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Picking up the car suckedCons:Of course they will always try and tack on a few extras- but when my plane landed a few minutes late, and I had to worry about traffic and arriving on time, the guy at the counter was one of the pushiest, least understandable and just plain annoying people I've ever dealt with. He kept saying that I had to pay for extra stuff because it was required by law but couldn't actually tell me what it was or why, which ended up tacking on a couple hundred dollars more- all just so I could get out of the stupid place and get on with my trip. I generally don't enjoy renting vehicles but this was quite literally a terrible experience.Reviewed 30 Dec 2015
review fromkayak
Ripoff bait and switch scammers. Reporting to thePros:Absolutely nothing. They lied, were completely unhelpful and Blaise about the whole thing like this is business as usual for hem.Cons:Booked reservation weeks ago. Get to the desk. They have no car for me at Midnight. They were offering a pick up truck or a 15 seat van for my Nissan versa reservation. They did not have my car, although they had the reservation in the system and refused to honor it with anything comparable. Unless we wanted to pay the upgrade fee. Fuckers!!! Robbery at midnight on A holiday weekend. Extremely unhappy with Advantage. Also tried to force us to pay for a service we had no intention of using. Went to Hertz got a nicer car. #neveradvantagerental.Reviewed 3 Jun 2016
review fromkayak
Terrible terrible terriblePros:Nothing.Cons:This company shouldn't be offered as an option by Kayak. When we arrived in the evening our reservation wasn't there.. Nor would it be for at least a day. The employee then inquired how many are in our party (it was 2 adults and 3 kids) and asked if we would be okay with using a Mustang for a day (expecting that we would drive back to the airport the next day to get the car we reserved). Given that I didn't know much about the car I said sure because it was 11 at night and my three kids (9,7,4) were tired. Turns out a Mustang has only two seats and two seatbelts in the back so I cannot put three children back there. How can the employee even offer that? So, we still need a car. They only had Volkswagen Beatles which also only have two proper seats in the back apparently and a Toyota Yaris which would not fit us. The employees simply didn't care. Eventually I saw a Nissan Versa which they said was okay for me to take. It was damaged, dirty, and without a full tank of gas but at that point we just wanted to get out of the airport. The following day I try calling their customer service to see if I could at least get some financial reparations (like maybe removing the ridiculous $50 charge for an extra driver that no one informed me about where the charge for the Sunpass) But it was a total waste of time. No one ever picks up. After being on hold one time for 20 minutes I was just disconnected. There is an option to leave a message for someone to call you back but using that either doesn't work or will just lead to you getting disconnected as well. Word to the wise: never, ever use company. Ever ever ever. Kayak - remove this company as an option. You should be ashamed to offer this. You are way too good for this nonsense and it sullies your name.Reviewed 11 Jan 2016
review fromkayak
Worse than expectedPros:I did get a car....Cons:Like many of the smaller companies this parking lot is not located on the actual site of the Ft Lauderdale international airport. We had to take a second shuttle to an offsite parking lot. This added an extra 30 minutes the time both arriving and departing. I know Nesci probably would've chose one of the places inside the airport. Once at the office we were greeted find a plea told me the car he reserved was a "manager special quote. He told me I could roll the dice and get virtually any car in the lot including multiple pick up trucks that he had. I explained that I had children with me and was not able to rent a pick up truck. He stated he had no control over the system set up by the management. So my only option at this point was to pay another fee to guarantee a car that had a backseat. I did. After I signed the agreement, I was informed today addition to the price I had paid I was gonna be charged a $200 deposit. I have numerous times in the past been told that a hotel or rental car company would place a hold of a charge on my credit card but actually charge it for such a fee. In this case the car company actually charge my credit card for the new rate of $165 for my weekend rental plus the $250 fee. So now my total $415. Miss park seed of the $33 price "online. Addition I was informed as usual that anything less than a full tank I'll be charged an exorbitant rate to her place to gas. The card to drive normally, however it was a beeping sound that would happen or you tell me go over 10 miles an hour and I have no idea what it's from. Once you return the car to the rental return center, I was told that my $250 deposit will be refunded in 2 to 3 weeks. The person they reminded me to look at my credit card statement to make sure that in the next month I got my tour of the stars back, otherwise, he requested that I call the company myself and ask him to refund my money. I would say this is not usual and customary for a rental car company. After the checkout process I proceeded to take to marshals to get back to the airport a time which took over an hour. In summation, I am quite sure the next time I rent a company it will be inside the airport at one of the bigger namesReviewed 4 Dec 2017
review fromkayak
