Car rental at Memphis Airport

Car rental at Memphis Airport

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Memphis, TN, United States - Memphis
1 Jul — 8 Jul
Same drop-off
Memphis, TN, United States - Memphis
Fri 1/7
Fri 8/7
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Memphis Airport car hire reviews and directory

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8.4 Excellent (181 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
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2.0 Mediocre2 May 2022
Age Restrictions
2.0 Mediocre20 Mar 2022
Flight in was very late. Arrived at car rental counter about 10 minutes after posted closing time. Usually, especially at a big city airport, car rental places stay open late. At least this time, Memphis Alamo was closed. Technically, not their fault, but not mine, either. Even though I had reserved a rental car weeks in advance, I had to use a different company. I can only hope they won't charge me for a car not rented.
8.0 Excellent1 Feb 2022
The pickup and drop off process are extremely easy. The vehicle I rented left some to be desired. It smelled funny and the dash and infotainment center were not clean. Otherwise, it was a great experience.
10.0 Excellent1 Dec 2021
Confort, customer service was nice at the Memphis airport
10.0 Excellent16 Nov 2021
Staff was very pleasant and efficient. Was upgraded without hesitation due to vehicle availability at time of arrival.
1.9 Horrible20 Sep 2021
There were no rental cars available when I arrived. Even though I was able to register for a car online.
4.0 Okay10 Mar 2021
The car smell like tabaco or weed
10.0 Excellent30 Oct 2020
Very Clean And Very Up To Date Meaning New Vehicle And Very Safe .All good Very nice
8.0 Excellent23 Aug 2020
Yes. They were backed up but accommodated as quickly as they couldBe better about mask useage. Both wearing them and wearing them properly.
10.0 Excellent20 Aug 2020
Staff at pick up and at drop were very helpful.Nothing.
Rated no. 2
7.1 Good (113 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
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  • 7.3
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  • 6.7
  • 7.1
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2.0 Mediocre16 May 2022
They had no cars available even though I made my reservation over a month ago. They said anywhere from 2-8 hours and there were already 6 people ahead of me waiting. I canceled and went with enterprise.
2.0 Mediocre28 Feb 2022
It was terrible. Waited over an hour and still no car. Even trying to cancel my reservation after waiting to over 26 min on the phone. I will never use them nor Thrifty ever again.
2.0 Mediocre21 Feb 2022
This location was closed when we arrived because they ran out of cars, even though we had a reservation. We waited outside in the cold for 30 min before someone from Enterprise came over and told us. The people at Dollar didn't even leave a note. Unacceptable service.
2.0 Mediocre19 Dec 2021
First problem, they tooked confirmed reservations, but didnt have cars available to rent. I had to wait four and a half hours for a vehicle. Second problem., I had the car 3 days not 4, but not get s refund or apology for any of the problems I wii never use this service again.
4.0 Okay24 Nov 2021
The ladies at the desk were nice. However, I had to wait almost an hour for my car. I’m not quite for sure why I needed a paid reservation if my car isn’t going to be ready. I will definitely consider other rental companies if I have to wait that long.
4.0 Okay29 Oct 2021
I was NOT impressed with the type vehicle and pick up process at the airport in Memphis, TN. I arrived at Dollar car rental at 5:30 pm on OCT 6, 2021, and found the pick up area closed with a sign posted to "pick up the to rental car at Hertz!" I stood in line at Hertz for nearly an hour waiting to pick up the rental car. Due to the volume of business at Hertz, there was nobody available to answer my questions about the functionality of the rental vehicle. The headlight visibility on the rental car (Ford Focus) was poor. Also, with Memphis, TN, being an extremely high crime area, I was very uncomfortable with driving a rental vehicle there for 3 weeks with Nevada license plates.
10.0 Excellent15 Sep 2021
Real easy getting car on very short notice....
10.0 Excellent1 Sep 2021
checked gas gauge and it was on empty. They immediately swapped us to another vehicle. Checkout and checkin both went very smoothly!
1.9 Horrible22 Jul 2021
Got there at 8pm and there was no one there and no cars. Will never use Dollar again
1.9 Horrible15 Jul 2021
I had a terrible experience from the moment I arrived. My entire day backfired because of the lack of service here. The woman at the counter did not even greet me even though I had an appointment/ reservation for the time I arrived, and she did not attempt to assist me when she saw me. I didn't even get my rental and I had drove out of my way 30 minutes for absolutely nothing and poor- poor- poor customer service. I had a reservation for a rental setup online the night before and I arrive for her to suddenly tell me that they "do not do same day rentals" (????) The reservation portal could have notified me of this before I wasted my time and money covering an rental insurance package as well as the gas to get there. Not only did she quickly close the door on me after this unacceptable update, but I could clearly see other rentals in their parking lot which I found odd for them not to have any inventory to supply my rental! Zero stars! Do not rent with this company online or in-person.
