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You're Going to Love Zakopane

With its slopes and mountain ski chalets, horse-drawn sleighs, colorful main street and cable cars, you`ll think you've arrived in the Switzerland of Eastern Europe! Don`t miss the beautiful resort town of Zakopane.

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When you should travel to Zakopane depends on what kind of activities you like. If you're going for freshly powdered mountains and challenging slopes, winter is best. Temperatures are 41.9°F-22.46°F and summer reaches only 59.5°F.

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Where to Stay in Zakopane

The Nosalowy Dwor Resort & Spa is the perfect place to stay if you're looking to be pampered in luxury. Check out the Villa Vita for its beautiful mountain views or Target Hostel for economy in the city center.

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Shopping Streets

Local shops, kiosks for food and crafts, restaurants and entertainment spots are all lined up in one convenient location in Zakopane: the Krupówki Promenade.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs zł4 and a dozen eggs will be around zł7.38.

Where to Eat in Zakopane

Because of its destination as a 'resort' town, it can seem hard to find food in Zakopane that is well-portioned and affordable. But there are definitely hidden gems like U RYŚKA (MARZANNA) on ul. Oswalda Balzera 17E (opposite to Nosal). Here, you can feast on large pork chops, seasoned potatoes and hearty soups. A meal for 2 adults and a child comes to zł50-zł60.