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Pros: "Both of us being seniors wheel chairs were not provided. Food was not good and even dinner with the fish was not there. They have to reheat fish which took more than 15 minutes.Assistance was not provided to both seniors for carrying luggage on the stairs while boarding the flight for Vancouver"
Cons: "The food quality may be improved and also necessary help be provided particularly to seniors in boarding and transit."
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Pros: "Both of us being seniors wheel chairs were not provided. Food was not good and even dinner with the fish was not there. They have to reheat fish which took more than 15 minutes.Assistance was not provided to both seniors for carrying luggage on the stairs while boarding the flight for Vancouver"
Cons: "The food quality may be improved and also necessary help be provided particularly to seniors in boarding and transit."
Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"
Cons: "It’s a very long flight and I had the unfortunate luck of getting a broken entertainment unit."
Pros: "I was expecting less and China Southern delivered a very good experience on their.international flight from Auckland to Guangzhou. I was able to meet up with my son who flew them from SFO and fly on to Cambodia together. Guangzhou airport is stellar, clean, spacious, and transit was comfortable. Will flutter again with confidence."
Cons: "The usual complaint thatevery airline's economy seats are just too small."
Cons: "the meals were not really pleasant to eat"
Pros: "Fligths were on time"
Cons: "The entertainment system didint work on my seat, the crew on the fligth from China to Bangkok was not friendly, most of they were not smiling."
Pros: "Stewardess and stewards work"
Cons: "My seat"
Pros: "I guess it's positive that it took off relatively on time."
Cons: "Flight crew let the woman seated next to me shove 2 bags down by her feet, one of which she straddled between her knees during takeoff/landing. Not one of them told her it was a safety violation and asked her to put her back in a bin."
Pros: ""Nothing". I really mean it Nothing."
Cons: "I was flying to Delhi & it was an emergency situation for me bcz i lost my Dad & i was flying to perform the cremation of my Dad. And thing this was informed to the China Southern officials so that they could arrange something for me. I requested them to put me into another flight for which i was ready to pay the whole amount but no one listen to my request & i had to wait so long. I was amazed to see that no one was keen to understand my problem at both he airports i.e. Auckland Airport & Ganzhaou Airport. Apart from this the behavior of your officials was so rude & arrogant it made me feel as if i was a slave or some kind of culprit. Due to the ignorance & laid back attitude on your part i couldn't reach my destination on my time. Seriously it took me "24 hrs Extra" to reach my destination & as a result of which i couldn't perform the cremation. I was pissed off by the service; complete ignorance by the staff/officials of ur airlines. I wasn't expecting this kind of treatment from a reputed company like you. I request you guys to look into this matter seriously and try to take some corrective measures so that this thing won't happen in future with someone else."
Pros: "A solid overall airline. Nothing extraordinary, but will get you to where you need to go comfortably."
Cons: "Nothing stands out as obvious, but it’s simply apparent the airline isn’t flying big spenders."
Pros: "A-380 seems to be significantly quieter than the 777."
Cons: "Seat uncomfortable. Limited service btw meals. Some offers of water needed"
Pros: "Softer seats and usb ports."
Cons: "Hard seats. No usb ports"
Pros: "It wasn’t a difficult flight"
Cons: "Wish there would’ve been inflight entertainment"
Pros: "They lost my bags for over 48 hours. I had to din my bags myself. I will never use them again."
Pros: "and clean aircraft. I ordered LFML and will again. Well done. Inflight staff was efficient but not friendly."
Cons: "On the 77W - CZ657 CAN SFO, the economy aisle seat 57G is a normal economy seat but the overhead luggage bin does not open."
Pros: "Food, entertainment, solid"
Cons: "Flight got rerouted to Chicago because of snow. Airline abandoned us for almost 10 hours. No one knew where to go, what to do. That part was horrible after a 15 hour flight."
