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The northern Indian city of Kanpur is a great place to explore intricate Hindu temples, local market shopping and natural forest parks.

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The best time to visit is between October and March, when the weather is mild and less-humid.

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Where to Stay in Kanpur

The Landmark Towers is a 5 star hotel with an outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning and free breakfast. Prices start at INR23,700 a night.

Popular Neighborhoods in Kanpur

Where to stay in popular areas of Kanpur

How to Get Around Kanpur

The Cost of Living in Kanpur

Shopping Streets

The Beconganj area has several boutique shops selling embroidered textiles and crafts. Z Square is the biggest and most central shopping mall covering 5 acres of space.

Groceries and Other

ABCD store and EazyDay Daily Needs Store are the main supermarkets selling food supplies. A dozen eggs cost INR62.

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Cheap meal
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Where to Eat in Kanpur

Antarang is a vegetarian Indian/Mughlai restaurant serving traditional kebabs and curries. Dinner prices average about INR1,500 for two people.

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