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ANAOverall score based on 4711 reviews
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Overall experience is good. Except that the one of the assistant ground attendant during my check in is quite annoying when i asked her only one question, something regading the boardong pass. She should be more helpful and accommodating not arrogant.

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Overall experience is good. Except that the one of the assistant ground attendant during my check in is quite annoying when i asked her only one question, something regading the boardong pass. She should be more helpful and accommodating not arrogant.

Pros: "Clean plane and comfortable seats."
Cons: "Complementary snack to go with free beverage."
Pros: "The flight attendants were so awesome and beautiful! Food and snacks were great and the amount of time we were fed. They came around in a timely manner to get trash and ask what we wanted to drink."
Cons: "More variety of options for the vegan meals..."
Cons: "the seats are not reclined, not comfortable at all"
Cons: "add low carb meal option please!"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly and the service was reasonably good."
Cons: "Seats were not very comfortable."
Pros: "Excellent crew!"
Cons: "It could have been quieter."
Pros: "I was surprise that even it was a short 2/3 hour ride there was still food being served. A very nice Japanese breakfast. - smaller plane, bus that picked us up and dropped us off in front of the airport. As we were doing a 12 hour layover, all our check in luggage was taken care of and sent to van"
Cons: "At our first checkin from Korea Ana, seems we have to look at a screen for our luggage just to double check that they made it past customs (never had to do that before) - check in was a bit longer compare to yvr their scanner was much smaller so definitely can’t have big carry on"
Pros: "the ANA folks at the departure check-in went out of their way to get me on my flight. You see, I got to the airport right before boarding. Their response? They literally escorted me through security, waited for me at the immigration checkpoint, and brought me to the boarding gate! I love ANA! :)"
Pros: "There was lots of leg room. Crew was nice."
Cons: "One of our seats had a broken recliner button."
Pros: "everything."
Cons: "can not think of anything. Everything was more than i expected.Thank you for my experiance"
Pros: "The crew was fantastic and the food was very nice."
Cons: "It really would have been nice to have a vegetarian option!"
Cons: "ANA changed my selected aisle seat to middle one without explanation. It never happens when I fly with United."
Pros: "Great experience overall."
Pros: "Premium economy is the way to go! Comfy seats with plenty of room; preflight lounge access."
Cons: "Unfortunately, premium economy is the only way to go, because economy class seats are very cramped and "locked" in the upright position (for a 10+ hour flight), and it's a bit pricey."
Pros: "Clean and comfortable"
Pros: "Food and services were great"
Cons: "There were not a lot of selections on the TV."
Pros: "Great food"
Cons: "Leg room"
Pros: "Food, service"
Pros: "Plane not full so had 2 seats to myself. Stewardesses nice but didn’t all speak English."
Cons: "Only got asked for a drink one time. I could have used a snack,but I was trying to sleep so maybe they just didn’t disturb me. Left bright lights on whole trip. No Wi-Fi on this flight available."
Pros: "Very efficient"
Cons: "Food was not good"
Pros: "The crew are so courteous and helpful."
Pros: "Friendly crew, delicious meals, comfortable seats. Would fly no other airline to Japan."
Pros: "As my other flights with them, the crew is so friendly, the planes are nice and pretty good movie selection. Also nicely organized and they apologized profusely for the hour delay. I wish all of the American airline companies would learn from them! Great beverage service too, even when people are sleeping they quietly come around for us who are awake."
Cons: "The food for vegetarians is not very good. But they feed you a lot and you won't go hungry!"
Pros: "The crew is so friendly, planes are nice and pretty good movie selection. They are nicely organized too. All of the American airline companies should learn from them!"
Cons: "Food for vegetarians is not very good. But they certainly feed you a lot."
Pros: "On time. Flight attendants don't shy away from helping passengers put their carryons in the cabin compartments. They were there in a split seconf to assist you - ANA flight attendants only. Food was great in ANA airlines. Toilet is clean. Boardinh was orderly."
Pros: "Everything.. the crew was so gracious and kind even tho the delay was out their control. they even gave us 30,000 Yen or $260 approximately, which they didn’t have to do. i will start flyin ANA... not because of the money, but because of the delay... which no American carrier would have done and would’ve given excuse after excuse."
Cons: "nothing!!"
Pros: "Staff are super kind."
Cons: "---"
Pros: "Loved everything about the flight - food was good plenty of drinks throughout the flight unlimited movies smooth take off and landing."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by an hour making it too late to attend night activities that were already scheduled."
Pros: "Staff was wonderful and pleasant. Food was good for plane food. Entertainment was enough to get us all the way there."
Cons: "Seats in economy are a little uncomfortable, but to be expected."
Pros: "felt Agent's kind care of elder (me) at Airport. Thanks."
Cons: "Full of passengers. Code Share!?"
Pros: "Crew very helpful and reassuring though plane late on arrival in tokyo."
Cons: "Due to snow in Seattle area plan departed 2 hours late which made a short connection time, but all went well."
