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China SouthernOverall score based on 5510 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"
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Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"
Pros: "The boarding was easy"
Cons: "My luggage was lost even when there was 4 hour layover. I have no clothes to wear."
Cons: "The staff just took my husband and my passports while we have layover at wuhan. The Wuhan airport has nothing. The person who took our passports kinda detian us in the airport!! Is this legal? They also delayed our layover from 3hrs to 13hours layover in Wuhan airport! Nothing right about this!"
Pros: "I was expecting less and China Southern delivered a very good experience on their.international flight from Auckland to Guangzhou. I was able to meet up with my son who flew them from SFO and fly on to Cambodia together. Guangzhou airport is stellar, clean, spacious, and transit was comfortable. Will flutter again with confidence."
Cons: "The usual complaint thatevery airline's economy seats are just too small."
Pros: "The seats were spacious."
Cons: "Did not get a check in notice. Hi"
Pros: "The flight-staff was super co-operative when I told that I didn't select the vegan / veg food option in advance. They tried to to do their best to ensure that I still get some veg food to eat. In general also, I found that the flight-staff was the best."
Cons: "I am not sure how it happened, but I never got a chance to select meal when I did the booking. Probably because the booking was from third-party site but then again, when one clicks on "Book", the third-party site directs to airline site only."
Pros: "same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"
Pros: "The flight itself was excellent !"
Cons: "I had to return early because of a Crisis in the Family. the amount charged to change the ticket date as Highway Robbery. no consideration what so ever !"
Pros: "I like everything. Good and kind staff"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Sevice Short transit Flight on time Friendliness"
Cons: "No halal menu. Please offer at least one full can of soda."
Pros: "Everything very average"
Cons: "If you ever need customer service, they are the worst in the business"
Pros: "Fligths were on time"
Cons: "The entertainment system didint work on my seat, the crew on the fligth from China to Bangkok was not friendly, most of they were not smiling."
Pros: "Meal arrangement not international category."
Cons: "Too much bumping and noisy air time."
Pros: ""Nothing". I really mean it Nothing."
Cons: "I was flying to Delhi & it was an emergency situation for me bcz i lost my Dad & i was flying to perform the cremation of my Dad. And thing this was informed to the China Southern officials so that they could arrange something for me. I requested them to put me into another flight for which i was ready to pay the whole amount but no one listen to my request & i had to wait so long. I was amazed to see that no one was keen to understand my problem at both he airports i.e. Auckland Airport & Ganzhaou Airport. Apart from this the behavior of your officials was so rude & arrogant it made me feel as if i was a slave or some kind of culprit. Due to the ignorance & laid back attitude on your part i couldn't reach my destination on my time. Seriously it took me "24 hrs Extra" to reach my destination & as a result of which i couldn't perform the cremation. I was pissed off by the service; complete ignorance by the staff/officials of ur airlines. I wasn't expecting this kind of treatment from a reputed company like you. I request you guys to look into this matter seriously and try to take some corrective measures so that this thing won't happen in future with someone else."
Pros: "Excellent pilot. Good skills. Steady take-off and landing."
Cons: "Food on board wasn’t nice at all. The quality of food should be improved and China Southern should take it seriously."
Pros: "The aircraft looked newer. Toilet was a bit roomier & appeared generally cleaner compared to same flights I’ve taken before. Seat in economy seemed more comfortable. I asked for aisle seats with no problem. On one leg, asked for premium seat (more leg room) & was provided with no problem. Noise level seemed lower. Snacks were at the galley when needed. Food was generally good (I usually feel nauseous with smell of airline food, but didn’t feel it). On one leg, asked for just fruits (instead of the regular meal), & attendant offered 2 apples (apparently personally brought by an attendant)."
Cons: "The flight attendants don’t speak much English, so you couldn’t carry a conversation to pass time. Couldn’t get the English audio on movies to come out. One attendant kept limiting the wine serving on my small cup."
Pros: "and clean aircraft. I ordered LFML and will again. Well done. Inflight staff was efficient but not friendly."
