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Guadalajara is the second largest metropolis in Mexico and is actually three cities merged into one. The result is a fascinating patchwork of neighborhoods, each with their own unique atmosphere and distinct charm.

Guadalajara will surprise you; modern shopping malls and nightclubs lie only a few blocks away from the historical downtown where you can see architecture and murals that date back to the colonial era. You can even escape the busy city life and relax in one of the parks or in the nearby Primavera forest.

Don't miss the International Mariachi Festival of Guadalajara if you are traveling during the first week of September. The city is considered the birthplace of this musical genre, and you will easily find restaurants with live music and bands playing in popular streets and squares throughout the city.

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Tequila Day Experience Including Hacienda San Jose del Refugio
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The climate of the state of Jalisco is humid and subtropical. Expect heavy rain if you travel during the summer. The best time to travel to Guadalajara is during the months of October and November. The Guadalajara International Book Fair is held in November and draws huge crowds.

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Where to Stay in Guadalajara

You will find that most hotels are located just west of the Centro area. The Hilton Guadalajara and Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara are excellent options in that area. If you want to stay in the Centro itself, consider staying at the One Guadalajara Centro Histórico.

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Shopping Streets

Zapopan is the best place to shop for clothes, accessories, and jewelry. The Plaza Patria and Plaza Galerías are two of the main malls in Zapopan. In Guadalajara, you will find malls and smaller shops in the Sector Juárez, where you can shop for clothes and souvenirs. The Sector Libertad has an amazing street market, where you can find handmade crafts, traditional clothes, and souvenirs. Tlaquepaque offers a more traditional shopping experience with many shops that sell pottery and other types of crafts.

Groceries and Other

The street markets are the best place to shop for fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. You will find a Walmart as you head towards Zapopan and lots of stores that belong to the Waldo's chain in the Centro area. Soriana is another popular grocery store chain in the area and you will find locations throughout the entire city. A gallon of milk should cost Mex$57, a load of bread Mex$20 and you will have to pay around Mex$54 for a pound of ground beef.

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Where to Eat in Guadalajara

There are some traditional foods you need to try during your trip to Guadalajara, including tamales, fish tacos, pozole, and birria, a stew made with meat and chilies. El Sacromonte is one of the best places for affordable traditional Mexican fare and live music. Tacos Fish La Paz is an affordable eatery with delicious fried fish tacos. Try the lamb birria at Birrieria Las 9 Esquinas, and book a table at La Rinconada to enjoy the unique 19th-century setting, live mariachi band, and the traditional Mexican fare. A meal at an affordable restaurant should cost Mex$100, fast food should cost Mex$60 and you should expect to pay Mex$250 or more at an upscale restaurant.

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