Pros: "Bigger plane..or more room between seats.. Great service. Next time will try to go both ways in ANA"
Pros: "The ANA crew were very sweet and accommodating"
Cons: "Very unhappy over the first leg. Nothing indicated it was a United Airline flight to be boarded at United Airline terminal in LAX. Seat selected at time of booking was not honored since selection has to be done on United Air's web site. Did not get the meal I ordered for the same reason. Very short time to get from arrival gate to the connecting gate at Haneda."
Pros: "Enough room for relax, I love this one"
Cons: "none"
Cons: "Our seats are much less comfortable with very little leg room. My daughter couldn't recline her seat."
Pros: "Lots and lots of meals and snacks. I was worried it would be an issue on such a long flight but every time I took a nap, they came back with food or snacks!"
Cons: "Seat would not recline. That should be standard. My back was sore after trip."
Cons: "Missed my flight over a misscommunication on getting to the airport. Thete was not sufficient time to arrive more than an hour early due to the fact Gimpo airport opens at 6am and the flight was at 7:45. When I arrived I was not allowed to check in or board and no one wanted to help me find out what to do. They suggested I call my ticketing agent. Thankfully they were helpful but they mentioned the ANA SHOULD have helped me find the next available flight but the representative kept repeating it was not her job. Finally she looked and said there were no available flights and tried to push me to buy another ticket through another company. My ticketing agent helped after she heard what happened and rebooked my flight for the next day. Hopefully everything goes smoothly but ANA staff at Gimpo were a bit of a nightmare to deal with"
Cons: "meal choices"
Pros: "There were very entertaining channels availabe. Very few in English and non in my native language i.e. Urdu."
Cons: "The food. Though it's Halal but very poor quality you should have to improve it."
Pros: "stewards very polite"
Cons: "seats uncomfortable"
Pros: "very comfy, great ground handling crew"
Cons: "none"
Pros: "Great service, excellent and curteous. Clean cabin"
Cons: "Food can be improved, economy seats are tight. Movie selection not as vast as SQ and Cathay"
Cons: "We didn't hear the announcement that the gate for our flight had changed. I just happened to look at the flight info and noticed our flight was not listed. I went to the desk then I was informed of the change. Poor service."
Cons: "Service"
Pros: "Almost everthiny good job keep it up, excellent !"
Pros: "Everything but the food menu. But it's okay. I usually order Hindu meal."
Cons: "Nothing except food menu. The standard menu does not change very much. It's always very similar."
Pros: "Treated with respect and calmness."
Pros: "Japanese quality is good quality"
Pros: "Very friendly and attentive service, good movie selection on new screens."
Cons: "TSA-style pat-down at the gate in Narita before allowed to board."

Pleasant crew

Pros: "The employees of Air New Zealand always make our trips excellent."
Cons: "I always have trouble hearing the announcements in the waiting areas at the airports. Why can't they (airports) fix that."
Cons: "Please have the option to order Kosher meal!! The 1st air company that I use, that don’t offer this basic service!! Ridiculous!!"
Pros: ":)"
Pros: "Sat in business class pods. Best flights we’ve ever taken !"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Good quick flight"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Great crew. Wine and cheese was nice."
Cons: "Nothing. All good."
Pros: "Amazing crew"
Pros: "Ground staff were particularly helpful"
Pros: "on time, crew were friendly"
Cons: "have to pay to watch movie"
Pros: "I never doubt Air NZ , overall Ok ."
Cons: "this flight bit noisy, and felt dirty toilet ..anyway,,, I Like Air NZ .Hope good next time"
Pros: "The crew were pleasant and professional, and the aircraft was in excellent condition."
Cons: "Boarding through the rear door during the rain -- with an elderly couple ahead who had problems negotiating the stairs, leaving them and all behind them in the rain. The airline could have allowed everyone to board through the airbridge in light of the weather."
Pros: "I could not fly back to the US pr the layover. I got stranded in Berlin. It was horrible."
Cons: "The airlines cancelled my flights back to the USA and the connecting flight. It was horrible customer service when I spoke to British Airways at the counter. Lady in TXL yelled at me to leave her desk and to call Air New Zealand. Air NZ said they cancelled flights then said to deal with Air New Zealand and said my flights got cancelled and that they could not get me another flight. I had to find out how to get out of Berlin. I had to fly to Spain to my cousin’s home because I haf no where to go and did not have money to pay for another flight from Berlin to LAX 1,200 euros. I am still in Europe stuck and it is Monday 4/30. My son needs me in Los Angeles! I will never use Kayak again. What happened to my $878 dollars????"
Pros: "Punctuality. Confortable plane."
Pros: "The actual flight wasn’t terrible"
Cons: "I missed my initial flight...I was short on time and rushed to get to the gate so I didn’t recheck my bag. Got there and told they moved me because my bag hadn’t been checked."
Pros: "Clean modern plane, on-time, nice Regional lounge"
Pros: "Window seat liked it"
Cons: "About baggage didnt liked it... And no food too we didnt came across these to book it while booking tickets .. And passport recognization in sydney troubled a lot us for re checking and identification of our faces to passport was irritating as if we r some wrong we did ..passport photo was without usage or somehow it was like dat not clear picture of us... Maybe due to moist it was like one was listening to us and made us to wait for long time ."
