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Asiana AirlinesOverall score based on 4291 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Good food. Very clean bathrooms. Great service"
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Pros: "Good food. Very clean bathrooms. Great service"
Cons: "Wine was not served cold"
Pros: "Check in staff were good. We departed on time."
Cons: "Better if they could provide maybe nuts I flight but if not, it's still all good for an hour flight.."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I tried to cancel the flight more than 14 days before the flight and you didn't let me. I couldn't fly that day and i have not received a refund"
Pros: "Food and crew were great!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "By far the best airline, service, crew, etc, I’ve ever flown with! I love Asiana Airlines!"
Cons: "Seriously, nothing. It was great!"
Pros: "Friendly, helpful crew. Great entertainment choices. Comfortable seats. Clean cabin."
Cons: "More language choices in both the audio tracks and subtitles."
Pros: "Crew is great and professional"
Cons: "Food could be better."
Pros: "Best flight I’ve ever been on!"
Cons: "It had just snowed 20” in Seattle, so we had a short delay."
Pros: "Airplane and service"
Cons: "None. Maybe save money and ride first class"
Pros: "Good leg room, nice food, and friendly professional staff."
Cons: "Boarding process was chaotic."
Cons: "Only fish and rice were available for the breakfast meal. The seats were too compact for such a long flight. more leg room would be nice."
Pros: "Good service"
Pros: "The back part of the plane was mostly empty, so I moved to an empty row and was able rto stretch out and rest. The attendants were very nice and polite."
Cons: "I wish there were more selections of meals."
Pros: "My husband and I were flying out of Jeju Island on the morning of 6/27/18 flt#OZ8922 to Seoul for a connection to Tokyo. The morning had some heavy rain and some flights were delayed, including ours. I don’t know if it’s your normal procedure in these situations but your staff at the baggage check/boarding pass counter were extremely conscientious and effective. They anticipated our dilemma and had our baggage removed from the delayed flight and put us onto a Korean Air flight that got us to Seoul on time to make our international connection to Tokyo. It was a long and tiring day of travel but because of your profession personnel it, including those at Korean Air, we avoided what could have been a much tougher situations unfortunately I can’t recall the names of the staff involved. I want to say the was a lady last named Joon and one last named Kim. There were other staff too, a young man that brought our luggage back to the check-in counter, and a lady that ran us through the terminal to Korean air and escorted us through security to the boarding gate. all in all it was amazing and thank you to your company and fine staff."
Cons: "The wonderful staff that give such excellent service."
Pros: "Our flight is only Incheon to Narita and later that night our final destination is LAX. I have checked in to Singapore Airlines the day before our flight. While checking in at the Incheon airport, the ground attendant ask me for my final destination. After a few minutes, shw mentioned that our baggage will be picked up at LAX. I was so relieved since this trip was 3 weeks with 3 50lbs luggage and 2 10 lb backpacks. I imagined going to Japanese Immigration again and explaining the reason for the entry. Because of this our layover is seamless. Star Alliance made it so easy for us to take their airlines anytime. Kudos to Star Alliance. Oh, the legroom is roomy for Economy! Nothing can compare with their airbus. I am only 5foot1inch and its like having a lounging chair. My husband whose 5’10” is happy with the space. Thanks for thinking of your passengers!"
Cons: "It is minor thing only. Their headphones does not work. Which is not an issue since I always bring headphones and buds for our long haul flights!"
Pros: "It's hard to get comfortable on a long flight when you are on economy. But the crew was helpful."
Cons: "I did not like the limited choice of food."
Cons: "Seat size. Entertainment hard to get the TV working then when you did took forever to rewind back to the start of a movie then the entertainment was continuously interrupted by announcements it airline advertisements."
Pros: "It's okay."
Cons: "Boarding from Incheon to Manila was a bit chaotic. We did not board by number or group order. Also, the sound system was barely audible."
Pros: "Seats reclined a bit more than other planes which was really nice."
Pros: "charming efficient staff"
Pros: "Services"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Great service. Comfortable seating."
