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Low season

MayBest time to beat the crowds (24% less expensive on average)

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DecemberMost popular time to fly (42% more expensive on average)

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$2,251(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is May.

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Can I fly to Auckland? Are there any travel restrictions when entering Auckland?

Can I fly to Auckland without having to quarantine on arrival?

Do I need to take a coronavirus (Covid-19) test before flying to Auckland?

What documents do I need to fly to Auckland?

What other coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions are there in Auckland?

How long does a flight from Syracuse to Auckland take?

Which airports will I be using when flying from Syracuse to Auckland?

How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights from Syracuse to Auckland?

How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket from Syracuse to Auckland?

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from Syracuse to Auckland?

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from Syracuse to Auckland?

Top airlines flying Syracuse Hancock Intl to Auckland Intl

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Qatar Airways
Overall score based on 11,085 reviews
Airline reviews


Cons: "Nice work"

Pros: "Although my flight was canceled they quickly found me a flight on another airline and provided me with a hotel room for the night"

Pros: "We really enjoyed this airline"

Cons: "Crew on flight back to philly not as helpful"

Pros: "Staff were accommodating and considerate, great flight!"

Pros: "Very courteous, friendly, professional flight crew and gate crew."
Cons: "Nothing to mention...very pleased"

Pros: "The crew was amazing. I upgraded to business class and am so happy I did for the 16 hour flight."

Cons: "Food was atrocious!"

Pros: "Food"

Cons: "Entertainment on the Boeing 777 suffered from access problems"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The crew was very helpful and fast, at the gate of flight from Doha to Tbilisi they greeted and thanked me in Georgian, which was very nice of them. The seats were comfortable and the entertainement was good during almost ten hour flight from Manila to Doha."
Cons: "The food during the flight from Manila to Doha was poor. Last year I flew from Doha to Singapore in January and the year before that from Doha to Colombo, the food on both of the latter flights was very good. The food during flight from ManilaManila to Doha was poor."

Pros: "Staff was friendly and helpful, aircrafts were all comfortable, food was incredible. If I could only ever fly one airline again I would pick Qatar!"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Just as I thought it could not get any better The service was perfect. The privacy was superb and the comfort allowed me to sleep for a good while."
Cons: "Nothing to dislike."

Pros: "The Service is always great, entertainment system is great and the food is even good."
Cons: "I liked everything!"

Pros: "New plane and Q suite was excellent"
Cons: "The AVML selection could be better"

Pros: "Everything really.They run the airline very smoothly and professionally from boarding to disembarking."
Cons: "They tempt you with so much food lol although some of the food wasnt too appealing.toilets very clean and seemed to stay that way throughout long 17hr flight.good leg room for a long legged guy like me.felt sorry for lady with two young children.She could have been allocated better seats."

Pros: "On time, fairly good food, good entertainment system."
Cons: "Very cramped seating when the flight is full. We're told to stretch our legs, but there is no place to walk or even stand."

Pros: "Faultless as per usual QA flights"

Pros: "Crew was excellent. Very nice and helpful."
Cons: "Food was terrible. Need a variety. Curry is not for everyone."

Pros: "Crew was excellent."
Cons: "Food."

Pros: "Overall a good service with good food."
Cons: "When flying from New Zealand to Doha, we departed Auckland at 15h25 and due to the time zone, most passengers body clocks would have been expecting sleep within a few hours. However we were flying West and thus into daylight. Sadly the window seated passengers were not asked to close their window blinds to block out the sunlight and many were left open. This made the cabin very bright and a difficult environment in which to sleep. Too much advertising before the on board videos, but otherwise content was good."

Pros: "everything"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "It was exellent but long flight keep it up!"
Cons: "Everything was above avarage"

Pros: "Short flight, seat pitch OK and food adequate. Good crew."
Cons: "Bus boarding always chaotic"

Pros: "Great flight with good food and crew."

Pros: "Very nice. Everything was great."

