had any sauce. So it was like gnawing the more-than-aldente pasta - plain starch."
Cons: "1. The flight from LAX to Goungzhou was 1 hour late. We were all in the plane by 10 PM and the plane was to leave at 10:30 PM. It left 11:30 with all the passengers sitting on the plane for 1 1/2 hours! The delay made the rush to make it to the next flight in Guangzhou was stressful and exhausting. 2. I reserved an aisle seat beforehand because medical issue that require frequent trip to the rest room. The reservation person told me that I would have a window seat on the 2nd floor but no one is seated next to me. That was not the case. There was a person beside me that had to be disturbed frequently for my rest room trips. And this was a 15 hour trip."
Pros: "Friendliness of Crew."
Cons: "Business class seats could do with an update. Entertainment - movie selection could with an update."
Cons: "seats didn't recline as much as they should have been able to in the space."
Pros: "Very happy with the Crew and cleanliness of the Aircraft. Had an overall pleasant experience."
Cons: "Seats were quite uncomfortable and the entertainment could have been a little better."
Pros: "Crew is amazing served tirelessly and never lost their smile"
Cons: "No announcement of flight in business lounge nearly missed our flight"
Pros: "I could not fault my journey with your Airline at all. I was very pleased with your staff and your service throughout both of my Flights. I shall be very pleased to travel with your Company again and would recommend you to all my Friends and Family."
Cons: "There was nothing i did not like."
Cons: "Already stated"
Pros: "The flight is cheerful. Although 8 hrs is a little bit long, but I enjoyed my time."
Cons: "Basically nothing except for a few unpleasant other travellers sitting beside me."
Pros: "That I got on the flight. That it was cheap."
Cons: "That every single southern china air flight was delayed, which nearly caused me to miss my other flights on the way back. When we were on the plane they didn't even tell us the flight was going to be delayed, we just sat on the plane for an hour twiddling our thumbs. No reasons given, will not flight southern china again"
Cons: "Not allowed to use cell phone or any electronic equipment even in flight mode"
Pros: "Flight attendants very kind"
Cons: "Only pillows and blankets , no eye masks , no socks, The choice of films"
Pros: "Really great service."
Cons: "Old plane."
Pros: "Help And pleasant staff"
Cons: "Poor quality entertainment screen"
Pros: "Great service for the price. Not a budget carrier but definitely a very competitive price."
Cons: "There are always delays with Southern China. Whether this is their problem or beyond their control I don't know know but it always seems to happen with this airline. Also the transfer in Guangzhou needs improving. They haven't quite mastered customer service outside the airplane. Very little warmth or friendly communication with the ground crew."
Pros: "Great seat on A330, very long. Staff super attentive in Biz, but then it was a quiet flight. IFE ok without being great, same for Food."
Pros: "The only positive thing was that the flight was on time."
Cons: "Cabin crew was largely absent. The seats were small and there was no legroom. The food was mediocre, but edible. Alcoholic drinks were limited to a red wine, a white wine, and beer, none of which were good.The bathrooms were quite dirty, though that is more a reflection of the passengers than of the crew."
Cons: "Tv wasn't working"
Pros: "Good service, very pleasant cabin crew and a very smooth 787 flight. Good food."
Cons: "For a modern plane the seats are very hard on an eleven hour flight Having flown China Southern before on this route I brought along a memory foam seat squab this time! Very impressive is the transit hotel accommodation provided free for transits over eight hours."
Pros: "One leg of the flight was a dreamliner."
Cons: "Food was the worst I have had in memory. Crew are also the worst I have experienced in memory."
Pros: "Flight, cabin and ground crew was all great and friedly"
Pros: "Punctual departure, early arrival. Cabin crew was very attentive. Plenty of drinks to keep hydrated. Lots of movie and entertainment choices."
Cons: "Seat cushioning was worn out...not so comfortable for a long flight. Limited leg room. Unless you were seated at the beginning rows of the food service, there was only one food choice left. Also ran out of snacks for the back rows."
Pros: "Good service. Nice crew."
Cons: "Third world airline have absolutely nothing good to say about the flight.Dirty airplane horrible food,lazy crew and this was business class"
Pros: "Crackers all they gave to eat"
Pros: "The crew was very professional and the flight was on time"
Cons: "The check in counter opened at 6am but my flight was at 7:30am. So it was very rush. Hope they can start check in earlier."
Pros: "Very comfortable seat. Excellent service."