Cons: "On the 77W - CZ657 CAN SFO, the economy aisle seat 57G is a normal economy seat but the overhead luggage bin does not open."
Pros: "CS gave me seats with screens. My kid enjoyed it much."
Pros: "Food, entertainment, solid"
Cons: "Flight got rerouted to Chicago because of snow. Airline abandoned us for almost 10 hours. No one knew where to go, what to do. That part was horrible after a 15 hour flight."
Pros: "Seats were ok. Downloaded media for each seat was diverse and entertaining. Food was alright."
Cons: "Crew was pretty curt and not polite. They also 'didn't have time' to load my bag onto the plane, along with ~15 other people. I had to wait two days for it to arrive. 'No time' to load bags is kind of an odd and slightly unacceptable reason to not load baggage onto a plane. Airlines close check-in for flights 30 mins before departure time to ensure that all bags make it onto the plane. I was 3 hours early. Don't know why they 'didn't have time'. They also broke my friend's bag."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Ontime departure"
Cons: "Nothing special. Entertainment system was intermittently working requiring reveal reboot. Food just average or perhaps slightly below. Customer service was fair but not to the caliber of other Asian airlines (e.g., Cathay Pacific)"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Foot room is super small, no entertainment and they wouldn't let you use any electronic device."
Pros: "Great staff, food, comfort. Very clean toilets."
Pros: "cheap"
Cons: "no tv/ personal entertainment. feels like a budget flight. delayed flight"
Pros: "Plenty of legroom at emergency exit aile without extra charge"
Cons: "Wait too in hotel"
Cons: "seats didn't recline as much as they should have been able to in the space."
Pros: "The Flight Attendants were very kind and helpful. always a lot of legroom!!"
Cons: "Didn't have individual TV screens on this route"
Pros: "One meal for a 90 minutes fly? I am a frequent flyer and this is my first fly that services a meal in a 90 minutes fly"
Cons: "Everything is awesome."
Cons: "I wanted to upgrade my ticket and they didn't take Discover, the staff was not very accommodating."
Pros: "Ditto"
Cons: "Ditto.........."
Pros: "The staff were always very helpful and courteous."
Cons: "My television screen kept malfunctioning. It didn't prohibit entertainment, but it was annoying. It was a bit too cold on the flight."
Pros: "That I got on the flight. That it was cheap."
Cons: "That every single southern china air flight was delayed, which nearly caused me to miss my other flights on the way back. When we were on the plane they didn't even tell us the flight was going to be delayed, we just sat on the plane for an hour twiddling our thumbs. No reasons given, will not flight southern china again"
Pros: "Shorter flight"
Cons: "Lost luggage arriving in Manila. Hard to contact to search luggage."
Pros: "Help And pleasant staff"
Cons: "Poor quality entertainment screen"
Pros: "Very nice people"
Cons: "Would like Chinese food"
Pros: "I had a long connection in Guangzhou (16 hours), and airport staff offered me a free hotel stay for this period of time; Hotel turned out to be awesome, I had a nice sleep and came back to the airport well refreshed."
Pros: "Flight was fast & good service by flight attendants."
Cons: "Food served was mediocre."
Pros: "Because of our 8-hour layover in Guangzhou, China Southern gave us a free hotel room 30 minutes from the airport, which included a free buffet breakfast. The bus to the hotel was also complementary. Also, they fed us twice on the trip from LAX, and once more on the flight to Hanoi."
Cons: "The food was okay but could be improved. Also, the online check-in system for our flight from LAX was unavailable."
Pros: "The only positive thing was that the flight was on time."
Cons: "Cabin crew was largely absent. The seats were small and there was no legroom. The food was mediocre, but edible. Alcoholic drinks were limited to a red wine, a white wine, and beer, none of which were good.The bathrooms were quite dirty, though that is more a reflection of the passengers than of the crew."
Pros: "Good service, very pleasant cabin crew and a very smooth 787 flight. Good food."
Cons: "For a modern plane the seats are very hard on an eleven hour flight Having flown China Southern before on this route I brought along a memory foam seat squab this time! Very impressive is the transit hotel accommodation provided free for transits over eight hours."