Pros: "Excellent travel with Qatar Airways"
Cons: "Only thing is security was too tight at Doha Airport"

Pros: "I was really impressed by how nice caring and wonderful were the flight attendants!!! Excellent service!!! Great food!!!"

Pros: "i liked that the entertainment system had a lot to offer, lots of movies and options. I liked the staff, they were very cooperative and friendly."
Cons: "the flight was delayed 45 minutes, passengers were waiting in a non-air-conditioned aircraft. The AC was working after takeoff. The airplane chairs were small and no leg room, on a 7 hour flight to Barcelona that was exhausting! Couldn't manage to get some sleep at all. Overall, at least I arrived to my destination safe and sound. Thank you!"

Pros: "good service, good food"
Cons: "staff could be more cheerful towards travellers"

Pros: "Okay"
Cons: "Okay"

Pros: "it was nice on the plane the guests were professional"
Cons: "before boarding the officials lacked professionalism"

Cons: "NA"

Pros: "This flight had one of the best selections of movies I've seen on a flight.....a damn good thing given the 15-hr duration of the flight. I had so many screaming babies around me that the flight attendants helped me to move to another part of the plane. They were incredibly sympathetic and accommodating. Airlines from the USA could learn a thing or two from Qatar Airlines."
Cons: "Small seats (I'm fat, so this is my problem really)."

Pros: "Much better knee space. Excellent flight, good service..."

Pros: "The seating, crew members, and entertainment was really good."

Pros: "Food was great, good selection of entertaiment and movies, seat comfortable (even for economy class). Very friendly flight attendants. This was my first flight with Qatar and I'm now a big fan"

Pros: "The hospitality of the crew in both flights from Atlanta to Doha and from Doha to Chennai"
Cons: "The seats were not that comfortable for a long flight and i had a very disturbed sleep"

Pros: "Crew"

Cons: "I had to ask for wine to 3 different hostess's"

Cons: "There were no headphones and again with the remote Oryx screen that is just way too complicated and freezes like crazy."

Pros: "Very friendly crew and efficient check-in service. Food was lovely."
Cons: "Multiple problems with onboard entertainment re-setting itself."

Pros: "Food, service and hospitality all top class. They made my long trip home a breeze!"

Pros: "Crew were nice and courteous. Quickly boarded passengers and deboarded passengers upon arrival in Qatar."
Cons: "Late departure from Amman without update as to reason."

Pros: "upgrade flight"
Cons: "n.a"

Pros: "Every thing"
Cons: "nothing all was good"

Cons: "You charge me around $400 Australian dollar because the emigration change the trip until I get the permission to travel overseas that not my fault , why you charge me all this amount ??!! Please return my money"

Pros: "On time departure, good leg room, and comfortable seats"
Cons: "food"

Pros: "Very good business class seat"

Cons: "Everything ! It's just like Southwest Airlines"

Pros: "I liked the snacks serviced"

Pros: "On time arrival"
Cons: "Distance between the seats"

Cons: "Turbulent flight"

Cons: "The flight was delayed by 5 hours! The crew does not speak good English, the announcements were very difficult to understand. The crew was also not very polite in their mannerisms. They lacked professionalism in the way they conducted themselves. They seemed stressed and impatient."

Pros: "It is basically whats its worth i couldnt complain"
Cons: "They should add more amenities like slippers, toothbrush but its all good for what its worth"

Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Wait on the airplane after arrival."

Pros: "Good selection of movies"
Cons: "The food were not fresh and ill prepared"

Pros: "The service was great. Seats barrable."
Cons: "May have gotten sick from the water or food served."

