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You're Going to Love Manavgat

Located on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, not far from Antalya, Manavgat is a tourist paradise thanks to its stunning waterfalls, ancient ruins, and nearby beaches.

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When to Visit Manavgat

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Manavgat is a joy to visit in the early summer, between May and early July, when the weather is hot - but not too hot. It's a great fall destination too.

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Airports near Manavgat

AYT Antalya
GZP Gazipaşa
ISE Isparta

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Good (23,138 reviews)
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Where to Stay in Manavgat

Some of the best hotels in town include Otium Eco Club in the river delta region, and Melas Resort Hotel.

Popular Neighborhoods in Manavgat

Where to stay in popular areas of Manavgat

How to Get Around Manavgat

The Cost of Living in Manavgat

Shopping Streets

The Grand Bazaar is Manavgat's best place to shop, but you might also try Nova Mall in the west of the city. Side also has plenty of craft stores and boutiques.

Groceries and Other

Local supermarkets include MM Migros and Bim, where 12 eggs will cost around ₺6.

Where to Eat in Manavgat

Great Turkish kebabs, wraps, and stews are to be had at restaurants like Oba, Tas Konak, and ÖzKonya - all of which are in the center of town. Surf Bar Restaurant and Afrodit Restaurant are good places closer to the coast. Meals should come to no more than ₺25 - ₺30.