Pros: "everything else"
Cons: "flight was delayed"
Pros: "Business class was confortable but plane showed signs of age"
Cons: "Would recommend a western menu option"
Cons: "Music only to listen to, but headphones only worked on one side. Middle seat (B) didn't recline."
Pros: "One leg of the flight was a dreamliner."
Cons: "Food was the worst I have had in memory. Crew are also the worst I have experienced in memory."
Pros: "Punctual departure, early arrival. Cabin crew was very attentive. Plenty of drinks to keep hydrated. Lots of movie and entertainment choices."
Cons: "Seat cushioning was worn out...not so comfortable for a long flight. Limited leg room. Unless you were seated at the beginning rows of the food service, there was only one food choice left. Also ran out of snacks for the back rows."
Pros: "The food was actually alright, comped hotel was nice"
Cons: "No way to choose seats online. Boarding was a lesson in insanity that looked like a wwf cage match. Plane finally boarded 2 hours late with no info made available concerning connecting flights. Tried to get help with connections during flight, was ignored at least three times by different staff (maybe because of language difficulties) before finally forcing the issue with a steward who WAS VERY helpful. It was as though everybody was afraid of helping. Finally made it to China where we were told that our flight was gone. We were given a nice hotel, but told to come back two hours early for our next flight at 6:30 am. Got up at 3 am to catch 3:50 shuttle, and got to gate at suggested time only to find that the flight was delayed and had been delayed for three days. Finally left at 9:30 and had a good flight to Delhi."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and most spoke some English. They offered drinks throughout the flight and were courteous. Personal TVs were nice."
Cons: "Take off was late. Could not use my cell phone the entire flight even if it was on airplane mode. Absolutely ridiculous as I've never had another airline do this. Why can I use an iPad but not an iPhone? The meal could've been much better. Maybe some other, better snacks instead?"
Pros: "Stewardesses we're extremely courteous & responsive. I was impressed with online streaming system. I was blown away by the free transfer to a layover hotel in downtown Wuhan - we were shuttled like first class. Many of were prepared to sleep at the airport for 8 hrs so this was very thoughtful!"
Cons: "Planes did not pull up to the gate - sometimes shuttle times were exceedly long. Meal quality inconsistent - meals from Wuhan to Bangkok were not appetizing at all!"
Pros: "Actually had enough leg room; boarding and flight were well-managed and we arrived an hour ahead of schedule."
Cons: "Food was palatable though not enjoyable."
Cons: "Food not so good for an American Less pushing of passengers Less abruptness of flight attendants"
Cons: "Boarding was chaotic and lack organization. Limited drink selections and should include club soda. Food was bland!"
Pros: "Ok"
Cons: "Customer service and organization could improve."
Cons: "Everything ! It's just like Southwest Airlines"
Pros: "Nothing! Couldn't be worse. The crew don't care about passengers and can't speak English either. We had a very long delay for no reason. The plane landed at a different airport that it was supposed to and then the airline bussed us to the Shanghai airport. Terrible terrible operation..."
Cons: "Everything! First please hire flight attendants that can speak English. Then provide better food. Even with Chinese standards the food had a bad quality. The stewardess didn't even understand that airplane mode exists for cell phones. She screamed at me to turn it off. Entertainment was a disaster"
Pros: "Loads of space. Super crew,"
Cons: "Nothing. It was perfect."
Cons: "Layover long time and must to start to check in again"
Pros: "The seats reclined more than I expected, the food was surprisingly good, and the entertainment options were very good."
Cons: "The flight attendant for our seating area was not pleasant. It wouldn’t have hurt him to try a little harder. Also it was very warm on the plane. We were expecting to be cold and it was quite the opposite."
Pros: "The dinner and lunch service was weird as missing components of the both services came when we were finished eating .. Breakfast was much better"
Pros: "We got food two times, the food was pretty decent. The staff were nice. There were individual screens that had quite a few entertainment options, including games and flight information. I heard a lot of nightmare stories about this airline but I actually enjoyed the flight. The price I got was also so worth it."