Pros: "They ran out of the two dinner options and we were only given one choice. Lunch and dinner eneee up being exactly the same. My bags got held in Shanghai for TWO days. Absolutely nothing was in them but for some reason they thought there was."
Cons: "See above"

Cons: "I was not able to board the flight in Laos. I had a visa for Shanghai which was my final destination but the airline would not let me fly through Kunming without a transit visa. The staff was very rude and would not listen to me. They just kept saying I could not board the flight. They would not help me to change or re-book a flight and was fine to leave me stranded in Laos. The airport did not have wifi or any resources. I had to please to pay a kiosk to use their wifi so that I could rebook my flight through another transit province. It was a horrible experience and left me out a few hundred dollars."

Pros: "Check-in and luggage checked-through was orderly and smooth. Flight crew tried their best to accommodate customer requests. Though at times, some answer customer questions in Chinese instead of English. Sufficient food to eat during flight."
Cons: "At boarding gate, Ground crew announced changed in boarding gates rather late. Flight was delayed by an hour. Boarding was orderly and smooth though. Not much choice in audio-visual inflight entertainment."

Cons: "flight from NYC was delayed for 11 hours. then we were in line for more than 4 hours in Shanghai."

Pros: "the pleasantries"
Cons: "the unpleasantries"

Cons: "The staff was not helpful and unfriendly. Food was horrible and no options. We payed for extra leg space and it turned out it was not the case and we had no option in flight to buy space , furthermore would had cost 2 time more then any other airline. Entertainment was mediocre. Very high fees to change a flight. We will not fly with this company again, and do not recommend unless stress is what you looking for."

Cons: "Boarding was a mess"

Cons: "Turbulence"

Pros: "Complimentary in flight wifi"
Cons: "Couldn’t use iPhones... even on airplane mode"

Pros: "Well on time. Crew was very good."

Pros: "We didn't crash, and the crew spoke some English."
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable, the movie options were limited, I couldn't get English subtitles on e flush movies which I needed because the only headphones one could use were the provided ones (due to the jack), but the sound quality was so poor and airline so loud that I couldn't follow. Also there was no menu or schedule to anticipate meals, and I was left hungry even with what was provided (14 hour flight). Certainly not Emirates."

Pros: "Not much to like on this flight. It got us where we were going."
Cons: "This flight was very uncomfortable. The cabin was very noisy, seemed more so than usual. The headphones for the entertainment are useless and of very poor quality. There was three movie choices and only one in English."

Pros: "I liked the service from the cabin crew"
Cons: "I hate that I couldn’t use my phone on airplane mode. What’s up with that? I’m not a fan of Airbus. Boeing aircraft are superior"

Pros: "Free wifi. Courteous crew, really good hospitality"
Cons: "Nothing in particular."

Pros: "Better attention and more organize aboarded. Very good food and great attention."
Cons: "Long fligth and is very uncomfortable the space."

Pros: "Still an excellent experience with China Eastern, but never imagined they would provide a meal with just a 2.5 hour to Hong Kong from Shanghai. Haha this would never happen with Delta or United."

Pros: "Easy to upgrade at a reasonable price. All staff friendly. Flights were on time and boarded orderly. Food served was in par w other airlines."
Cons: "Can not have use of mobile phone just laptop or tablet."

Pros: "Crew was very nice and attentive. Seat was OK"

Pros: "I loved the food since we boarded flight from New Delhi to Shanghai ."
Cons: "Good from Shanghai to Lax was pathetic as we ordere special meal I.e HINDU MEAL & besides mentioning the same we got pork rice N shrimps in it....Plus the snacks that u give especially cold sandwiches weren't veg Secondly,i travelled before ln March & then now in September so both the times my American tourister was damaged:. Seriously I don't know how u people handle things.. T therefore u need to make certain changes in ur airlines ."

Pros: "The entertainment selection was good."
Cons: "I asked if I could have a aisle or window seat and was told there was nothing available at the counter, however there were plenty of seats available on the plane."

Pros: "Crews and stff were very helpful and accommodating."
Cons: "Just the long distance and long flight, but until they can "beam us up" there is no getting around that."

Pros: "The overall service from arrival in Shanghai to arrival in Taipei. Everyone was so helpful and I got good direction from staff because of my language barrier."
Cons: "Just the long wait at the airport but still it wasn't too bad."