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Wifi didn't work"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "i lost my fly because kayak send me to another page to buy the ticket ant that page was a scam never book whit kayak use expedia"
Cons: "The food box had two bread items (a roll and a cake). I wish the food boxes were more diverse in nutrition."
Pros: "On board crew were amazing"
Cons: "Check in crew were rude and awful"
Pros: "This flight was shorter but i felt flight attendants were still very attentive."
Cons: "Didn’t have individual screens to watch movies. One movie didn’t have English subtitles. Not that i cared because I was in and out of sleep, just pointing it out."
Pros: "For a budget airline, it was an excellent flight, on time, reasonably good seats, with vegetarian food as ordered."
Cons: "It was slightly disorganized, with not a lot of smiles from the crew, but it was fine anyway. I wish food portions were a little larger."
Pros: "While the business seats weren’t as comfortable as the pods, they did go flat for a decent sleep but they aren’t as wide,you need to be traveling as a couple if you have a window seat if you want to get out while the other person is asleep."
Pros: "I didn’t expect to get the food that we did."
Cons: "This flight was over 4 hours and there was only one entertainment option. There were 2 screaming babies the entire flight but that’s just poor circumstances. It was way too warm on the flight."
Pros: "Boarding at JFK was excellent. The flight was as comfortable as it could possibly be. The flight attendants were also very good. No delays and on time arrival."
Cons: "I have no complaints about this leg. It was a very good flight."
Pros: "Movies and ability to stretch in back of plane"
Pros: "The staff was very attentive."
Cons: "The food was mediocre"
Pros: "Attendants are friendly and nice, their limited English makes them seem cold however I speak both languages and they have better manners than my experience with American carriers such as UA, American and Delta, particularly to the elderly and those that do not speak Chinese. Legroom is decent, seat cushions need more padding for long haul flights. Power supply working well, mediocre movie selection, on time departure and arrival. Food needs improvement. I was told my meal was beef and rice, however, it was fried fish."
Cons: "Bathrooms need more attention particularly on long haul economy. Food Needs Improvement!"
Pros: "Giving an effort to get passengers on the next flight after the plane was delayed."
Cons: "Food, crew cannot speak English, not telling passengers what's going on."
Pros: "The seats recline quite far- making it more comfortable, good up to date entertainment."
Cons: "The staff was rude, the food was horrible, they lost our laugagge-ruining our vacation, poor costumer service."
Pros: "good selection of movies"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "Very helpful and courteous air crew"
Cons: "Everything was good and for a short flight Like this the crew made it very comfortable"
Pros: "The crew was good - very attentive. The plane itself was a nice new 737 - very clean."
Cons: "The business class lounge was not good. All they served was warm soft drinks and beer. Waited on the business class van for 30 minutes while everyone else went to board the plane which I found odd. Chengdu airport has 175 gates yet we still have to get on a van and board the plane on the tarmac which is odd. No wine in business class which I thought was odd too. Food wasn't god, but I am used to that."
Pros: "Courteous attendants."
Pros: "Great price. More or less on time. Reasonably comfortable. Good entertainment. No real problems."
Cons: "Mediocre food. Inscrutable website."
Pros: "I had no issues. It arrived early."
Pros: "We didn't crash, and the crew spoke some English."
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable, the movie options were limited, I couldn't get English subtitles on e flush movies which I needed because the only headphones one could use were the provided ones (due to the jack), but the sound quality was so poor and airline so loud that I couldn't follow. Also there was no menu or schedule to anticipate meals, and I was left hungry even with what was provided (14 hour flight). Certainly not Emirates."
Pros: "Food was decent, blanket/pillow"
Cons: "Seats were tiny and older (no adjustable headrest), no personal TV, food was just ok, had to fight thru crowd to to my seat. No order."
Cons: "Small seats"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Staff were very friendly and courteous. Enough leg space"
Cons: "We were not allowed to use phones even in airplane mode. I thought that was stupid."
Pros: "The overall service from arrival in Shanghai to arrival in Taipei. Everyone was so helpful and I got good direction from staff because of my language barrier."
Cons: "Just the long wait at the airport but still it wasn't too bad."
Pros: "Crew was friendly, took good care. But the strict rules on electronics (keeping all electronics off even in flight mode) ruined the whole thing. Even though there were some good movies and entertainment stuff, they're not nearly enough for long flights. I'd rather have played my own music and movies I downloaded for offline view from Netflix & Youtube."