Cons: "More variety in foods available would be nice but whatever we did have was good."
Cons: "when they leave laugage in korea and they deliver within 2 days"
Pros: "Crew was nice plenty of food"
Cons: "Every plane delayed. They made me run to my connecting flight. My luggage never made it."
Pros: "Some crew members were very kind and helpful."
Cons: "This airline puts priority on Korean speaking men non Korean women with a helpless child. First of all, my child was too large for the bassinet so I held him the entire time. Fine, I get it's for safety. But to make matters worse, my child had a fever and cried out of discomfort for the first 3 hours of a 10 hour flight. A male passenger complained and instead of defending a mother and a helpless sick child, the flight crew kept insisting ways to make my baby stop crying. Do you think I wanted to hear my child in that much pain? No, of course not. One male crew member told me to take my child to the back of thr aircraft (away from the complaining man). Ummm... I paid for my seat just like everyone else!! To be treated differently just because my baby is crying is HORRIBLE. To top it off, the seats are the worst I've ever sat in. My back and butt were in so much pain from those horrible seats. Bottom line- I will NEVER fly with this airline again after the mistreatment my baby and I received. This airline puts Korean speaking men above anyone else's needs, including a helpless 14 month old who feels horrible and doesn't know how else to communicate pain. I'll add that we were on a 10 hour flight after a 9 hour layover in Incheon and a 4 hour plane ride that was DELAYED from 1:45AM to 3:45AM. We were extremely tired and had been through so much already. If the crew had been more protective of us and understanding to the fact that he's a BABY I would have let the complaints slide. Last note- this airline delayed us 3 separate times. Yes.. 3 separate occasions. Do I need to say anything more?"
Pros: "the food we have been order is great.the flight overall goes smooth and we landed safe in Seoul. the service crew did there job. thankful for this trip im satisfied. for the pilot he did a great job."
Cons: "nothing, just wish you can serve also warm drinks,like, tea or coffee instead cold drinks only.that should help the passenger who has stomach problem during flight. thanks"
Pros: "Food"
Pros: "Check in was quick and the personnel were extremely friendly! The flight staff was extremely friendly as well. Always smiling and did not fail to please once. I will definitely fly with AsianaAirlines again."
Pros: "Good leg room. Short flight 1.5 hours."
Pros: "Very polite crew, modern and clean aircraft, lots of leg room, and great food."
Cons: "Three of my four flights were delayed."
Pros: "Asiana's pilots? Awesome they are fantastic when it comes to landing ang taking off? Very very smooth you don't feel it you don't feel a bump , that's one thing I like and the best quality of this airline! Fantastic ... I have taken asiana airline all the time"
Cons: "Sometimes food but it's okay."
Cons: "The food is always our problem, bec we r not used to eating Korean food, and by the time they ask us what food we can get? They run out every time they get to us , who , like us who are in the back seats- all is left is Korean food and we have no choice! Please make more food varieties, thank you"
Pros: "The leg room is very spacious and the staff are very friendly."
Pros: "The food selection is good and the service is tiptop. Highly recommend"
Pros: "The headphone jack was in the seat in front, not in the armrest; slippers were passed out"
Cons: "The plane got hot half-way through the flight."
Pros: "Crew was very helpful"
Cons: "Tubulence"
Pros: "I like the flight crew Filipina very helpful and one Korean Lady help me pulled my luggage over headed."
Cons: "Delayed Flight but it's ok. My connection flight at night time anyway."
Pros: "Fight crews are very nice. Service is very good. Food is good compared to other airlines."
Cons: "Long layover."
Pros: "The costumer service was amazing. Their service made all the difference in the comfort and peace of mind for the duration of my trip."
Cons: "I have nothing negative to say about my entire experience."
Cons: "Bought it 4 hrs before and it never turned into a ticket."
Pros: "A good services and food selections"
Pros: "Good food and entertainment. Crew was attentive and kind. Checkin was a breeze. Icheon airport is modern, comfortable and traveler focused."
Cons: "Economy class seats were hard to sleep in."
