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You're Going to Love Florianopolis

Like its hidden lagoons and rolling beaches, Florianópolis is like a jewel amongst all the gems in Brazil's roster of must-see cities. Blessed by lush beaches, sparkling lagoons, green Amazonian trails and delectable Brazilian cuisine, Florianópolis is the destination of choice for Brazilian nationals and global adventure-seekers.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Florianopolis

1. Enjoy the Nightlife

With such gorgeous beaches, it's hard not to have a decadent nightlife -- that's exactly what you'll find in Florianópolis.

2. Camp at The Sao Joaquim National Park

If you love the great outdoors, the Sao Joaquim National Park provides you with 50,000 acres of green beauty.

3. Visit During Carnival

Coming in January? It's the perfect time to take in the rush of color, music, food and parades -- not to mention the copious amounts of libations that flow during Carnival.

4. Be Blown Away By Conceição Lagoon

The shining star of Florianópolis and the place to be for massive parties during the winter, Conceição Lagoon is also a great place for windsurfing.

5. Sandboard & Surf on the Beaches

For all those wave seekers, the Santa Catarina Pro is a major surfing event that happens annually in Florianópolis. Meanwhile, for those who want the thrills but aren't surfing pros, the island is covered with white sand dunes, making it perfect for sandboarding.

Where to Eat in Florianopolis

There are many budget spots, but go ahead and book one of the five tables at the exclusive Bistro Isadora Duncan; enjoy succulent filet mignon and fresh seafood dishes for R$100 per person.

When to visit Florianopolis

Florianopolis in April
Estimated hotel price
1 night at 3-star hotel
Florianopolis in April
Estimated hotel price
1 night at 3-star hotel

When to visit depends on what kind of temperatures you consider "warm". Brazilian summer lasts from December to March, with temperatures of 77ºF or higher. "Winter" lasts from June to September, when temperatures drop to 62ºF.

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How to Get to Florianopolis


Travelers will arrive at Hercílio Luz International Airport, which is 7.45 miles away from the city center. Take the 186-(TICEN/Airport) direct bus service for R$2.90 or the executive service 6120-(Airport/TICEN) for R$4.50.


There are no trains coming into or leaving Florianópolis from other major cities.


Depending on where you're coming in from (north or south), take Route BR-101 and then use BR-282 to get to Florianópolis.


Florianópolis's main bus station is called Terminal Rita Maria. Buses come in from various other cities in Brazil and Santa Catarina. Fares are variable but, for example, a trip from Foz do Iguaçu costs R$115 to R$150.

Airports near Florianopolis

Airlines serving Florianopolis

American Airlines
Good (47,709 reviews)
Good (28,436 reviews)
Good (3,812 reviews)
Good (30,772 reviews)
Air France
Good (4,368 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (23,635 reviews)
Excellent (9,192 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Excellent (11,557 reviews)
Good (6,176 reviews)
Air Canada
Good (25,066 reviews)
Excellent (15,787 reviews)
Good (5,585 reviews)
Air Europa
Good (3,266 reviews)
LATAM Airlines
Good (5,800 reviews)
Good (9,975 reviews)
Good (13,620 reviews)
Ethiopian Air
Good (2,431 reviews)
Copa Airlines
Good (12,989 reviews)
Good (3,280 reviews)
Excellent (2,186 reviews)
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Where to stay in Florianopolis

Staying in style is easy at Majestic Palace. For modest but comfortable nights, check into the Pousada da Lagoinha guesthouse. Budget travelers will appreciate Floriparadise Hostel.

Popular neighbourhoods in Florianopolis

Centro - The main "downtown" area of Florianópolis. Here, there are plenty of restaurants, bistros and shops to visit. Centro is also the spot to see Santa Catarina's historical mansions, houses and palaces.

Trindade - This is where the city's university, Universidad Federale de Santa Catarina Campus, is located. As such, there's plenty of nightlife around as well as second-hand bookstores and vintage shops.

Saco dos Limões - This unique district in Florianópolis is also the oldest in Florianópolis. Its proximity to the coastline means plenty of beaches and water activities to engage in.

Where to stay in popular areas of Florianopolis

Most booked hotels in Florianopolis

Jurerê Beach Village
Excellent (8.8, Excellent reviews)
Il Campanario Villaggio Resort
Excellent (8.6, Excellent reviews)
Majestic Palace Hotel
Excellent (8.5, Excellent reviews)
Letto Hotel Jurerê Guest House
Excellent (8.2, Excellent reviews)
Pousada das Pimentas
Excellent (8, Excellent reviews)
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How to Get Around Florianopolis

Public Transportation

Buses are frequent and routes are plenty. Single adult fares are R$2.90, or R$4.50 for executive "yellow" buses.


Hail a taxi from anywhere around the island. Flat rates are R$4.60 and it's R$4 per mile after that.


Car rentals are a great way to travel to and from the beaches. Prices start at R$120/day for basic rentals with air conditioning.

Car hire agencies in Florianopolis

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The Cost of Living in Florianopolis

Shopping Streets

There are several shopping spots such as Floripa Shopping and Iguatemi Florianópolis that feature 150-200 global brands and 7-8 movie screens for entertainment.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk is R$3.08 and a dozen eggs is R$6.13.

Cheap meal
A pair of jeans
Single public transport ticket