Cons: "The seats were not too comfortable. I also got cold while on the flight, even when I had long pants, long socks, a sweater and even the blanket they gave me. Apart from that it was pretty ok."
Pros: "Good price"
Cons: "2 stops in china"
Pros: "at least they gave us a voucher for a free dinner at the cafeteria in Macau"
Pros: "Business class comparable to cathay Pacific. Boeing 707 should be used for all flights."
Cons: "Small plane for the shorter flight"
Pros: "Access to the airport was good. Nice people of hong Kong"
Cons: "It was hard to get info from China eastern airline. Delayed flight with no communications"
Pros: "The China Eastern Airlines website is always down. It was impossible although we had seat numbers, they changed our seats numbers and we all had to seat separated, including our 12 years old daughter."
Pros: "price"
Cons: "air conditioning broken ... Hot Cramped seating"
Pros: "No much."
Cons: "We wanted to upgrade to business class, but were told we could only do it once on board. On board you could only upgrade if you had cash; they didn't take credit cards. There were no snacks and the food served was mediocre at best. Shanghai Pudong Airport is a horrible airport and the day we were there they were not letting anyone out of the airport that has less than 24 hours between flights. We had to sit in that horrible airport with no wifi for 12 hours! Miserable!"
Pros: "good selection of movies"
Cons: "food"
Cons: "Service not so good"
Pros: "The crew frequently offered dr8nks in between meal service."
Cons: "I did not enjoy the food. There were not non meat options."
Pros: "Amazing service by the in flight staff! Snack and drinks non stop and so friendly."
Pros: "Special separate Transfer Van for Business class passengers to board the plane."
Cons: "No Priority Check-in for Business Class at the Airport. We were in line with Economy class passengers. Not in English Announcement at Boarding time. Ridiculous. CHINA EASTERN web site is horrible. When I was booking for seats, only showed 2 available seats and I had no choice. When I boarded the plane there were many empty seats. That is the trick the airlines play."
Pros: "Pretty good entertainment choices, attentive staff"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst experience ever. 11 hour delay at JFK. No information given by staff at JFK. Missed connection in Shaghai. Took business class but was not admitted to Air France lounge."
Pros: "Very kind."
Pros: "Simple and on an older Airbus, it was fine for a quick trip"
Pros: "Just do yourself a favor and sleep. Even though the flight is shorter they still give you a meal and a bottle of water which I found to be nice."
Cons: "Seats were definitely a lot more cramped and there was no sort of entertainment aside from the window or magazines (but then again, makes sense since the flight is a much shorter one)."
Pros: "Very pleasurable"
Pros: "Crew seemed friendly."
Cons: "Boarding was delayed 30 min. The attendant who spoke to me, spoke in clear English. The one giving the announcement, her pronunciation was not completely clear. For a routine speech like that, it should be well-rehearsed and clear."
Pros: "Good space, good food, good entertainment!"
Pros: "Good inflight movies but not good earbuds (try headphones). Some flight attendants very friendly even when having difficulty with English. Liberal baggage allowance--thank you! Good checkin experience but should ask if frequent flier miles."
Cons: "Always late--this time only 4 hours; last time 12 hours--so maybe getting better. Little or no communication with passengers while waiting hours for plane. Cabin manager very curt and unfriendly. Food not very tasty. Snacks and beverages at points during flight would help."
Pros: "The crew, the food, and the entertainment were fine."
Cons: "It would be helpful if someone is flying international, you should flag out or warning about the time you can or can't lay over in in China. And changed to another flight to accommodate customer should not be so redicular difficult."
Cons: "Delay an hour and couldn't buy sim card at airport because they were closed already. We almost missed the last bus also."
Pros: "My dietary preferences didn't get reported right and the flight attendant was very accomodating and made me a platter of a bunch of sides whereas other airlines in my experiences just say tough luck."