Rated no. 3
6.9 Good (118 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
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  • 7.4
  • 6.8
  • 6.7
  • 6.7
Recent reviews
6.0 Good7 Apr 2022
Car wasn’t full of gas. Only had one persons working the counter so we waited an hour. Car was half cleaned. Car had damages on it.
6.0 Good6 Apr 2022
Dirty interior I had to clean. Rather expensive
2.0 Mediocre3 Apr 2022
Kayak, Priceline or whatever does not give drivers all information need before renting a vehicle online through them. They don't tell you that you have to have enough money left over on your credit card to cover a deposit at the counter had me thinking I didn't have to pay anything at pickup. So, I used my card again after I booked and didn't have exactly 200 dollars for my deposit there was no other way to pay couldn't use another major credit card or pay with cash as I tried everything they wouldn't give me a refund Hertz is the company I booked to use at pickup they tell me to ask Priceline for a refund back and then there is Priceline telling me to ask Herzt for my refund so I'm thinking this maybe a loss so for anyone out there don't believe them they just tell lies go straight to the company that you plan to use because these third party people ain't worth the names they call themselves
2.0 Mediocre18 Mar 2022
I picked a car up just before 1pm, drove 7 miles to a local BBQ place for lunch, and noticed a deep looking tear (more than 1/4 inch deep and 2 inches wide) in the outer wall of the tire when I came outside of the restaurant. Called the roadside assistance number at 2pm and they advised to bring it back since the car was still drivable. When I got back, they had me fill out an incident report, even though I’m certain by the looks of it that the tire had to be that way when I received it; I just couldn’t tell in a dark parking garage. I hit nothing on my way to the restaurant and with the direction I parked at the corner of the lot at the restaurant, nothing could have hit that tire. I noticed the tire issue less than an hour after receiving the car when I was actually out in the sunlight and tried to do the safe thing and bring it back. After filling out the report, I then get put behind about 10 other customers waiting on rentals, like I’m a brand new customer who just got there. Amongst these people was a woman who they gave my car I just brought back (now washed) WITH THE CUT TIRE. I pointed this out to the manager (wearing pajama pants) and she said that she didn’t know if that’s the same car because they have “a bunch of those”. I walked over and looked at the tire and it was indeed that same car that had the same slit in the tire. Bad enough to fill out an incident report with my findings, but not bad enough to give to someone else while I’m still waiting on a different vehicle? Hopefully the woman who got it after me does not get into an accident WHEN the tire blows out. After I finally got the 2nd rental car nearly 2 hours later, it reeked of weed and now my clothes smell like it. I wasn’t about to wait another 2 hours for a 3rd car though today. Now I need to try to get rid of this smell while it have clients with me this week. I know there’s a car shortage, I know there’s a labor shortage, but this was just pathetic with how much laziness this was handled with. All while the supervisor talked with her friends on her air pods. Prayers to the woman who got the cut tire that I originally was stuck with. I was only 90 mins late to my appointment this evening, but at least my “Cannabis Cruiser” for the week does not appear to have a cut tire that’s ready to go at any moment. Worst rental experience I’ve ever had, will probably ever have, and it’s not even close.
2.0 Mediocre1 Feb 2022
Hertz is not upfront about certain financial aspects before renting and the 800 customer service people are awful. If I can help it, I will never rent from Hertz again.
2.0 Mediocre10 Jan 2022
They took 300 $ out of my credit card with no reason and they didn’t send the receive yet
10.0 Excellent9 Jan 2022
Friendly, helpful, made sure I had an appropriate vehicle given the icy conditions when I arrived. Easy and friendly drop off.
10.0 Excellent4 Jan 2022
Very flexible when our plans changed due to illness. Great price as well.
8.0 Excellent31 Dec 2021
The agent was swift and friendly
2.0 Mediocre9 Dec 2021
When I went to the Hertz counter to pick up my rental car, there were about 10-12 people ahead of me in what seemed like the only rental car company at the Memphis airport that seemed to have a long line. Not sure why this Hertz counter was so busy at 12:00 noon on a Friday but for whatever reason it was a very long line and I had to wait more than 30 minutes to get my car which is unacceptable. I seems like none of the other car rental companies there had more than 1-2 parties in line vs. Hertz.