Cons: "Gate was changed without warning. Flight was delayed three times. Once due to congestion in the airport which lead to two weather delays."
Pros: "The Airbus plane & the crew"
Pros: "Crew, comfort & food were ok."
Cons: "Both legs of flights were delayed with the second one being close to 6 hours late. As a result of which we missed our connecting flight from Delhi to Kolkata. What made it worse was the lack of communication and practically no help on the part of China eastern. I had to buy a new ticket resulting in a loss of about $200. At Delhi airport the CE manager should have met with passengers who had similarly lost their connecting flights and made the necessary arrangements for them and st the expense of the airlines (instead of leaving it to the junior staff )We will not be flying China Eastern ( except for our return and hoping for a better experience).. Also poor entertainment even on the 9 hour Honolulu to Shanghai flight. No movie selection at all."
Pros: "The flight crew both trips were friendly and very customer orientated."
Cons: "Not being able to do online check in in Frankfurt because the hotel did not have Explorer. Google Chrome does not work with China Eastern. It took me an hour to discover that in Korea before I switched. How about a warning up front? Just nothing but error codes. Finally, the check in process in Frankfurt was outlandish for MU 220. We arrived too early; only to find Delta in place of CE I get that. He suggested coming back at 10:30. We did. Still no CE clerks. At about 10:45 someone showed up. So when another gentleman got in line so did we. This individual who started rearranging the stanchions notice us standing in line and offered no information. Then a tour group showed up and filled in the rest of the line but in the line next to us. Finally, at about 11:35 the clerks were ready to start check in. Just prior to that they had changed the electronic signs to show that we were now in the Priority check in line. No problem, so I thought, because the first individual had seen us waiting since she got there. However, when the poor gentleman, who was in front of us, tried to check in in the economy line he was refused and so were my wife and I. The only explanation the person gave was that she "was only there to care for the economy check in line". No compassion, no caring no thinking outside the box! The tour guide noticed the situation and motioned us ahead of her group. My wife and I passed to a counter who did her job; but another CE counter rep refused to simply do his job and check in the poor man in. He was ushered to the back of the line beyond the stanchions. This left a bad taste in my mouth. I recently watched a documentary about how they were handled the great amount of passengers at the "World's busiest Airport". They failed to mention not really caring about the one lone individual who had showed up early. My wife and I have discussed this problem and will seriously consider not using China Eastern any time soon!"
Pros: "Not much.."
Cons: "The food, poor selection of movies!"
Cons: "late departure meant missing our connecting flight in Shanghai"
Cons: "i took china eastern airline couple of times. There is always a delay. This is frustrating since I want to get home ASAP."
Pros: "Crew was friendly, about as expected for the cheap price"
Cons: "No vegetarian option, in flight headphones were useless, can't use phone AT ALL during flight, gate was changed without warning (no announcements over the PA or notices posted that it was changed)"
Pros: "It got me where I needed to go on time."
Cons: "the food is absolutely abysmal and they had no options for a non-meat eater."
Pros: "No communications, no offer to make other arrangements, missed connections, loat hotel booking and more. A night wasted"
Cons: "Long flight. They don't like anyone opening the window shades but I would have liked to see the Alaska coastline we flew over."
Pros: "Planes are clean, including restrooms. First flight (Guangzhou - Beijing) was nice new Airbus with entertainment systems in the back of each seat. (Unfortunately they stopped working 3/4 of the way through the flight.)"
Cons: "Guangzhou to Beijing - departed 1 hour late Beijing to Xian - departed 20 minutes late Xian to Guangzhou - departed 1 hour & 10 minutes late. Guangzhou to Beijing - nice plane, entertainment system failed, crew couldn't fix. Crew had very strange rules about "safety", freaked out about my son wearing earbuds during takeoff. Xian to Guangzhou - weak entertainment options, cut off two different movies in the middle."
Pros: "Ummmm. Nothing?"
Pros: "Very bad service."
Pros: "It got me where I needed to go."
Cons: "Not much leg room."
Pros: "service was ok"
Pros: "I Liked that the plane was not full. They let you to checking 2 bags of 23kg but it would be easier if they let you check in 46 kg in total even if you have 3 bags."
Cons: "Service was ok but not snack were offered during the flight even paying. And the flight was nearly 14hours. Food not good for western pax. Crew didnt speak english. No toys for kids."
Cons: "They do not speak English (just some basic words), do not ask anything they will not understand"
Pros: "Air China did an excelent job to get me to my destination."