Pros: "Skycouch a MUST for long haul flights."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable, bathrooms were good."
Cons: "Food was not good. No vegetable choice unless you had prearranged. Breakfast was just ok."
Pros: "Friendly team on board"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Crew was very nice. Allowed us to change seats within our section for more comfort. Good food. Loves the USB outlet at our seats."
Cons: "Seats near bathroom were very noisy"
Pros: "There was a blanket, pillow, and headphones on my seat when I arrived."
Cons: "We were not able to select our seats and didn’t realize we had received the seat and bag fare. We only received a cup of water and were seated in the next to last row, often overlooked and not acknowledged."
Pros: "Snacks and drinks"
Cons: "No plug in"
Pros: "The crew was super nice and so accommodating. They were all quickly available during the entire 14 hour flight, and always had a smile. I thought the food was nice as well, and there were so many entertainment options."
Cons: "Having a bit more room during such a long flight would have been nice!"
Pros: "Awesome customer service, I was impressed."
Pros: "Two bathrooms just for PE, good food, attentive crew, nice wide seats, ample legroom with footrests, nice headset."
Cons: "You can’t sleep to music because each track has to be selected individually."
Pros: "Everything ❤❤❤"
Pros: "Air New Zealand check-in as well as counter personnel were professional and courteous."
Cons: "Booked through Kayak with what I thought was an equivalent Expedia ticket but was horrible surprised when I checked-in. Two other fellow travelers booked flight VA 7516 through Expedia for $218 (USD) one-way. I was able to open the same flight / departure time / price with Expedia but could not book. I then switched to Kayak and located this same flight (as I wanted to travel together with them), and it was for approximately same price. Upon check-in I was told it would cost $120 to check my luggage in (which I reluctantly paid). They indicated my ticket did not include this. I later discussed this with my two travelers and their check-in luggage plus a meal were included with their Expedia (Virgin Australia) ticket. Why was my Kayak (Virgin Australia) ticket so different from Expedia when our bookings were done about the same time? I no longer trust Kayak for future bookings."
Pros: "Smooth operation once onboard"
Cons: "Boarding sequence mix-up"
Pros: "Flight was delayed due to A/C difficulties, But no big worry for me. I had no other flight to catch in Wellington."
Cons: "Captain's sense of humor."
Cons: "The middle seats need to go back to 3 not 4. It would have made it a much more comfortable flight(since it was a non stop from Heathrow to LA)."
Pros: "Entertainment was good, crew was nice, flight was very smooth"
Cons: "Took forever to take off, but not company fault"
Pros: "Everything, felt safe"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Great food, wine, service Seats"
Cons: "no wifi"
Pros: "Cabin crew was excellent"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "entertainment, cleanliness, comfort"
Cons: "seats go far back in front of your face"
Pros: "Not a problem, anywhere. For a long day, that is appreciated."
Pros: "It was s safe flight."
Cons: "I didn't feel valued and appreciated. Poor options for complementary food service."
Pros: "The space sllocated is grossly inadequate security is overcrowed Dave not aware of poor image this gives thr city that of a rural enclave"
Cons: "Ovetcrowed no space"
Cons: "Only issue was demand of passenger behind me that I not recline my seat back. I complied and chose not to bring it to crew's attention but was unable to travel comfortably for last leg of our 20+ hour trip."
Pros: "Crew was excellent; good and friendly service. On time."
Cons: "15 minute walk from terminal to gate without any pre-warning. Food was mediocre."
Pros: "Free cookie!"
Pros: "Staff did a great job"
Cons: "The plan was very small feeling for a 777. Much more cramped than any Cathay Pacific or United flight I frequently take."
Pros: "They put me on a flight to Auckland and then a flight to Wellington"
Cons: "Well I didn't even get on this flight because the plane haven't even left wellington when it was supposed to have been boarding in Sydney had to get two different flights"
Pros: "Excellent overall service as usual from start to finish"
Pros: "Plenty of entertainment options--movies and TV shows."
Pros: "Large screen with good choice of movies etc"
Cons: "As they have 3-4-3 seating on their 777 (BA and Delta have 3-3-3) the seats are very narrow to make room for the extra seat in school row"
Pros: "It was a short flight"
Cons: "You had to pay for 3/4ths of the movies and shows. Kayak didn't specify whether I had a checked bag or not so when I got to the airport I had to fork over $120! I had no choice because I'm not going to leave my luggage behind. I was not pleased with this third party booking."
Pros: "Smoothe flight"
Cons: "1/2 hour late to depart"
Cons: "I dislike the system where some people are served food and their neighbors are not and no one knows if or why they are being fed or not fed. Apparently, I was in some sort of category where I was fed and my seatmate was not and neither of us knew why. Also, the entertainment being pay-to-play is just stupid."

Vegetarian food.

Cons: "It’s ridiculous that Cheaptickets (your contracted agent) did not answer the phone to change flights. And when they did answer the phone, charged extortionate change fees above and beyond Qantas fees even during the coronavirus pandemic."
