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Once a place of conflict, Luanda has reinvented itself as a peaceful, stable modern city. There has been a surge in the country's fortunes, which have restored a city that was historically a center for trade, culture, and commerce. Today you'll fine a chic luxury beach party scene, fine dining, and shopping in a lush and welcoming tropical locale.

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The climate of Luanda is warm and humid. Most travelers opt to visit during the cooler, drier winter months between May and October, when temperatures average about 75 to 80.

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Where to Stay in Luanda

You can opt for contemporary luxury at the Hotel Presidente. Stay beachside in the trendy Ilha do Cabo at the Hotel Ilhamar, with a stylish roof bar and restaurant offering great views of the ocean.

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Shopping Streets

Maianga is the city's shopping district for locals, where you'll find basics and bargains. For more upscale shopping, look to the port area, or the malls in Luanda Sul to the south.

Groceries and Other

Casa dos Frescos is one of the city's supermarket chains, where you'll find a decent selection of goods at reasonable prices. A quart of milk costs about Kz425, while a dozen eggs costs about Kz830.

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Where to Eat in Luanda

Enjoy high-end Mediteranean cuisine with an emphasis on delectable seafood at Lookal Mar, where main dishes start at about Kz10,000. At La Vigia, you can savor classic Portuguese barbecue, including fish and seafood, starting at Kz4,150.