Pros: "Seats were ok. Downloaded media for each seat was diverse and entertaining. Food was alright."
Cons: "Crew was pretty curt and not polite. They also 'didn't have time' to load my bag onto the plane, along with ~15 other people. I had to wait two days for it to arrive. 'No time' to load bags is kind of an odd and slightly unacceptable reason to not load baggage onto a plane. Airlines close check-in for flights 30 mins before departure time to ensure that all bags make it onto the plane. I was 3 hours early. Don't know why they 'didn't have time'. They also broke my friend's bag."
Pros: "Ontime departure"
Cons: "Nothing special. Entertainment system was intermittently working requiring reveal reboot. Food just average or perhaps slightly below. Customer service was fair but not to the caliber of other Asian airlines (e.g., Cathay Pacific)"
Pros: "Great staff, food, comfort. Very clean toilets."
Cons: "seats didn't recline as much as they should have been able to in the space."
Pros: "The service, food, and comfort are amazing. Their entertainment selection (movies) were larger than most other international flights I've been on. I was really impressed."
Pros: "Crews"
Cons: "A bit cramped"
Pros: "No frills solid business with excellent price and flexibility. Have flow thisxairlin multiple times without glitches. Lounges are simple and comfortable. There were no vegetarian snacks."
Cons: "Lounges a bit sparse and.no vegetarian snacks."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Big problem communicating with the crew. Enough Food options not there for vegitarians"
Pros: "Leg room, food, many opportunities for drinks throughout flight"
Cons: "Already stated"
Pros: "Great crew and excellent entertainment onboard."
Cons: "The flights was delayed."
Pros: "I have been customer of this company for one year. The service is heart-warming. Thank you."
Cons: "If there is anything I can complain, neither zhajiangmian nor xuecai appeals to my taste."
Pros: "That I got on the flight. That it was cheap."
Cons: "That every single southern china air flight was delayed, which nearly caused me to miss my other flights on the way back. When we were on the plane they didn't even tell us the flight was going to be delayed, we just sat on the plane for an hour twiddling our thumbs. No reasons given, will not flight southern china again"
Pros: "It was clean. Also the media selection"
Cons: "More food needed"
Pros: "The services was excellent. Everyone was polite. Overall was very good experience."
Pros: "Accommodation was awesome. I enjoyed on and off board a lot. Will travel with China Southern again in future."
Pros: "Help And pleasant staff"
Cons: "Poor quality entertainment screen"
Pros: "Long flight, but one of the best we've flown. The flight times make a huge difference and China Southern really impressed with their itinerary and price. The A380 may be my favorite plane now too. Kids loved the movie selection, they ate both meals and they slept in between. Can't ask for more. One child got sick during flight but the stewardesses were very helpful. Will keep them in our top options going forward."
Cons: "I was prepared to be upset at China Southern because they try to get you to pay for picking your seat ahead of time. We took our chances and they got our family of 7 seats together on all 4 legs of our flights! It's a risk, but they seem to be very accommodating to families. Don't waste the money paying extra"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The toilets was very dirty,"
Pros: "All good."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Seating was comfortable with ample leg room in economy. Entertainment system had a large variety of options and popular movies and shows."
Cons: "Although our plane was at a gate and had the connector ramp attached, we were still required to "cram" into a bus for a 10 minute ride to the plane and entered by lots of stairs. You are not permitted use of phones even while in airplane mode with no explanation given. When we asked for water to be able to take necessary medications during the flight, we were told we had to wait a couple hours until the next beverage service but were offered tomato juice and another beverage. You are asked to prepare for landing 45 minutes prior to landing. I have never had to prepare for landing so early in a flight. Not necessarily a flight issue, but Guangzhou airport has a poor system for locating your connecting flights. There were 2 potential terminals and you had to walk to the beginning of either terminal to locate a flight information board. Then had to walk back to the other terminal if that was where your flight was located. Frustrating."