Cons: " did not notify me my flight was cancelled. By my own dumb luck I showed up early enough for Air China to put me on a plane that was boarding. Come on kayak. You failed to provide details that could have ruined my trip. Get it together."
Pros: "拿不到行李,需要等下一班飞机"
Cons: "拿不到行李,需要等待下一班飞机"
Pros: "Seats was ok not very comfortable . They don’t understand English . Before food served there is announcement for apologies for not choice. I ask her about food , what is this she said I don’t know. They don’t know what they are serving. It taste was horrible. That was the desert with food."
Cons: "They have to learn English and serve the better quality of food."
Pros: "I did like the modern touch of the aircraft and it made me feel cozier."
Cons: "The food options are not that great, and it is almost the same meal given over and over, which does not taste that great."
Cons: "I bought business class for round trip, However, my flights to/from PEK CGQ were economy"
Pros: "comport"
Cons: "nothing at all"
Cons: "We only had one hour to catch our connecting flight, which was canceled and rescheduled by air China not by customer. Rude!"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Cons: "Very Old plane The entertainment system was down during entire 9hour trip Food is terrible, noodle so dry, can not eat After toilet visit, the water is not working, can not wash your hand"
Pros: "Attentive crew"
Cons: "poor food variety"
Cons: "I had a seat with very little leg room. The food was rather bland and the boarding process was slow and delayed the departure time."
Cons: "touch screen inoperative, little humor or warmth or smiling in cabin crew"
Cons: "On my flight from Beijing to LA, they have a lot of available seats, even too many rows are available, my seat next to a Chinese guy & I requested to change my seat to available row. So both of us can get comfort for a long flight. They don’t pay attention to my request or even don’t say reason or any excuses. They just ignore it. The service while the flight is not so good."
Pros: "Patient and helpful crew"
Cons: "Small seats with little legroom"
Pros: "Love the space of airplane"
Pros: "It was my 1st family trip to Korea from LA, USA. I was worried before trip because I have just turned 1 year baby. But the crew were so nice to us especially my baby they give us the best service to us ever. Food was great and they fed baby food too! even I didn't ordered(I didn't know that i had to pre-order.). Our seats were comfy and there was some space for my husband's legs; he is pretty tall. anyways so thankful trip for our family!"
Cons: "The flight had 02:30 delay due to a technical problem, when we Arrive the luggage was broken."
Cons: "No entertainment despite being a 5 hour flight. Terrible food. Airline split me and my wife's seats"
Cons: "flight was cancelled and rebooked for another day, but Air China was cheap in compensation for hotel, let alone compensation for food!!!"
Pros: "Pleasant flight"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "I think the food served on the flight has improved significantly over the last few years. I've been flying Air China for the past few years and am very impressed by the progress made by Air China. I will continue to be a loyal customer of this airline. Thanks!"
Pros: "Not near as bad as the reviews I've read. Service was good and seats comfortable."
Cons: "food isn't great (but is it good on any other economy flight), nor is drink service (they really limit when you can order wine). Poor entertainment."
Cons: "Horrible communications! Requested an upgrade and was told the system was down then on return trip requested upgrade again and was told that it had to be done at check in which means returning to main terminal by tram and going through security again as the girl at the boarding desk returned to playing with her phone. There was more than 50% first class seats unfilled, good news for investors. On the tv monitor we were watching our final approach as we bypassed the airport and made three 360 degree turns 50 miles out for 30 minutes and not one word from the Captain what was happening, very nerve racking. Never fly Air China again!"
Pros: "Enjoyed all that I’ve come to expect from air travel for the most part- in headrest entertainment (movies/games/flight track), decently good food (two full meals in the 14 hr trip), and pleasant crew with timely departure and arrival."
Cons: "The seat cushion is a bit hard after extended seating, with a few bumps that show themselves over time. Not terrible though, but definitely could be packed to be more comfortable for the longer hauls."
Pros: "Cheap rate"
Cons: "Service"
Pros: "The staff was extremely polite, very accommodating, and willing to serve. The entire experience was overall very good and very contrary to what reviews said online. I would fly with them again in a heartbeat, far exceeded American standard airlines like Delta and American."
Pros: "It was an experience..."
Cons: "The shuttle to the plane took a good 20 min."
Pros: "Food was decent."
Cons: "Overall air China service is quite poor."
Pros: "The flight had a comfortable amount of people so ther was extra room. Food was decent."
