Find cheap flights from Wellington to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport


Find cheap flights from Wellington to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air China
Overall score based on 5,752 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Aircraft is new"
Cons: "Transfer was very bad , have to walk half hour in Chengdu airport to transfer the flight to Sydney"

Pros: "The seats were super uncomfortable lame service"
Cons: "Everything bad hygiene dirty seats and airplane"

Cons: "1. I am not sure if your crew members could speak English or not. I didn’t understand what they were talking about or what was happening. 2. The plane took off under extreme thunderstorm. I am not sure if this was safe to do so but the plane was extremely bumpy, going down rapidly for about 30 minutes. The whole cabin was then in chaos. People started turning up, crying and writing last words. However, your crew members GAVE NO INSTRUCTIONS, BROADCASTING OR UPDATES ON WHATS GOING ON. What they did was mocking around with each other in Cantonese. 3. This would be my last time travel with you - I was your loyal customer since student time. But after this awful experience I chose not to go with you anymore."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable and crew was super accommodating."
Cons: "The tray area was bit dirty"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the food was awful! flight the crew was blatant and not very friendly. they need to learn how to serve customer. i've been traveling with many airlines but Air China is the worst ever!"

Pros: "The food was good and the seating was great as well"
Cons: "I wish there was a menu to request more food and drinking. I only had 2 drinks with my meals for the entire flight."

Pros: "The seating was very comfortable"
Cons: "The food wasn’t that great, normally in premium economy you get the same food business class. But even compared to economy the foods was not good enough."

Pros: "crew are very nice, although we took off late in Beijing. we arrived on time in LAX. lots of legroom on this flight for a 5 foot tall lady. the previous airplane barely fits my 5 foot frame."
Cons: "the bathroom would have been cleaned often or would have smelled better."

Cons: "Decent budget flights. Short transfer time onto second leg was perfect and easy to follow. Only advice is not to use e.dreamers as agent, they add on a hefty fee unable to back out of. Lesson learnt!"

Pros: "Good crew, fast boarding, good overhead bin space"
Cons: "boarding by section to avoid rushing, crowd and people moving in/out of seats"

Pros: "The crew was amazing. The food was pretty good as well."
Cons: "Entertainment could have been better. The entire 12 hour flight from Los Angeles to Beijing, the audio on the entertainment system did not work. It was very unfortunate."

Pros: "Everything smooth and comfortable"
Cons: "The in flight entertainment system was very limited and of no interest"

Pros: "The crew were very attentive. Lie down seat"
Cons: "A little outdated for Business class in comparison with other airlines however for the price i would say it's worth it."

Cons: "User totally different airline than air China The seats are far too small for Western people"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They should improve connections"

Pros: "No"
Cons: "No"

Pros: "Crew is always friendly on Cathay. Cathay operates this flight."
Cons: "They could have acknowledged my emerald status. They could have upgraded me to premium economy. That’s about all. It was a basic economy seat so not so great. Terrible space under that seat - blocked by video machinery."

Pros: "It was a very cheap flight, so flying the family back to NZ from the UK, for what we paid, it was great."
Cons: "Plane food was quite average, on the first flight LHR-PEK flight the plane was a bit old and the entertainment system was nearly shot, but the second flight PEK-ALK was a dream liner, which was fantastic. For the price we paid, there was nothing we could complain about, would definitely flay again."

Pros: "For such a long flight, the seats were roomier than I expected - 2 at the sides, so there wasn’t the discomfort for a middle person."
Cons: "The food was fine, but I was happy to have brought my own snacks along."

Pros: "Entertainment was not good the TV did not work"
Cons: "The food and stalf very good"

Cons: "Our flight was severely delayed 6 hours from Heathrow, and that is where this horror story began. No one bothered to tell us anything. When we arrived in Beijing for our connection to Bangkok, we had to search out people for help, there was absolutely no one forthcoming with explanations. We were travelling as 2 friends, I was booked on one flight and my travelling companion on another 15 hours later! This only got changed when we explained that we both only had hand luggage! To then board the flight and sit on the tarmac, engines running, simply waiting, no explanations again!! Will we ever fly China Airways again?? If we could exchange our return flight tickets to that of another Star Alliance member we would."

Pros: "Boarding was streamlined, planes took off on time and made it to destination before time. Entertainment options were decent."
Cons: "Food isn't the best (had Hindu meal for my flights) not sure if there is a better option. There isn't much in terms of snacks, outside the set meals. Some of the crew members do struggle with communicating in English, but I always found someone to work with."

Pros: "First off, the flight was cheap, really cheap, so for the price it was amazing."
Cons: "Planes was a bit old so the entertainment system was a bit temperamental, poor image and the wife’s controller had taken a beating, so was hard to navigate and adjust settings."

Pros: "Exceptionally, there was an audio on this flight! I enjoyed movies very much! Also the chicken lunch there was delicious."
Cons: "For my return flight, I expected the same, but in vain."

Cons: "No entertainment"

Pros: "Boarding was prompt and efficient."
Cons: "No power sockets to charge phones, Entertainment selection and functionality completely outdated, just managed to watch 1 movie before I gave up trying. The air hostess tried to help but mentioned that it’s just slow. During dinner service I asked for a second glass of wine with my meal but was refused as only 1 glass of beer or wine is allowed per passenger and flight, which I found very stingy as an airline and irritating from a customer care perspective."

