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Pros:Drop off was not "super easy" there were issues. It was not unacceptable though.Cons:The pickup I rented at first, I kept only 2 weeks because it had high mileage and had been beaten half to death by previous renter(s). I exchanged it for another and it was cleaner, slightly lower mileage, but the check engine light kept coming on. Also F150's have door code unlock but the vehicle security code sticker had been removed from the glove box. It's nearly impossible to reach the location staff via phone. You *might* get someone to return your call the next day if you get through to a fluent english-speaking customer service person.Reviewed 21 Feb 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:Parking lot crew was very helpful and personableCons:Wilma at the rental Counter was extremely rude. She argued with me throughout the entire process to the point of insult.. Her final arguement was that 9am-9am is a 26 hour window .. I tried confirming / correcting that there is 24 hours in a day.. and if she meant that I had 26 hours in the rental agreement.. this just resulted in her gathering her personals, telling me I'm wrong and to proceed to the parking lot as she went home for the day. Parking lot crew was able to pick up the pieces and re issue my entire rental contract and get me in a vehicle and on my way.Reviewed 4 Nov 2016
review fromkayak
Overall a good exeperience, spoiled only by cigarette smoke smellPros:Efficient service overall and a good car. Polite staff.Cons:1) Service counter trying to push extras. 2) Car smelled of stale cigarette smoke - which was not apparent on pick-up because all windows were open. 3) Although clean overall, wheels still dirty.Reviewed 7 Mar 2018
review fromkayak
MisleadPros:The car was nice.Cons:I purchased the car insurance when I booked my online reservation. I thought I got a good deal until I picked up the car and the woman at the counter said that insurance doesn't cover their cars. I had to pay triple the amount for a different insurance through Alamo. I called to cancel my original insurance and the man over the phone said that rental companies like to lie about not accepting their coverage so they could upsale for their own commission. So, I wasted money I didn't need to waste. Plus, the extra taxes & fees added over $100 to my bill (I wish that would have shown up online when I booked the car). Overall very displeased with how they scam their customers.Reviewed 4 Oct 2018
review fromkayak
Pros:yesReviewed 26 Oct 2020
review fromkayak
Cons:Alamo was closed and we were forced to re-locate to the enterprise counter. This was not a big deal, but when we tried to get our full size car we were informed only pickup trucks and mini vans were available. Since we were traveling with 5 people we needed a full size pickup truck, of which only one was available. When we got in the truck it had a strong stench of marijuana and would not start. The truck was very dirty and had spilled foods and drinks all over the car. I found someone who worked for enterprise and they told me just to pick out a different vehicle. I opted for a van, which was also very dirty and smelled like a wet dog. This was the best they could do I was told. The vehicle drove great and I had no issues dropping off.Reviewed 16 Dec 2020
review fromkayak
Cons:The agency ran out of cars. Mind you, I had a RESERVATION! I landed at the airport late at night. I was tired and eager to get my car and get to my hotel, which was over an hour north of the airport. Instead I found myself stranded at the airport with my luggage in hand, no way to get to my hotel, no place to sleep. It was the absolute worst travel experience I have ever had!! I managed to get a car the next morning, but the agent at the counter told me I needed to hurry out to the lot before they ran out of cars again! And, indeed, when I got out there there were only a few cars available. Apparently this happens every weekend. If they know it is going to happen, why don't they prepare?Reviewed 8 Nov 2020
review fromkayak
Pretty poor customer service.Pros:Car was ready to go, clean, and operated fine.Cons:We showed up just after midnight on a Saturday to learn Alamo's computer systems had just gone offline. On top of that, this is apparently a regular occurrence that happens every other Saturday night at midnight. Despite the frequency of these very inconvenient system downtimes, the customer reps were not at all prepared to handle it. They had to go find their manager who was either somewhere very far away or, going by the way he very casually sauntered in 25 minutes later, just didn't care that a line of 15+ customers were standing there waiting at 12:30am. The manager brought the manual forms required to allow transactions to proceed; for some reason they cannot keep these forms at the ready even though their systems are regularly offline. Once the forms were in hand, the transaction moved along fairly quickly and I was off to get my car. At that point, the lady outside asked me what type of vehicle I'd booked, never looked at my paperwork, and then brusquely pointed at a row of cars and said "Fullsize starts there.". Okey dokey. Then, I had to ask her to provide the 2 car seats I had also reserved for my 1 & 3 year old daughters. She brought these two ratty seats with straps hanging all over the place out of a closet and just thrust them towards me without a word. The straps were all kinds of tangled and disassembled and she provided no assistance or instruction whatsoever. It took me over half and hour to finally get them functional and safely installed. The car was fine, the return experience was fine, but the customer service we received at pickup in ATL was pretty abhorrent.Reviewed 19 Dec 2016
review fromkayak
Cons:The worst part of the rental car experience is the initial pick-up at the counter. The Alamo staff always try to up-sale you and won’t take a simple “no thank-you” for an answer. Once I decline the upgrade being offered (which wasn’t really an upgrade), the staff is still persistant in trying to tell me why I made the wrong decision. This is extremely frustrating and customers shouldn’t be made to feel badly about their selected car class. In my case, I had spent time researching various car classes and comparing rates across several companies. After much research, I decided on a compact SUV from Alamo as the vehicle that best suited my needs as well as had a good rate. After a long international flight, the last thing I want to do is debate the rental car clerk about why I chose that vehicle and why I don’t care to upgrade (for more money) to a standard car. I felt there was a fair amount of “mansplaining” happening as well because as a female, I’m not able to pick out a car that beat meets my needs. I hate dealing with the rental counter! Alamo should expand their options for car pick-up at a kiosk which eliminates the frustrating encounters with staff as well as reduce overall wait time in line.Reviewed 23 Aug 2020
review fromkayak
Cons:When we picked up the car there was only one attendant (who was very nice) at the check-in desk and the line was long. Had to wait a good 20-25 minutes. Some people left and went to another rental agency. Also we were told to take any “mid size” car. And it was written on the paperwork we were handed at the counter. There were no mid sized cars in the garage. There were compact, intermediate, etc etc. NO signs said “mid size.” There was only one attendant in the garage as well and lots of customers with questions. So we had to wait again. And then when we asked where the mid sized cars were, the female attendant was pretty rude and impatient with us —- probably because she was spread really thin being the only attendant on duty in the garage. Ps: apparently mid-size and intermediate are the same. But the check in guy didn’t tell us this and no cars are marked mid size so it was quite confusing. Drop off was great!Reviewed 31 Dec 2019
review fromkayak
Cons:False information was provided during time of reservations. I reserved a car rental under my name and paid for reservation under my significant others credit card. The charges went through on the card on day of reservation. However when I arrived to pick up my car I was told I was suppose to pay with a credit card that matched my name. I asked to have my reservations canceled, however, Alamo stated I needed to call third party. I tried multiple times to contact the third party however it was an automated system. Once I finally got through, they told me I needed to speak to an Alamo representative.Reviewed 24 Apr 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:Staff was professional and efficient.Cons:Rental car companies (and Kayak itself) really need to stop recording so much information. The rental company does not need to *scan* your ID -- that's guaranteed identity theft down the line. Corporate release of private identifying information is criminal conduct and should be treated as such: The executives who approve data collection and the employees who actually collect it should be criminally liable for data breaches. All they need is to visually confirm the home or mailing address you supplied. The state already knows how to find you, if it comes to that.Reviewed 6 Jan 2020
review fromkayak

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