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Zanzibar is an escape from the everyday and the ordinary, with world-class beaches, and a rich history, culture, and geography like no other in the world. It's a true tropical paradise, but with so much more to offer than just surface beauty.

Zanzibar is an archipelago, consisting of a string of islands in the Indian Ocean just over 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. Unguja, commonly called Zanzibar, is the largest island, and it's where most visitors spend their time. Zanzibar is also known as the Spice Islands, and has been a major source of the world's supply of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper for centuries.

There is evidence of civilization in Zanzibar dating back 20,000 years. It has seen waves of settlement and colonization from ancient Persian traders to the Portuguese and British. The result is a fascinating modern island with a diverse population and a welcoming spirit towards visitors to their beautiful tropical home.

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Strong breezes have a cooling effect on Zanzibar's tropical climate. The cooler, drier months of June to October are the most popular for visitors, when daytime highs hover around the mid-80s Fahrenheit. There is a rainy season from March to May associated with monsoons, and a lighter one from November to December.

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Where to Stay in Zanzibar

Naturally, there are many resorts and hotels along the seafront, including the charming Mizingani Seafront Hotel with its local flavor, or the stunning modern luxury of the Essque Zalu Zanzibar resort in Nungwi. The Emerson Spice boutique hotel in Stone Town gives you a taste of sophisticated modern Africa, with unique furnishings and gorgeous views from your terrace.

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Shopping Streets

Stone Town offers you a unique and varied shopping trip. For clothing made by local designers and companies, along with jewelry, spices, and even music by local artists, look into the boutiques along Gizenga Street and Kenyatta Road. For both fine jewelry made of gold and silver, and local artisan work such as beaded pieces, Soko Muhogo Square is an alternative to Gizenga Street.

Groceries and Other

Kwality Supermarket and Migoz Supermarket are both located in Zanzibar City. You can buy produce, basic groceries, and just about anything else at the Darajani Markets, a bazaar located in Stone Town near the Anglican Church. One quart of milk costs about TZS2,835 and a dozen eggs costs about TZS 3,500.

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Where to Eat in Zanzibar

At the Ubora Restaurant, located in the Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel, you can enjoy serene views of the ocean at a table by the pool, along with a menu of seafood and other dishes done with East African flair. Mains start at about TZS45,000. At The Rock, you'll dine on seafood - literally - on a rock in the Indian Ocean. Main dishes start at about TZS29,000. At Forodhani Gardens, a small park near Stone Town, you'll be joining locals at a street food scene where you'll pay about TZS3,000 for vegetarian dishes with rice, and about TZS4,500 for dishes with chicken or beef.