Pros: "The flight crew was amazing, as was the food. Both were presented exquisitely and put US carriers to shame."
Cons: "The only negative I have for the flight was on a very old 747. The seats were definitely feeling their age, with the bulkhead seat's entertainment system a bit of a beast to get folder out from under the seat."
Pros: "Courteous staff"
Cons: "Can't order special meal online, have to call them. Food was very bad with limited variety"
Pros: "The food and drinks were up to par but not great Convenient arrival/departure times.."
Cons: "Service is hit or miss. Stewardess manners can be favoritist and downright rude/bossy at times. My flights years ago were great, now I would not look for anything special from this company"
Pros: "Great crew and comfortable flight"
Cons: "Delayed for several hours after boarding because of a technical difficulty with the airplane. This delay caused me to miss an important dinner meeting in Thailand and cost me extra money to arrange transportation from the BKK to my hotel."
Pros: "Friendly crew and staff"
Cons: "Food was just okay No power outlets in economy seats Short delay"
Pros: "It was very accommodating"
Cons: "It's so long."
Cons: "Even in business class ,every time have to ask for more wine and flight attendants just not care enough ."
Pros: "You get what you paid."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "The crew was extremely unhelpful. More so than any airline crew I have ever experienced."
Pros: "It arrived safely. Price."
Cons: "Aggressive crew. Late departure with constantly changing delays."
Pros: "Crew still managed to provide me the veg meal, even though they didn't get the request."
Cons: "Type of food I chose on the website was not ordered with the airlines."
Pros: "the Fight attendants were nice."
Cons: "There were no screens to watch anything, no WiFi and my seat didn’t recline."
Pros: "On time boarding. No delays. Crew did their best to help everyone."
Cons: "Cattle boarding at PVG was less than ideal. Long wait time between flights. Equipment not as comfortable, but thankfully is was a relatively short flight. No choice of entertainment options and cabin lights were on for the duration of the second flight. Cold meal was okay on second flight from PVG to BKK, could have been better."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Lost baggage. This happens though and I'm understanding. But there has been no assistance or appearance of any effort to locate my bag. At this point we don't know where it is. The second i asked for compensation so i could purchase a change of clothes they stated to try and blame me and refused to offer me anything. So yup. Don't recommend. I won't be flying on them again."
Cons: "All was fine"
Pros: "Service..on time .."
Pros: "Staff on the plane."
Cons: "China Air failed to transit my Baggage from Shanghai to Tokyo. Stuck withouth clothing!"
Pros: "Two hours flight late, otherwise everything OK"
Pros: "Not in special."
Cons: "Lost my baggage."
Pros: "Though it's delayed, but boarding was efficient."
Cons: "Food was a bit nah. And no IFE on this A330."
Pros: "Flight attendants."
Cons: "Late departure and very late arrival in Beijing. Damaged checked-in luggage."
Pros: "Good selection of movies"
Cons: "The food were not fresh and ill prepared"
Pros: "businessclass seats good"
Cons: "not really busyclassfood"
Pros: "Everything is pretty great with their biz class"
Cons: "Their was a bad delay. And when people asked they just kept saying everything is good it is just a delay boarding. (It was way after the take off time...) Could've been more upfront about it."
Pros: "The food"
Cons: "I would like to try first or business class"
Pros: "the pleasantries"
Cons: "the unpleasantries"
Cons: "The staff was not helpful and unfriendly. Food was horrible and no options. We payed for extra leg space and it turned out it was not the case and we had no option in flight to buy space , furthermore would had cost 2 time more then any other airline. Entertainment was mediocre. Very high fees to change a flight. We will not fly with this company again, and do not recommend unless stress is what you looking for."
Cons: "No notice until 30min at gate delay plane Sleep on chairs like homeless No organization"
Cons: "seats were a little small"
Pros: "Complimentary in flight wifi"
Cons: "Couldn’t use iPhones... even on airplane mode"
Pros: "Way more enjoyable then the flight from lax to Shanghai"
Pros: "After fighting over and over during rebooking process, we got a direct flight from Shenzhen to Lijiang with a different airline"
Cons: "We booked the flight from Shenzhen to Lijiang with stopover in Kunming. They cancelled the flight from Kunming to Lijiang and suggested us to stop in Kunming, refund us the rest, suggested us to either stay in Kunming or take a train or do whatever to get to our destination. That’s ridiculous, we can’t just change our travel plan or take a 10 hours train."