Terrible Vehicle ConditionPros:Car return was easy and fastCons:Picked up car with warning lights on for low tire pressures, had to wait for them to take the car to get air. Car drove terrible the tires were bald and unevenly worn. The car drove unstable to me and turned weird and squealed the tires which all probably explains why the tires were worn the way they were. The car felt very unsafe we only had it a few hours and put 30 some miles on it and returned it because we felt unsafe in it. I would never rent a car from them again. Not only was it a waste of money we had to go back to the airport where we rented it to return it and ended up paying for a taxi back anyway which we should of just used a taxi in the first place. Lost double the time and double the cost in the end.Reviewed 3 Dec 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:Nothing, I was lied to and giving the car that didn't have the power doors and windows.Cons:I was given the car that didn't have the power doors and windows. I have been renting cars regularly and it was first time in more than 10 years. In order to open doors for my family I had to get in and lean over to every door and open it manually. They also had to remember to close their doors manually when exiting the car and on the last day my daughter forgot it and the bag with photo camera was stolen from it. Also, I was lied to and was forced to buy an easy pass for $8 a day, total of $28, but not even given an easy pass tag, and I probably didn't even spend $5. Why don't I get charged what I used plus some reasonable fees for processing. Sorry but I will complain to Better Business Bureau. Regards, Yury Abramsky 646-753-4673Reviewed 6 Apr 2016
review fromkayak
Unsafe carPros:Customer rep was niceCons:This car had something wrong with tires or tire. We drove on A1A to our destination and didn't notice the strange noise from the tires because we going slow in heavy traffic, but the next day we went faster and the noise was very loud. Because of this we didn't drive very much and differ itself not far or fast because we felt the unsafe. We would have brought the car back; however we didn't have much time to enjoy there and we went with our friends in their car. When we returned the car we told the return rep and he said the car will be taken out of service. Not a good experience.Reviewed 13 Apr 2016
review fromkayak
Cons:Pay terminals didn't work at desk, 3 other people were able to rent cars while my agent, while very nice, was unable to get his purchase through. Finally he used the other agents terminal to check me out. No keys there, had to stand in line at the kiosk in the parking lot. The car they gave me looked like they resurrected it from the junkyard. I needed to be on my way, a relative was waiting on me after an er visit. I figured I wouldn't be able to damage the car anymore. I didn't hear the hammering noises coming from the hood till I drove it over 35mph. If I would not have had to get going I would have returned it for another car. Obviously they will never get my business again.Reviewed 20 Dec 2016
review fromkayak
Quick trip with an economy carPros:The price can't be beat and you get what you pay for. It's very convenient to have the rental car location in the hub at Fort Lauderdale Airport. The check-in process was pretty standard, though the directions thereafter were pretty vague (how to get to their area within the garage). It went a bit downhill from there.Cons:The garage is chaos. There's no customer support to direct you to the right place, coming or going. When returning the car, the Advantage sign was so small, I missed it the first time and had to loop all the way around the airport to try again. The line to return cars was so long, I had to wait in the queue in the traffic lane until garage security came and moved people along (with vague directions like 'go around the corner'). The car had a very sticky steering wheel, which to me is basic - rental cars need the steering wheel (more than any other part of the car) cleaned after every rental.Reviewed 11 Apr 2016
review fromkayak
BILLING ISSUEPros:The car itself as well the pick-up and drop-off went very well.Cons:I have a billing issue that needs follow-up by a member of their management team. The issue was noted on the contract by the rental agent at pick-up. I was given the Manager's name and phone number via a business card. I called the two numbers thereon for 5 days to no avail. The numbers did not even allow a message be left. At the airport for drop-off I asked for the Manager. I was directed to Olivia who I'd need to go upstairs to find. Once there, she looked up and added more notation to the contract but stated that she was not empowered to resolve this but that she would update and pass it along to the proper Manager who would reach out to me. As of now, I haven't heard back.Reviewed 2 Mar 2018
review fromkayak
Pros:NothingCons:I arrived on time, per my reservation and was advised that there were no cars available. The person was putting up a sign stating no cars available and when I asked for help he told me he would not call customer service or provide any assistance and walked way. I had to find my own rental carReviewed 1 Aug 2018
review fromkayak
Customer Service... nah!Pros:I enjoyed opening the passenger door and hearing an awful clicking/breaking sound. Sounded like the car was in an accident and the door wasn't properly repaired so it hits a part of the car it shouldn't and makes a scretching sound...Cons:wanted to extend an extra day and was told it would cost more than the daily rate, but rather a $25 service fee to account for "lost revenue". Guess what, If I am renting it for another day, that is revenue. Jacking on prices is absurd. Will not be renting from you again.Reviewed 16 Jan 2018
review fromkayak

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