Pros: "Pretty much self serving at the back of the plane ( like it)"
Cons: "Those seats were not comfortable; each row was too narrow, felt like a Sardine fish packed in the can. After back home, swear not fly with Qantas again."
Pros: "Food and movies"
Cons: "Boarding time"
Pros: "Kind crew. Comfortable space for economy."
Cons: "The food was not even edible. The entertainment was minimal."
Pros: "Very comfortable flight. The full range of entertainment made the time go quickly. Professional crew."
Cons: "I know it's an airplane, but even so, the food was astonishingly bad."
Pros: "- decent wine, fresh fruit, in-seat entertainment, smooth flight"
Cons: "- audio was buzzy, seats very thin, bathrooms not stocked with paper towels"
Pros: "The crew was amazing. I asked a crew member for some paracetamol for a headache. Several crew members kept checking up on me to make sure I was fine."
Pros: "Crew were good. Better service than in business class"
Cons: "Appreciated ability to switch to a bulkhead seat for more legroom. Bathrooms were clean at all times despite long flight. Deplaning was easy and fast enough. Overall a good experience."
Pros: "Good seats in exit row"
Pros: "Suberb crew. Not obsequious, just helpful with good anticipation."
Pros: "Crew were great"
Cons: "Not enough toilets - always a queue. More leg room."
Pros: "This flight had significantly less turbulence than my flight to Melbourne"
Cons: "The headphone jack to watch movies was broken so I wasn’t able to watch anything over the 14 hour flight. This was especially frustrating because I had to pay for my seat selection and I assumed all of your seats would be in working order."
Pros: "On time and efficient"
Cons: "More than a biscuit for lunch"
Pros: "Best food and flight service EVER. Loved the net leg rests, pillows, blankets, entertainment selections"
Cons: "Seat arms didn't fold completely back between seats."
Cons: "An old plane for a long haul to Australia, uncomfortable seats, freezing temperature in the cabin, mediocre food. Not what a traveler expects in business class in today’s travel world."
Cons: "food wasn't good"
Pros: "Flight attendants where quality in their delivery of service Food was good (Chicken salad)"
Cons: "Staff that maned the gate clearly a novice or untrained. His coworker seemingly not bothered if the job was done correctly or not. Resulting in multiple bags being lost. And not just mine, at least 4 people had baggage lost due to lack of care and attention Absolutely dier."
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Delayed by an hour. Gate change to a gate too small to accommodate people. Food was pretty ordinary. Seats very cramped."
Pros: "Watched movies to pass the time. Trip uneventful but 2 hours late"
Cons: "The announcements by cabin crew on board were hard to understand as English not first language"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing not to like"
Pros: "I had a nice seat."
Cons: "Staff were unattentive, nasty"
Pros: "good"
Cons: "I paid to select aisle seating but upon board found out my seating was the middle seat."
Pros: "Ahh Qantas. What a relief after an internal US flight on a US carrier. Spacious, comfortable, on time, good food.They even comped us for luggage delayed that was not their fault."
Cons: "Nothing - all good. Thanks Qantas for showing us how it can and should be done."
Pros: "Staff were friendly. Enjoyed getting a meal included in the ticket for everyone."
Cons: "Could be more of a range of movies to watch"
Cons: "breakfast service slow and comlcated"
Pros: "It was a pleasant flight."
Cons: "I'm satisfied"
Pros: "Good price and pleasantly surprised with Quantas (first time flying with them)"
Cons: "I didn't get to choose my seats this time so I got stuck in middles both ways"
Pros: "crew were the best part being proactive asking if needed anything or getting a pillow. Boarding, I was one of the stragglers so got on easy"
Cons: "Leg room is awful, food for breakfast is a bit soggy with baked beans making hash brown soggy"
Pros: "Nothing because this flight never happened."
Cons: "They did not have vegetarian food in spite of my request."
Pros: "The air crew was amazing & went above & beyond for us. I cannot say enough positive things about them!!!"
Pros: "Premium Economy was a good upgrade for me, it really helped on my way to my destination so I could sleep on the flight and then start my day when we landed. The Movie & Menu selection was enjoyable. This was a good flight with an attentive and courteous crew!"
Cons: "Overall, the cabin could use some updates. Seats feel's very 1980's. The older LCD screens generate a lot of heat and wash out the picture a bit, there are better LED/OLED options for airlines on the market."
Cons: "Flight was delayed and then didn't board on time"
Pros: "Inflight service."
Cons: "Headsets tend to fail. Is good that more than one were provided."
Pros: "I love Qantas in general. I paid for exit row seats and it's worth the extra money."
Cons: "Food was ok but I've had better in Qantas."
Pros: "As I stated previously, I am blind and found the special assistance Qantas offers invaluable. Every crew member I interacted with was polite, thoughtful, warm, attentive, and extremely helpful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight got cancelled at 2:30am and then I had to try and find another flight rather than the airline automatically rescheduling me"
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "The complete lack of space between seats Old style plane Very average new movie selection"
Pros: "I liked that they accommodated my dietary restrictions"
Cons: "I didn't like the seating. It was really cramped"
Pros: "It was a Qantas flight not an Emirates flight for your correct information."