Pros: "The only positive thing was that the flight was on time."
Cons: "Cabin crew was largely absent. The seats were small and there was no legroom. The food was mediocre, but edible. Alcoholic drinks were limited to a red wine, a white wine, and beer, none of which were good.The bathrooms were quite dirty, though that is more a reflection of the passengers than of the crew."
Pros: "Good service, very pleasant cabin crew and a very smooth 787 flight. Good food."
Cons: "For a modern plane the seats are very hard on an eleven hour flight Having flown China Southern before on this route I brought along a memory foam seat squab this time! Very impressive is the transit hotel accommodation provided free for transits over eight hours."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They staff did nothing to help me out and purposely had kept me off of a flight and I had to go re-book with Thai Airways who were much better and more helpful"
Pros: "One leg of the flight was a dreamliner."
Cons: "Food was the worst I have had in memory. Crew are also the worst I have experienced in memory."
Pros: "Efficient crew."
Cons: "Chaos at gate. Use English for announcements as well. Delays."
Cons: "We got inside to the checkin desk finally after waiting in horrible traffic and lines just to get into the airport. The checkin staff had already left the desk with 1 hr and 10 minutes before the flight. The guy at the information desk came to verify. After making a scene the police/security finally agreed to get someone on the radio. They refused to come back to get us and we were not allowed to go through security. We were told to go to an office in another building but the door was locked, no one home. We continue to fight but couldn't get any progress, missed our flight and ended up spending 10 hours in that airport and then having to wait an extra 10 in China for our missed connection. We went to the office. They refused to help us. Made us pay cash, couldn't take credit card, had to take out 3 different withdrawls, couldn't rebook us, had to call a downtown office. And basically said we were liars and we weren't there on time. Even though they only had the 2 employees working the entire airport for this airline. Still no power in the seats, no wifi, ended up missing an entire day plus the travel day that I was meant to be working. Travel insurance wouldn't cover because it wasn't a "strike" I don't know what else you call it when someone decides not to do their job."
Pros: "I liked the complementary hotel room. The room was really nice and everyone was very helpful getting me there, they even gave me a map to the check in desk. I definitely got more sleep there than I would in the airport."
Cons: "I didn't like the 13 hour layover."
Pros: "Punctual departure, early arrival. Cabin crew was very attentive. Plenty of drinks to keep hydrated. Lots of movie and entertainment choices."
Cons: "Seat cushioning was worn out...not so comfortable for a long flight. Limited leg room. Unless you were seated at the beginning rows of the food service, there was only one food choice left. Also ran out of snacks for the back rows."
Pros: "Food (chicken and rice) was slightly better. Quiet ride"
Cons: "Soap in the restroom ?"
Cons: "The flight was so freezing that I (and all around me) had to wear their winter coats during the flight. My TV did not work and each meal I was served was not what I asked for. I also had to ask repeatedly for water before receiving it. A nice flight attendant lent me her iPad so that I could have some entertainment during the flight. Will avoid China Southern airlines in the future."
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Lack of movie selection, small glasses , no bourbon."
Cons: "After booking mine & my husband's honeymoon flights from SF to Phuket, the flights were changed drastically. On the way over we were delayed a WHOLE DAY, therefore missing a FULL DAY at our beautiful resort in Thailand that we booked and was non-refundable for the night we lost. It also was not clear that we would be having to stop in Wuhan before flying to Guangzhou. Even when we were flying it still was not clear, everyone was confused as to why were in Wuhan. Then we were late and almost missed our connecting flight from Guangzho to Phuket causing us to literally have to run across the whole airport. Then on the way home, our flight from Guangzhou to SF was delayed causing us to have a 15 hr layover in Guangzhou. They put us in a hotel that looked nice on the outside and in the lobby, but the room felt dirty and the beds were like rocks. They also didn't give us any meal vouchers or allowance. This is the last time we flew China Southern Airlines."

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