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Cons:The pick-up shuttle from the airport was disgusting, I fell through the seat in the van (and I'm only 130 lbs)! There was duct tape holding together the mechanism to open the door on the van, and the van just felt dirty. Once at the office, both customer service reps were taking care of customers when I walked in, however I waited about 15 minutes still to be taken care of. With my shuttle were three other groups to rent so the small waiting area quickly became quite full. However the agents took their time with the clients ahead of me talking about their hometowns and going down memory lane. When I finally got to the counter the guy taking care of me hit on me. When I finally got my car it had scratches and dings all over it and wasn't very clean. I had to run the windshield wipers to be able to see through the grimy film on the front windshield. But at that point I just wanted to get out of there. I called for a question the night of my return and was put on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. When I went to return my car, no one was at the return window, I went inside and both agents (different this time) were taking care of customers, and I was the next in line. The computers froze and neither had any idea what to do. After 15 minutes of waiting and not a single apology from either of the agents to me or the customers they were taking care of the computers came back up and they were able to take care of us. Overall, not worth the extra few dollars I saved renting from them.Reviewed 6 Feb 2017
review fromkayak
Keep your eyes openPros:The carCons:The people. The lady asked me if i needed insurance, i said that i already had USAA and that it covered me. She proceeded to finish up the paperwork asking me to initial in two places and sign in one. She told me there was a deposit in case i saw a charge for more than what had been agreed upon. After returning the vehicle, i was told she signed me up for some type of coverage and that since i signed, it was all legit. I didnt know i needed to bring a lawyer with me to rent a car. I will be more thorough next time.Reviewed 30 Oct 2016
review fromkayak
Payless = liars and cheatsCons:Go with someone reputable - I was quoted $212 online for my rental, but at the counter, they added an addition $274 to my subtotal. When I asked about it, they claimed it was "just a hold" on my credit card, not to be charged upon return of the vehicle. And guess what? They lied and I'm continuing to fight to get my money back. Also, this "charge more via hidden fees" must be standard business practice for Payless because the only way to dispute this is to do it online. Despite my many attempts, I cannot speak to a real person to resolve this matter. Kayak should not represent Payless and take Payless off of!Reviewed 7 Apr 2017
review fromkayak
Dishonest companyCons:When I got to the rental place, I had to wait a while before it was my turn to pick up my car. The agent told me the only car in the price range I reserved was a Dodge Caravan, when I requested a compact car. I ended up paying an extra $20 to get a car that I wouldn't die in. When I was given the choice of paying $30 to cover gas and the company would fill the car as a convenience fee or to fill the car myself, I told the agent I would fill it myself because I knew filling the tank would not cost me $30. When I returned the car and looked at the bill, I noticed they charged me the $30 convenience fee anyway! I requested a refund and explained to them that I returned the car with a full tank of gas, the only way they would refund the $30 is if I could produce a receipt, not a bank statement, that shows that I filled the tank within 5 miles of the drop off site! I, of course, didn't save the receipt because I didn't think I would actually have to show that the tank was filled. This is a dishonest company full of scumbags and will never rent a car from them in the future!Reviewed 10 Mar 2016
review fromkayak
OKay experience - will book with terminal based reCons:Off airport pickup. Had to wait about 15 mins for the shuttle to take us to the car rental. Car smelled of toxic cleaning chemicals.Reviewed 21 Oct 2015
review fromkayak
Do not rent from Payless.Cons:Due to a flight cancellation, we were delayed in arriving to our destination. We called to change our reservation immediately. Upon providing our new arrival and departure time, which was the same duration as before, the CSR, who barely spoke English, told us that our cost was now triple what we were originally quoted. TRIPLE!!! The bizarre thing was that he couldn't understand why we were upset that the price had changed so drastically. We then asked to speak to a manager and none was available. With no other option offered, we cancelled the reservation. There was absolutely no attempt made by Payless to accommodate us or even meet half way. Payless seemed like a viable option initially, but after this experience, we would never give them our business nor would we recommend them to anyone. There are too many choices out there for them conduct business like this.Reviewed 17 Apr 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:honestly I've seen the reviews before I went to Payless Car Rental and I should have just stuck with what people had to say about the place. My only thing was I didn't even get the car because somebody who is employed there decided to tell me that they do take prepaid cards and when I get there from riding the bus all day the man assisted me for a brief moment and as soon as he seen my card he pretty much told me that he couldn't help me and that we don't take prepaid cards and literally got out of line and he took the next person like I didn't just struggle to get over there to rent a carReviewed 14 Jun 2017