Cons: "The plane was new and clean at the beginning of the flight. It was a sty after. Flight attendants don’t pick up garbage regularly and service is lacklustre"
Pros: "Plane clean crew very nice food good"
Pros: "Food was aweful! So bad that I had to get a vegetarian and the vegetarian was taken too literally, one piece of cucumber between two pieces of toast! The crew were not hospitable and nice at all! They would make u uncomfortable if u asked for something! The movies for entertainment, aweful, old and not up to date!"
Cons: "Well, the aircraft doesn’t have TV at the back of each seat."
Pros: "The service and comfort were Ok. Breakfast was poor."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Plane was dirty. Area around sink looked like it hadn't been cleaned in some time."
Pros: "Food, blanket, movies on board"
Cons: "The layover was too short and I had to run to my transfer. I wish crew would have let people with short layovers off first"
Cons: "Since we missed our flight to LAX, we had to walk up to the immigration office again and asked for a re-book of a flight to LAX. Unfortunately, the next one was in 9 HOURS! Horrible experience at the airport with lackluster WiFi that can't even load simple Facebook messenger. Our loved ones waited at LAX with no updates whatsoever for ~9 hrs."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "My bag was lost and was not returned to me until 48 hours later."
Pros: "In between there must be light snacks be served"
Cons: "80 minutes delay without explanation."
Cons: "The flight to Bangkok was delayed 8 hours with no information for most of that time. The flight back was delayed 2 hours. My bags were lost on the flight back. The food is horrible and the service terrible. The audio quality for entertainment was awful. Stay far away from this airline."
Pros: "When the flight delays, as least the crew need to tell the passengers when the flight will be fight or boarding."
Pros: "The food was fine."
Cons: "The flight was two hours delayed, so I almost missed my next one--which was international."
Pros: "Not a thing"
Cons: "How this company can be part of Star Alliance? Worst travel experience ever in all my life."
Pros: "The flight attendants were polite and attentive. Most spoke English or made some effort try. Flights were on time staff was super helpful. Meals were great!"
Cons: "Seats were a little cramped of your a taller person like me (6'2"). Very few English options for on flight entertainment."
Cons: "More delay from Beijing to Guangzhou."
Cons: "The staff were rude and over all air china is quite disorganized. Their website barely works and it was impossible to get any real answers out of the agents on the phone. I tried to request a celiac or gluten free meal and it took 3 phone calls to get an agent who was aware there were even choices. Also, as I'm aware I'm flying in another country I would have like to see more English speaking competence amongst staff flying an international flight from Asia to Canada and back. The staff were not helpful. Like drones with no time for you. This to me is not service. And an airline is providing a service."
Pros: "The service was pretty good. I only had an hour to board my next flight, so flight attendants moved me up towards the front of the plane so that I could exit earlier than others. I was able to make it to my next flight."
Cons: "There was a 3-hour delay after all the passengers boarded. We were all sitting inside the plane without any explanation. At first, the captain blamed airport for not giving any updates on their departure, and a flight attendant that I talked to blamed the local temperature, which was a total nonsense. Later the captain announced that there was an issue with the engine. My layover was supposed to be 4.5 hours, but it got cut to 1 hour due to the unexpected delay that they had not clearly explained. I had to run to catch my next flight. When I got to my final destination, I found out Air China did not transfer my bag on time, so I had to file extra paper works in order to receive my bag two days later."
Cons: "The Crew woke everyone up in the middle of the night with 5 hours to go to serve breakfast. Should have let people sleep and served breakfast with 1.5 hours to go."
Pros: "The selection of movies was awesome. As always I wish there was a way passengers could decline their seats just a bit more to aid the back while resting. But I understand spacing is tight. All in all the service was great an the flight went as well as it could have gone."
Pros: "Very efficient airlines and staff members. I never got on/off a plane so quickly. Staff was attentive to everyone's needs and were very friendly. I loved how affordable their roundtrip tickets were. I would fly Air China in the future!"
Cons: "There wasn't a good variety of entertainment on the flight, so I tried to sleep more on my 12 hour flight. There should be newer movies and more English movies. It seemed that most people on the flight weren't even Chinese, so it would be nice to lessen up on the Chinese movies to make room for English :) It was also very inconvenient how much this airlines changed their flight times."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying to Guangzhou

Airlines flying to Guangzhou have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Guangzhou

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Guangzhou

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Guangzhou

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Guangzhou

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights to Guangzhou

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