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With a population of 171,803, Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) is the largest city in Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland by the number of inhabitants.

When to visit Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie)

Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) in February
Estimated hotel price
1 night at 3-star hotel
Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) in February
Estimated hotel price
1 night at 3-star hotel

How to Get to Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie)


Although Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) doesn’t have its own airport, you can fly to Szymany Olsztyn-Mazury (SZY), which is located 28 miles from Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie).


Located 0.9 miles from the city centre, Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) is the busiest station in Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie). Another popular train station is Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) Olsztyn Glowny, located 26 miles from the centre.


The most popular bus station is Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) Uniwersytet-Prawocheńskiego, located 1.6 miles from the city centre of Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie). Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) Olsztyn is also a commonly used station, and is 1.9 miles from the city centre.

Airports near Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie)

Airlines serving Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie)

Good (3,709 reviews)
Good (687 reviews)
Good (813 reviews)
British Airways
Good (3,455 reviews)
Good (4,189 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (2,060 reviews)
Air France
Good (838 reviews)
United Airlines
Good (4,266 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Good (2,210 reviews)
Excellent (1,811 reviews)
Austrian Airlines
Good (406 reviews)
Good (1,400 reviews)
Air Canada
Good (4,028 reviews)
Brussels Airlines
Good (203 reviews)
Scandinavian Airlines
Good (759 reviews)
Singapore Airlines
Excellent (732 reviews)
Good (949 reviews)
Good (1,007 reviews)
Etihad Airways
Good (601 reviews)
Good (634 reviews)
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Hiring a car in Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie)

Expect to pay $2.50 per litre in Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) (average price from the past 30 days). Depending on the size of your car hire, filling up the tank will cost between $29.95 and $39.94. The most frequently booked car type in Olsztyn (Warminsko-Mazurskie) is Compact (Class Compact SUV or similar). If you’re looking to save money, though, keep in mind that Economy car hire (Class Economy Car or similar) is, on average, 63% cheaper than other car hire types in the city.