Pros: "Flight was pleasant"
Cons: "Checked in customer service were not helpful."
Pros: "Everything was fine on this flight."
Cons: "Crew was rude."
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The entertainment selection was good."
Cons: "I asked if I could have a aisle or window seat and was told there was nothing available at the counter, however there were plenty of seats available on the plane."
Pros: "The overall seat & comfort was great. The food was presented very nicely and of decent quality."
Cons: "It was clear the pilots were smoking as every 30min-1 hr the cabin would fill with the smell of cigarette smoke. I read this on previous reviews online and found it to be true here. Made for unpleasant trip as it made my eyes and throat feel uncomfortable."
Pros: "Staff, crew, pilots, attention. Great overall as always"
Cons: "I would have really liked a blanket. I went from 85F and sunny to 50F and raining..."
Cons: "Was not allowed to board because we were military and denied boarding because we did not have passports"
Pros: "We Wer able to still leave same day Just notice staff were very professional even though I've seen people raging with anger they remained calm"
Cons: "Delayed flights long hours of re booking too much counters to chek in n out back n forth"
Pros: "Nice staff!"
Cons: "Sitting by the window"
Pros: "Shanghai to LA is a shorter flight than the other direction due to prevailing winds, so that is a plus. But it is still a long time on the plane."
Cons: "Food out of Shanghai is not as good as food out of LA."
Pros: "Pleasant trip for the most part, friendly crew, easy boarding"
Cons: "Can't use phone, headphones provided don't fit entertainment systems on seat backs, so no way to watch"
Pros: "Overall a very good flight for a very reasonable price"
Cons: "In two connecting flights I received meal 3 times, I ordered vegetarian meal, and all 3 times it was exactly the same. I am sure it has nothing to do with an airline but upon landing at JFK we were waiting inside the plane near the gate for 1 hour and 40 minutes before we were allowed to disembark. I am sure it was the airport's fault."
Pros: "Food was very simple but because of that far better than what they served when going from Shanghai to Honolulu."
Cons: "Plane does not have personal video systems - felt like I went back in time 10 years. No extra food available outside of the 2 meal services in the very beginning and end of the 12 hour flight. Some crew members spoke extraordinarily poor English, intolerable for a flight to/from the United States."
Pros: "Plane was clean, attendants were good, entertainment system was pretty good as well."
Cons: "Boarding process was very slow, baggage took about 45 minutes to arrive."
Cons: "Boarding was a disaster. Also flight attendants were not the most helpful and polite either and very limited in English language"
Pros: "Seats were roomy but very worn"
Cons: "The boarding process is terrible, airport staff is terrible, plane crew was very attentive and patient. They have a hard time informing status of delays."
Pros: "Attentive stagf, but less attentive than previous flight."
Cons: "1. Couldnt use mobile phone for reading only (mobile phones had to be completely switched off). I wont be flying China Eastern because of this rule. 2. Business class seats where not good (poor adjustment, too far from TV, no window accesible without getting out of seat) 3. Boarding and unboarding on tarmac was inconvenient. 4. Movie selection not up to date"
Cons: "The customer service relations at the front desk to check in word is awful and unfriendly the flight was uncomfortable the entertainment controller does not work 90% of the time it was just a bad experience flying with you in general"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flights were canceled because of a rule that should have been told to me."
Cons: "It's always delay..."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Same as the first flight."
Pros: "The price was unheard of for a transpacific flight"
Cons: "The food was tolerable... crew had very minimal English. Other customers were very loud and I just did not enjoy it"
Pros: "Lay flats on 777 in business class"
Cons: "Bare minimum - seats are uncomfortable, bad amenities, terrible food, even in business class"

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