Cons: "I was hoping to be on board an Emirates plane notQantas msybe another time"
Cons: "We booked two vegan meals at the time we purchased plane tickets but the crew said they couldn't find our meal reservation, and didn't seem to care much that all they could offer us on a 14-hour flight was a couple fruit cups. Additionally, we had to land in Brisbane to refuel due to the "fog" in Sydney -- I checked other flights into Sydney later in the day and none others were re-routed due to fog -- which added almost 2 hours to our flight."
Pros: "In-flight entertainment system (on-demand), on-time arrival, decent food."
Cons: "Announcements at boarding gate were impossible to understand -- very muffled."
Pros: "Paying for extra leg room was the best investment. We felt like we were in business class (although haven't ever travelled it). The crew were sensational, obliging, friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "We had to collect our luggage in Los Angeles and then re-lodge it for the New York leg of our flights. It was a nuisance but Qantas staff did everything in their power to make it as smooth as possible."
Cons: "food was probably the worst airline food that I have ever tried to eat. Wasn't even able or wanted to eat it."
Pros: "Great check in, comfy plane, with arm rests that go fully up, even when the plane is taking off and landing."
Cons: "The lamb meatballs with couscous was the worst tasting thing I've ever eaten on a plane ever."
Pros: "efficient boarding; friendly crew; seat next to me open; food decent"
Cons: "older plane; tiny tv screens"
Cons: "Can't believe they charged me $240 for an extra bag!!"
Pros: "Great flight. I’m typically a Delta flier but China Eastern definitely impressed. I will fly with them again soon."
Cons: "there was 2 hours of delay and the crew didnt announce anything in english"
Pros: "Food, service (at lounge, gate, and onboard, especially onboard), clean and comfortable flight. I slept for six of seven hours on one leg and twelve of thirteen in the next!"
Cons: "Be careful with this airline if you have connections with them. If you’re delayed and miss your connection, they will not help get you onto another flight. You’ll be stranded. Because of this, I had to spend about $1000 to rebook things when my itinerary fell apart because of this one miss."
Pros: "The worst air travel experience I’ve ever had."
Pros: "Some of the staff who speak Korean were very nice, but most of the staff were smiling at me when I asked them questions in English, but they were not very friendly. Also, it was hard to get on the plane because the seats were too narrow and uncomfortable."
Pros: "Very comfortable seat. Excellent service."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "I was able to sit with my other passenger but I had to arrive 4hrs early."
Cons: "being able to sit together the first flight since we booked months in advance, my seats were broken both flights in the recline position, and the crew kept getting upset with me for it, we were constantly skipped when crew was asking if anyone wanted water, even during meal."
Pros: "Return trip meal was significantly better than on the outbound leg."
Cons: "Substantial condensation poured on me while taking off. The flight attendant wiped the surfaces, but seemed less concerned about me."
Pros: "Great Entertainment"
Cons: "Depart on time there was over 45 min delay without an explanation"
Cons: "The plane was almost unbearable hot for a 15 hour flight. It got to a point where I felt like I was almost suffocating. Eventually the air came on stronger bit that was lile 7 hours in."
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "Flights are never ontime"
Pros: "Temperature on the plane was finally right. Food service was quick."
Cons: "Food options not as good as flight over from the states."
Pros: "Put a water bottle in my seat for when a wake up."
Cons: "They got confused with my middle name and I had some trouble checking in."
Pros: "Very comfortable seat in the exit row and entertainment to choose from offered a wide variety of current and older movies, I was very impressed and will for sure book through China Eastern for my next flight to Hong Kong next month"
Cons: "Breakfast was a bit bland but nothing bad"
Pros: "Friendly crew. Great seats in business class. Enjoyed the entertainment options, and wifi was available if you pre-order before flight."
Cons: "Flight was delayed an hour. They changed our gate without much notice or information. The boarding was chaotic. No vegetarian option, but they tried hard to accommodate me which was nice."
Cons: "If there was a serious typhoon and it is not possible to fly, the airline could just cancelled flight time and could reschedule for us, not just holding people more than one day at the airport. Food they served was terrible and how the crew is announcing to update the possibility of flying and to start boarding was horrible since they always announced only in Chinese. THERE WERE NOT ONLY CHINESE THERE."
Pros: "Not sure"
Cons: "I didn’t like how rude the staff was. I also don’t like the fact that my luggage was misplaced and I’m on the other side of the world without my things."
Pros: "The crew profesionalism"
Pros: "Very helpful and courteous air crew"
Cons: "Everything was good and for a short flight Like this the crew made it very comfortable"
Pros: "Stood in line from 11.45 for 2.15 flight. Just one junior person handled multiple airlines. Nom chinese passports were moved to the side and we got bording pass at 1.55 with a boarding time pf 1.45!!!. Two women had behind the counter had some personal fight and some ego clash on who’s responsibilty to serve the people held waiting in side. We couldnt make it on time... One bus for a a330 full of passengers. Horrible food"
Pros: "Bathroom was clean."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable. Seats did not have individual tv screens. There was no variety in the meals provided during the flight."