Cons: "I don't speak Chinese so I found their website very confusing and couldn't navigate my booking online well"
Pros: "Nice crew,courteous service"
Cons: "Food could take improvement"
Pros: "Despite the late arrival of the inbound aircraft, the bus boarding was efficient and we were ready to go fairly swiftly. The seats were quite comfortable for a short flight, it was a visibility newish B737-800 aircraft. The food was bland and flavourless, but they did serve fruit and Haagen Dazs"
Cons: "Again the food was basic apart from the ice cream. The entertainment came in the form of pop down screens that just played a Chinese drama. The single most frustrating thing about flying any Chinese airline though is the blanket ban on all mobile phones during the flight, even in flight mode. A imbisilic and embarrassingly outdated rule that is clearly one of the many achievements of the CCP. Wake up and join the rest of the world!"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, about as expected for the cheap price"
Cons: "No vegetarian option, in flight headphones were useless, can't use phone AT ALL during flight, gate was changed without warning (no announcements over the PA or notices posted that it was changed)"
Pros: "Comfortable seat, nice staff. Clean plane and boarding was easy."
Cons: "Only one meal option served. It was seafood, and the whole plane smelled. As per usual, the flight was delayed due to delays at Pudong Airport."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My "flight 6790" wasn't a flight but actually a bus. It was over 100 miles to Shanghai and we didn't know this until we got to the airport. We almost weren't able to get our luggage because we didn't have a plane ticket for our next flight yet. The attendant at the bus stop said there was no bus that goes there. So we asked for the train, she said there was no train that goes there either. "So HOW do I get to Shanghai to catch this next flight then?" I asked. And she said she didn't know. Nobody would help us and everyone was being rude. We ended up having to spend $100 for 2 of us to take a cab to the next airport an hour away to catch our next flight. We weren't the only ones in the same situation, there were 7 of us total trying to find transportation to the next airport. Between the 2 cabs it cost us $400 just to get to Shanghai to catch our next flight. Shanghai airport personnel were perplexed at why they would send us to Hangzhou China and then tell us our next flight is an hour away in Shanghai. The air crew members were very friendly and accommodating but the airport staff were horrible, and whoever scheduled those flights like that.......I mean come on, seriously? It said FLIGHT 6790, not bus. If we knew that we would have booked a different flight, and we were misled into not doing so."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Entertainment Food"
Pros: "Crew was friendly Was as comfortable as economy is expected to be Really liked the power outlet. Entertainment options were adequate. Provided more than enough food."
Cons: "Flight was delayed several hours. Passengers were asked to dump liquids at the door to the Jetway, without any forewarning."
Cons: "Cramped. Creepy crew and food wasn't great."
Pros: "Great value. Fully flat bed in business class for Dubai - Melbourne return with stops in Kunming and Shanghai very comfortable with a 2/2/2 arrangement. Long transits in Shanghai allowed a quick visit into this dynamic city. Airports at Kunming and Shanghai are modern, efficient. Short term visa on arrival for transit passengers works well. I will definitely fly them again."
Cons: "Staff were great but not quietest Cathay/ Emirates level but they really tried hard. I am sure they will get there soon. Wine list was limited and the white wine was warm - though to be fair this is sometimes the case on Qatar Airways too."
Pros: "check in staff in singapore for Eastern china was *awesome* : professional, helpful and patient"
Cons: "food: no vegetarian and quite unhealthy (maybe I should have checked up before)"
Cons: "Had to cancel my flight due to my layovers being to long and me needing a visa. I booked the flight via Kayak because it was the cheapest one. Inhad no idea i needed a visa just to wait in the airport."
Pros: "Two and half hours delayed. This is a consistent problem when flying China Eastern"
Cons: "2.5 hours of delays"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flights were canceled because of a rule that should have been told to me."
Pros: "The entertainment options were fair."
Cons: "During my transfer in Shanghai, the check-in crew were difficult and rude, asking me to go to the end of the line after waiting for hours. The management staff weren't helpful and overall the flight was uncomfortable. If I can avoid it, I will try to never fly this or any other Chinese airline again."
Pros: "One crew member was very helpful. My seat was broken and did not recline and he tried very hard to fix it. Free wine."
Cons: "NO in flight entertainment on a 14 hour flight!!!! Insane. Sink in bathroom was broken. My chair did not recline. You are not allowed to use your phone even in airplane mode in Chinese airlines."

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