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Ölüdeniz travel guide

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You're Going to Love Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz is a popular Mediterranean tourist city along Turkey's Lycian coast. Many visitors enjoy hiking along the landscape's rugged mountains, viewing ancient ruins, and enjoying the vibrant waterfront nightlife scene.

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When to Visit Ölüdeniz

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The best time to visit Ölüdeniz is from May to June, or from October to November when there are less tourists, the weather temperature is moderate, and the prices for daily tours into the surrounding towns are cheaper.

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AYT Antalya
DLM Dalaman

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Where to Stay in Ölüdeniz

The Flora Palm Resort in the English-tourist district of Hisarönü offers several outdoor pools and close access to Ölüdeniz Beach. The Telmossos Hotel is an all inclusive resort-style accommodation that also serves liquor.

Popular Neighborhoods in Ölüdeniz

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How to Get Around Ölüdeniz

The Cost of Living in Ölüdeniz

Shopping Streets

There are many outdoor shopping stalls selling beach wear clothing, tourist trinkets, and local food along the waterfront in Ölüdeniz and the main street in Hisarönü. The biggest indoor air-conditioned shopping mall is Erasta in nearby Fethiye.

Groceries and Other

AZDA and Bim supermarkets are the two largest food shopping stores. A dozen eggs costs ₺6.

Where to Eat in Ölüdeniz

The best place to eat is Buzz Beach Bar on the waterfront, serving freshly caught fish, Turkish cold plates, and mixed drinks at affordable prices. A typical meal with drinks costs ₺50.