Pros: "Service, people, food"
Cons: "I was not able to board the flight in Laos. I had a visa for Shanghai which was my final destination but the airline would not let me fly through Kunming without a transit visa. The staff was very rude and would not listen to me. They just kept saying I could not board the flight. They would not help me to change or re-book a flight and was fine to leave me stranded in Laos. The airport did not have wifi or any resources. I had to please to pay a kiosk to use their wifi so that I could rebook my flight through another transit province. It was a horrible experience and left me out a few hundred dollars."
Pros: "The crew did a top notch job which made the flight enjoyable. They walked around often to make sure everyone stayed hydrated."
Cons: "The seats weren't the most comfortable and the food was normal flight food."
Pros: "The flight was cheap."
Cons: "That you couldn't use your phone even on airplane mode."
Cons: "The ground staff at ICN is not polite. We asked them whether we can load more bag before we headed to downtown to go shopping. After we came back to get the boarding pass, we were refused to check more bag under our baggage allowance"
Pros: "Nothing about this flight is terrible, but the service and food definitely fits the lower price bracket."
Pros: "The flight attendants were extremely rude and looked like they hate their jobs. They kept speaking to me in Mandarin, a language I do not understand and when I tell them I don't understand they get extremely annoyed and will repeat in english in a very annoyed tone. Service was horrible, when my friends and I tried to request for more water they pretended like they did see us or hear us. Overall, I will never fly with this airline ever again."
Pros: "It was a real airline"
Cons: "Didn’t let you use iPhones... even on airplane mode"
Cons: "I don't think one was able to check in on-line. There was not sufficient reason it won't process so I just went early to PVG."
Pros: "The airplane is very comfortable, crew is super nice and food was really good"
Cons: "For the check in I was waiting for almost two hours in line and then the time was near to the departure time and it was quite frustrating not knowing if you’ll be miss your airplane."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "everything. no consideration for vegetarians?"
Cons: "No veg meal"
Cons: "Forced me to go through customs and check in for my connecting flight to the Seattle. They claim to be a skyteam partner but can’t corridinate with any of the partners. Immigration control at Pudong is third world cluster, had 3 hours and barley made my connection."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The food, the blankets, the entertainment selection, the headphone quality, the boarding procedure"
Pros: "Food selection was good"
Cons: "The entertainment was not disposed in a way that was accessible for all passengers"
Cons: "There is no email update after flight got cancelled. I try to reach customer service, they open M - F 9:00 to 5:00 . when you run international services customer service should be open 24/7. Try to contact customer service the number on website no help. Really disappointed. Next time if I have to fly I have to think hundred time. Even my family try to find out after cancelled flight no information updated on website. Even if I have to recommend friends and family tell them my experience to think twice. Hope in future it should be improve."
Cons: "They didn't inform visa issues and made the customers to buy new tickets on the following day. It's completely irresponsible and I feel like that I was robbed."
Pros: "Um, I'm thinking..."
Cons: "Food and lack of entertainment options"
Pros: "Managed to get a seat in a good spot which more legs soace"
Cons: "Chinese regulation forbid the use of any cell phone during the entire flight... even in flight mode!!! This is utterly frustrating and annoying, especially when the flight is 15 hours long!!! Also food was meat only, no possibility to get fish or vegetarian"
Pros: "Both flights were on time. Boarding was smooth."
Cons: "Crew kind of brusque. Tight seating. no leg room. food poor. entertainment subpar."
Pros: "The inflight attendents are hard working."
Cons: "The quality of food is poor and the portion is too little."
Pros: "a short flight and a lot of food!"
Cons: "we were in the plane at the gate for almost 2 hours before moving! this might not have been China Eastern fault, but the rush hour at Shanghai. Couldn't they have planned for this ahead of time?"
Pros: "Everything was fine for me! Nothing special but fairly comfortable and no bad delays."
Cons: "The flight was scary because of the turbulence almost during the whole flight. The pilot was pressing on the brakes hard after landing. Not a lot of choices for food."
Pros: "It got me to the destination."
Cons: "Extreme Delays ~ several hours again Having to use a secondary terminal Terrible Food Quality No Airconditioning in the plane Broken and Uncomfortable Seats Having to Sleep at the Arrival Airport due to the delay"
Cons: "Not being able to request a vegetarian meal. I wasn't able to do so via your (Kayak) site nor was I informed that I needed to make this request at least 48 hours prior to the flight. Perhaps this was a bit ignorant on my part, but I've also been able to make meal requests on the day of my flight without any issues. Not being able to do this caused a lot of unnecessary additional stress and frustration on top of an already stressful day. If there is some way you can include meal options on your booking page or those on your partner pages, I'm sure that would certainly alleviate the stress of meal requests for your passengers and airline staff."