review fromkayak
You’ll PAYMORE at PAYLESS at Tampa InternationalCons:I thought my car rental from Payless was uneventful until I got the email from my credit card company showing how much I was charged. I made clear to the desk agent when I picked up the car that I wanted no insurance extras. When I turned the vehicle in I was told I just needed to hand over the keys. Turns out they charged me for an extra insurance I didn’t want. I immediately called and was told they had started a case for my complaint. The agent said someone would get back to me within 72 hours. They didn’t and I apparently was stiffed for an extra $80.Reviewed 20 Nov 2017
review fromkayak
Never againPros:At least the car ran okayCons:Customer service is abysmal. The service is like nothing else compared to other car rental companies. It was a long wait to get the car initially. They check you out at the counter and then for some unknown reason you wait and wait to receive your car. When returning the car normally you pull in and there's somebody right there too quickly check you out. Not here. I waited and waited and had to walk over to some window and waited again. The staff at this location is remarkably indifferent to customers. Make no mistake, you will not be treated like you normally would be at other car rental companies. I guess their name says it all. You Payless and that's just about what you get. I would not rent again from Payless.Reviewed 9 Apr 2017
review fromkayak
Bad ContractPros:Car was clean, but dirty and unkept facilities.Cons:From check in, to return, nothing but difficulties. I feel very sorry for the well meaning employees that work for such a horrible company. One exception was the employee that checked me in. He was almost abusive in his language. He couldn't and wouldn't explain the additional misc fees added to my rental agreement, from the original reservation. He wouldn't even look at my original reservation agreement. He was dismissive and said it would be taken off at return. He was insistent. Normally I would have walked away at that point, but I was so upset with him, and a manager wasn't available, or so I was told, that I wanted to make him and the "bate-and-switch" an issue at return. At turn in, armed again with my original rental reservation agreement, I finally talked with a manager. It took 45 mins to clear the mistake. At first the manager refused. While talking to two other customers that had the same problem, (we formed a small protest group at the return counter) in front of the manager and staff, I threatened to call my credit card company and report fraudulent charges. I also threatened to write a letter to the Florida Attny General's office. At that point she agreed to remove the misc fees. She also claimed that I picked up early. I showed her my original reservation clearly showed 4pm pickup and 4pm return. By their own paperwork it showed my pick up just after 5pm. I was returning the car at 10:30 am. Numerous other problems with the van and return entrance and return lines. I don't want to write a novel. What a very very bad experience.Reviewed 9 Apr 2016
review fromkayak
Pros:priceCons:It was not clear that this was off-airport in the rental forms. I was deeply disappointed at having to take a shuttle. The shuttle was slow as well. The car was extremely dirty inside and out. They were unwilling to find a different clean car for me. The car had damage on the door. They made me write notes before renting. I expect an undamaged rental car. I took videos of the whole car in case I have to prove how bad the car was. The AC worked poorly on the car. Upon return they told me they would email my receipt, rather than printing it. It took 7 phone calls to get a receipt. I will NEVER EVER rent from payless again. I am extremely unlikely to use Kayak for car rental ever again as well.Reviewed 21 Sep 2017
review fromkayak
Customer Service was terriblePros:I was down in Florida due to my mom being in the hospital. I picked up the car in Tampa and everything was fine there however I had to switch flights unexpectedly and fly out of Fort Myers. I had to call the 800 number for five times in order to get help on what the cost to transfer drop off location. They were rude, very hard to understand, condescending and their numbers for their local branches didn't even work. It was extremely frustrating and a timer I was already under stress. I ended up finally driving to a local Punta Gorda office because I was unable to get the 800 technicians to help me. The gentleman at the desk was extremely helpful but he didn't even work for Payless. I will never rent a car from them again due to this experience.Reviewed 10 Dec 2017
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5409 Airport Service Rd


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