Pros: "The crew and boarding was great. Food was ok."
Cons: "Online check in was not possible and when asking for extra leg room at the gate options were limited. I was told I would be on an exit row and window. However, I was one seat forward of that. It was technically a window seat if you don't count the jump seat for the crew... To top it off, a red eye flight with a seat that does not recline is no good. I do understand that being 6'5" causes air travel to be more difficult. It just seems that some airlines are more accommodating than others."

Pros: "Crew was very cooperative."
Cons: "Not enough English movies or series or songs. Tv screen not working. My baggage got delayed by 2 days"

Pros: "Very good service on board, crew very attentive and polite."
Cons: "Lack of communication with customers in change of situation. Airline had to change the aircraft and as a result all passengers had to be transported to the new aircraft by buses rather than via boarding bridges. It was the longest airport shuttle ride ever because no one told us what to expect. People complained. But airline could have managed expectations better by giving notice to customers what will happen next, customers will be more forgiving that way."

Pros: "Wide bed and good support for good sleep"
Cons: "Not a big movie selection"

Cons: "We were so delayed—gate number didn’t show up until after we were to take off—missed connecting flight to HNL. They cited ‘weather’ for our missed connection but had never said anything about this in Hong Kong when we were waiting hours for our plane to arrive. We were told to get temporary visas so they could put us in a hotel that night. We found our way to the meeting place only to be told there were no more rooms. The worker was completely rude and just ignored us. We were stranded all night on the departure side, waiting to check in in the morning to a flight we weren’t even sure we were rerouted on. We were given 200 yen (which is nothing) and had to go thru Tokyo, and wait another half day to catch a connection to HNL. The whole trip took 36 hours instead of 16. I’ll never fly this airline again. Something similar happened to me flying China Eastern. Honestly avoid all Chinese airlines, unless you want to spend a lot of time arguing with people and at least 2-3 times the travel time. (Not to be confused with Taiwanese airlines like China Airlines which are much more dependable and hace way nicer everything.)"

Cons: "Because of the airplane delayed for one of my stop, I did not catch on my next flight and ended up bought another ticket, I was so disappointed."

Pros: "Was the cheapest option at the time, and quality wasn't worse than the others"

Pros: "Ran on time"
Cons: "Food and drink options are limited"

Pros: "The on time performance also inflight Meals"
Cons: "Check in for Departure"

Pros: "on the plane, Crew in CA are great! Food is delicious! Entertainment is very good!"
Cons: "I had a terrible time yesterday when I had to transfer from CA 4120 to CA 429 in Chengdu Shuangliu to Sydney. When I got off at Shuangliu airport From CA 4120 at 23:50pm, there was no airport bus to transfer me from T2 to T1 international Departure at Chengdu Shuangliu. I have to run in the dark nearly 2 km to catch 1:20 am CA 429 to Sydney Australia. Really bad international service in Chengdu Shuangliu!!"

Cons: "It was not a pleasant stay in Beijing airport... The staff were very rude and not helpful.. I had to fight for the wi-fi code and I had to fill out a form, for a pass to get out if the airport... I waited over 90 mins in line, only to be told I was I the wrong line, in the first place ??? !!"

Cons: "The headphone jack was broken so listening to movies was hard. There wasn't a huge variety of food selections"

Pros: "Nice carrier. Enough leg room and clean flight"
Cons: "Entertainment had very limited options. I had booked my flight through travel agent vayama. I would never ever recommend people to use that travel agency. It takes approx 35-45 mins to contact customer care, you are way better off taking the tickets from airline as they cannot help much if the tickets are done through agency and not airline directly. Moreover the agency charges additional fee over and above airline fees for any changes"

Pros: "The staff was helpful"
Cons: "The flight was cramped up and not clean"

Pros: "This flight was a codeshare bw Cathay and China air, which lead to confusion on the ground at Beijing (did we book at Cathay or at Air China - even the Air China staff did not know initially) Small seats, very average food, entertainment system not up to scratch in terms of being easy to use and responsive. Relatively inexpensive flight but I would Stump up The $ next time and make sure I’m flying with someone of a higher standard"

Pros: "I liked that the crew on the flight was polite . That’s it . Everything else was TERRIBLE."

Pros: "The crew were helpful and friendly throughout, trying to find out what we should do about missed connections during the flight, I was able to move to an empty exit seat (I'm 6'5") so the delay was relatively comfortable."
Cons: "Well we were delayed for an hour and missed connection as a result, but you can't really blame the airline for that."

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Food to be improved"

Pros: "The Beijing/Osaka flight was a smaller simpler plane than the Heathrow/Beijing one, but cconsidering the amount of time both flights take relative to each other, I think it had the better balance of the two."
Cons: "The only thing I'd suggest is while the Crew were great and did offer drinks a number of times, the first drinks run seemed late - although that might just be a combination of needing to wait until the plane has reached full altitude and the desire to clear the unpleasant Beijing air."

Pros: "The staff, from airport to plane, were brilliant, the food was initially surprisingly nice, but by the time I'd been in transit long enough for the third meal, I just couldn't face it."
Cons: "The Seats were OK and the legroom was pretty bgood for economy, but the extra headrests on the larger Heatthrow/beijing aircraft came in at about shoulderblade height and made finding a truly comfortable position impossible. Definitely one to look at the price step ups for better seats in future."

Pros: "Flight was good but my luggage case was broke the two wheels have been broke off make my case not useable as it has two holes were the wheels was"
Cons: "suit case was broke wen I was given it at ho chi ming city two big holes where the wheels was I have taken photos also"

Cons: "I couldn't watch movies on the flight all the writing was in Chinese so the flight was boring"


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