Pros: "Better than expected (I expected the worst tbh)"
Cons: "FOOD! So bad... Also, the crew could have been nicer in general."
Cons: "I had a bad experience to fly with China Eastern Airline. My flight on 04th Aug 2016 from Singapore to Shanghai was delayed for 03 hours. The flight number was MU544. Supposed to fly at 00.55am, but the flight was delayed until 3.30 am. Plus, I had to pay $60 for changing my name as the staff at Singapore Airport Said that my name didn't put in sequence. My name in the passport: Mai Thi Hien. But on the system was: Mai, Hien Thi. They said I had no choice if I didn't pay I can't take the flight. So, I had no choice to pay S$60 for changing the name in order to board the flight to Seoul. I have been with other flight before, but that kind of things never happened to me before. My husband had helped to book a flight before, instead of putting my real name, he put my English Name but nothing happened at that time. The staff of that airline was a good assistance they helped me to change the name without charges. Then, when I arrived the Shanghai airport. I had to wait to change the flight & went through immigration to checkout & waited to get the luggage & then check on the immigration again. All the procedure made me feel so frustrated. On 10th Aug 2016, I returned back to Singapore, then the flight was delayed again about 1hours & half. Luckily, they changed us to another airline: Asiana, which was a direct flight to Singapore. I was really disappointed about the China Eastern Service"
Pros: "Seat was excellent."
Cons: "Nothing. Point A to Point B. Get me there on time and in one piece"
Pros: "Crew always happy and polite."
Cons: "all travellers were polite this trip, which I’m sure was appreciated by the crew."
Pros: "Love the cheap fares and easy check in"
Cons: "So cramped! No leg room"
Pros: "We loved having extra leg room and the bathrooms in the front & back!"
Cons: "I wished I had a blanket on the flight. But other than that very comfortable"
Pros: "I always worry about Jetstar, bad experiences in the past. Just glad me and my luggage got to where we were meant to be!"
Pros: "tons of leg room in emergency aisle + fast on/off loading of plane"
Cons: "weird boarding via bus that was kinda annoying"
Pros: "the crew was patient and supportive (both flight and ground crew)."
Cons: "the temperature could have been warmer."
Pros: "I had 3 seats which was nice."
Cons: "I asked for a blanket - had to pay agreed lady never returned. Everything except the flight was an additional cost. The plane temp was set to freezing - very uncomfortable."
Pros: "I didn’t book a seatbelt beforehand so when I checked in and was assigned the front row, which is an emergency exit row, I was very pleased because it meant I could board early and had extra legroom. The check in agent was also very patient with me while I tried to sort out my bags"
Pros: "it was delayed"
Cons: "not being delayed"
Pros: "on time, clean aircraft, efficient crew."
Cons: "Changed departure gate not announced. Auckland gate signs misleading."
Cons: "My luggage didn't make it to Wellington, which was disappointing since they now want to charge to have it sent from Auckland."
Cons: "Lack of common sense by passengers with which door they should be using when boarding the flight. Crew may want to emphasis their directions more."
Cons: "I didn’t really like the fact that we had to pay for seats."
Pros: "It took off and landed"
Cons: "Rude Jetstar staff at Coolingatta found we had 4 items weighing 15.5 kg instead of 14 and wanted to charge us $60 to load a bag on plane. Last Jetstar flight for me"
Cons: "The crew was extremely unaccomodating."
Pros: "I liked that they eventually told me I was going to be late."
Cons: "That I was late by a whole 1.5 hours and delayed twice."
Cons: "Was 3 hours late with no reason"
Pros: "Arrangement when flight was cancelled."
Cons: "Cancel the flight without letting me know"
Pros: "Decemt crew.At least they didn't charge for water on the flight."
Cons: "We did not include a checked bag when we purchased tickets (not knowing what we would have) and had to pay $60 per bag once we got to the airport. Absurd!"
Pros: "The trip was seamless for the most part."
Cons: "The jet star staff at the Auckland airport were rude when checking me and my bag in. Also both the domestic and international Auckland airports are awful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "A direct flight from Sydney, Australia to Launceston, Tasmania that lasted 1 hour and forty minutes and they lost my bag! I flew 12,000 miles on Virgin airlines prior with no problems. Staff was rude, gave me the run around and basically thought it was no big deal as I’m here with no clean underwear, toothpaste, etc. Keep in mind I had to pay for my checked bag. I am doubting that I will ever see it again as the told me, they have no record of it. Never fly this airline!!!!"
Cons: "My outlet didn’t work on my seat so when I got into Balli my phone was dead which cause a lot of hassle with trying to find my ride figured out. I asked an associate if I could move and they said no. I also was charged $100 for baggage when it weighed so little because my payment didn’t go through online which I didn’t realize till I got to the airport. I chose jet star as a cheaper option but ended up paying way more."
Pros: "The price of food etc. The norm!"
Pros: "Flight was easy and quick two hours"
Cons: "Everything went perfect"
Pros: "Sleep well"
Pros: "On time departure/arrival"
Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived on time. My travel companion and I were seated next to each other."