Pros: "Compared with airlines in the US, here you actually get food, even for a short flight"

Pros: "Pleasant trip for the most part, friendly crew, easy boarding"
Cons: "Can't use phone, headphones provided don't fit entertainment systems on seat backs, so no way to watch"

Cons: "We didn't know movies were available until we saw others' screens when we were exiting the plane."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Because of congestion at shanghai the flight from Delhi to Shanghai, the flight was canceled. The handling of the cancellation was terrible on both the Chinese Eastern and Indian airport official's side. Communication was slow and spotty, and this caused much stress and loss of time for the passengers. After repeated calls to the customer service center, it was discovered that China Eastern didn't even know the status of their own flights, as the computer systems didn't reflect the changes. I was passed to different customer service representatives being on hold for over an hour. Finally, It took 7 hrs to go from cancelation until we got to hotel, from 1am until 8am. During this time, passengers were repeatedly corralled in cold location and no refreshments were offered. The following day, the confusion continued as China Eastern and the Indian Air Port Officials passed blame and communication broke down between the passengers. At no point were all the parties concerned briefed on the plan, so people were left wondering and not sleeping during the time at the hotel. Finally a Chinese national called the Chinese embassy of Delhi, and the Chinese government stepped in and got us a flight out. China Eastern's denial of responsibility, lack of internal communication, and lack of Chinese Eastern ground support in Delhi made this flight experience the worst of my life. Some how I would like a full refund for the return portion of the trip."

Pros: "None"

Pros: "good movie selection"
Cons: "Switched planes from boeing 777 to airbus. the business class configuration changed, it was uncomfortable. Also no self serve drinks or liquor in the kitchen area, not a lot of food options."

Pros: "Attentive stagf, but less attentive than previous flight."
Cons: "1. Couldnt use mobile phone for reading only (mobile phones had to be completely switched off). I wont be flying China Eastern because of this rule. 2. Business class seats where not good (poor adjustment, too far from TV, no window accesible without getting out of seat) 3. Boarding and unboarding on tarmac was inconvenient. 4. Movie selection not up to date"

Cons: "The customer service relations at the front desk to check in word is awful and unfriendly the flight was uncomfortable the entertainment controller does not work 90% of the time it was just a bad experience flying with you in general"

Pros: "I feel comfortable and feels like I'm just on a bed ."
Cons: "The stewardess don't know how to speak and understand English well"

Pros: "They provide a pillow and blanket. The movie options were excellent."

Cons: "Worst experience ever. I would never ever board China Eastern again. The people responsible from issuing boarding pass(from Kunming to Shanghai) at Kunming were so slow that I missed my flight. I had to literally argue to get a boarding pass in another alternate flight to Shanghai."

Pros: "Considering the low price, it was an excellent experience!!"

Cons: "I traveled with my two kids and wife. My daughter is 2 yrs old and my son is 3 yrs old. For some reason, despite me paying for a guaranteed seat the person in the check in counter gave us 4 seats in different locations. How can you expect a two and a three year old to seat alone beside a stranger in the plane?!? I was forced to ask for some passengers to swap seat with us so I can have my kids seat beside my wife. Even the flight attendant was not able to help us because they do not know how to speak English! Terrible!!!!"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Poor service."

Pros: "The crew was nice, that is about it."
Cons: "Delayed. Delayed. Delayed. Delayed taking off, delayed transfer, delayed arrival, delayed getting off plane, delay in bags arriving."

Pros: "Nothing to add here"
Cons: "The food was terrible, only then can eat such things. Also, not fresh at all. Then, you can't keep your phone on flight mode during the entire fly. Poor services, list of movies not attractive at all."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Syracuse to Auckland

Airlines flying from Syracuse to Auckland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Syracuse to Auckland

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Syracuse to Auckland

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Syracuse to Auckland

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Syracuse to Auckland

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