Cons: "I was not able to purchase baggage during the booking process even though the customer service rep told me that at-purchase is the cheapest time to purchase baggage. There was literally no option to purchase it during my purchase process (I scrutinized every step of the process since I had been burned re baggage prices on my previous JetStar flight). I paid more for baggage on this flight than the previous flight even tho I paid for a lower amount of kilos. I decided to drive for the next of my flags instead of fly Jetstar again. Over it."
Cons: "With an aisle seat, bumped several times by crew everyone they walked up and down the aircraft"
Pros: "Boarding was orderly and quick."
Cons: "Incoming flight was delayed and departure was 1:15 behind schedule."
Cons: "Was suppose to have baggage allowance, but reservation didn't have it and got charged $79. Flight was also delayed for 1 hour"
Pros: "The check in team was very cordial. The pilot did a great job in landing the airplane in difficult weather conditions."
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable. You need a "not applicable" check for things that don't apply."
Pros: "Soo friendly and the discount flight, with a review f the luggage rules, I. Advance, led to a great experience."
Cons: "All good for a cheap flight"
Pros: "Plane was amazing but more room between rows would be so appreciated. We didn't pre-select our meals going to Australia and that was a huge mistake as not much remained to choose from. Won't do that again."
Cons: "The crew brought me the wrong wine and appeared annoyed when I noted this. She never did return with the correct wine which I had already paid for--I had to ask another crew member."
Cons: "Website was not clear on baggage policy during booking and upon checking in, we were slammed with baggage fees of $160.00 NZ for each bag. Not happy."
Pros: "The food was great and so was the service!"
Cons: "We didn't like that it was cold on the flight. We did have blankets but it was a little chilly. Also they charged for entertainment and movie package which was just a money grab as well."
Pros: "The cheap fare."
Cons: "I wanted to try for an earlier flight which they were happy to do but they wanted to charge me $80 to do it. The original ticket price which my son brought for me was only $au 89!!"
Pros: "Seat was springy and broken, purser was rude and crew were not friendly or happy to work. Charging for tea, coffee and giving free tap water from a Crystal Geyser bottle refilled was a joke. Way to nickel and dime and jeopardize our health with bacteria filled water that is not in a sealed bottle."
Cons: "Movies was limited and ok for $10. That was the only thing semi good about this 11 hour ordeal."
Pros: "I was charged for checked bags when there was no indication on their website that this would happen. Also there were several tiers of luggage weight with increasing charges. They made me check a rolled-up expensive picture I had bought rather than letting me put it in the overhead bin."
Pros: "Good cabin crew. Clean modern aircraft."
Cons: "When purchasing ticket through an outside website you are not advised that luggage is a $320 option when purchased at the airport. Use Jetstar website only."
Cons: "Left late and ripped the handle off my case."
Pros: "The cost"
Pros: "Amenity pack and entertainment were good. More movies to offer would have made the entertainment even better."
Cons: "We flew business class and it didn't feel too much like a business class experience. Welcome drinks were a nice touch but from there the service was not very attentive, we had to ask for empty glasses and plates to be cleared after they sat with us for over an hour. The meal was not great - pretty lack luster. No priority bag tags and our bags took over an hour to come out the other end."
Cons: "Check-in was poor, the check-in clerk was rude."
Cons: "Got charged 15$ per kilo for our bags even tho we couldn't check in online"
Cons: "Baggage allowance way too small - just didn't make sense"
Pros: "Boarding at both front and back is great They don't check the weight for your carry on items... On time"
Cons: "Felt more cramped that other airlines. I was on the aisle and was getting knocked constantly by all the passer-bys"
Pros: "Go with a major carrier instead. After all of the fees (especially for baggage - not all of them clearly disclosed) this flight cost me more than a comparable Air New Zealand flight."
Cons: "BEWARE OF BAGGAGE FEES. I live in the US and booked our flight from Auckland to Wellington a month in advance. I did not book a baggage allowance at that time since (1) I did not know the weight of our bags and (2) I did not know if my daughter (who was in New Zealand) would have a checked bag. I didn't think this would be a problem since US flights don't REQUIRE you to book baggage in advance. When I checked in at the airport, I was told that since I didn't already have a baggage allowance, I would be charged $70.00 (!!!) for the first 15 kgs of weight and then $15 for EACH KG (!!!) over that. The total checked bag weight for 2 bags was 41 kgs, so I was looking at a HUGE charge ($460.00) just for checking 2 bags. Fortunately (relatively speaking), the agent saw that 3 of us were traveling and "only" charged us $210.00 ($70 for 15 kg X 3). This baggage charge was as much as my airfare for 3 people!"
Pros: "They were very efficient at boarding, and crew was nice. All our flights were on time and had no issues."
Cons: "The baggage fees were all over the board, for the same piece of luggage I paid anywhere from $28 (pretty standard) to $49. I'm not sure what dictates the difference, as when I printed off the itinerary for the 4 flights we had they all said $28 and no one could give me an explanation of why the change or difference. The bag was in within the standard weight limits. Had I know that I probably would have chosen a different carrier as they weren't that much less expensive."

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