Rated no. 4
8.3 Excellent (86 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
  • 8.4
  • 8.5
  • 8.3
  • 8.2
  • 8.2
Recent reviews
1.9 Horrible18 Oct 2021
My flight was delayed and the counter closes at 11. I was stranded at the airport at 1 am. The phone representative for enterprise thought it was funny. He laughed out loud at my situation.
8.0 Excellent8 Jun 2021
It went good. No hassle!
6.0 Good7 Jun 2021
Nothing, was unable to use EnterpriseI booked reservation for 9pm. My flight was delayed 1.25h and when I arrived in Memphis, the Enterprise desk was closed. There was no warning or anything about it closing at 10p on the website or anything and at the desk no instructions on how to go about getting my rental from another desk. Had to walk around for an hour finding another rental place. At least 4 other parties were left stranded without rentals at 10p on a Thursday night.
10.0 Excellent3 Jan 2021
Staff was friendly even though he was super busy. Car was clean and nice- almost new. Check car back in was very easy and fastHas to wait a little longer to get the rental once I arrived but not unreasonable long I guess
10.0 Excellent7 Dec 2020
Blake was awesome!nothing, it was great
6.8 Good23 Oct 2020
Bro I found a strangers loaded gun in my car how are they not gonna refund me for that?! Like, how can you be COVID-clean and not find the handgun someone left in the centre console???Less loaded firearms.
10.0 Excellent9 Oct 2020
Drop off was extremely easy.The rental component has moved up to the garage as a result of Covid. The process was a bit slower than what is typical, but not unduly so.
6.0 Good6 Oct 2020
Drop off was mediocre , customer service over the phone if told me with restriction if I am later 1 minutes after 11:29 pm I will be charge . I made it 11:27 and they’re trying to rip me off with charge after a long day of frustration and make me wait longer than I suppose too ....
4.8 Okay28 Sep 2020
Nice carKey fob battery was low. Coolant was low. Tires needed balanced - the car vibrated at highway speed.
2.0 Mediocre24 Jun 2020
They could not provide a car at the airport location, because I wouldn’t put it on my credit card. They sent back to other locations within the city where debit cards are allowed. The problem they were all booked and airport location couldn’t or wouldn’t transfer the reservation. Not using them again!!!
Rated no. 5
7.5 Good (66 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
  • 7.9
  • 7.7
  • 7.3
  • 7.6
  • 7.4
Recent reviews
2.0 Mediocre22 May 2022
We arrived at 7:00 to pick up a car we reserved at Memphis airport. When we arrived we were told (unapologetically) that there were no cars available, that there was a waitlist 20 families long and that we would get a car as each car came in and they worked down the waitlist. They were flippant about the fact that there were no cars available and when I asked why, her comment was, “they overbook”. We waited about 1.5 hours for a car. We ran into a family that got there around 7:45 and they had the unfortunate luck to not get a car till midnight. Apparently, people that came in after them were turned away at night, carless. Shame on Avis for overbooking!
10.0 Excellent18 May 2022
Agent was very friendly, recognizing this was my first car rental and guiding me through it.
6.0 Good5 May 2022
Final charge was double original quote because of different fees.
10.0 Excellent11 Apr 2022
In Memphis when we picked up our car there was only 1 person behind counter and 13 people waiting in line. Our wait was over 30 minutes to get our rental. The agent was very nice. Easy return also.
10.0 Excellent22 Mar 2022
Nice prompt professional service
6.0 Good7 Mar 2022
Staff at the pickup counter didn't seem very engaged in their jobs. Don't recall anyone acting like they were glad I had chosen AVIS for my rental. Same was true when I dropped the car off.... it was like "ok, see you later"...... I'm used to more enthusiastic, customer focused people at places I stay/rent from, etc.
2.0 Mediocre20 Dec 2021
Old car, smelled like smoke, interior windshield so dirty I had to stop at a gas station to clean it, unfriendly staff, manual return process forcing me to return to terminal to complete paperwork before I could leave.
10.0 Excellent19 Nov 2021
Was great! Pick up and drop off was simple and easy!
2.0 Mediocre1 Nov 2021
We were supposed to pick up car at 7:00 a.m. made enormous effort to be there on time (cancelled flight day before, very late arrival). Nobody was at Avis desk. Five of us were waiting. Numerous phone calls and checks to other Avis desk. Agents arrived late — so we were delayed by about an hour. Nobody to contact with a lack of agents. The car itself was fine.
8.0 Excellent20 Oct 2021
Everything perfect except the fact they charged us for another day for being 2 hours late. 😩 but other than that, great experience!!
Rated no. 6
6.5 Good (56 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
  • 6.8
  • 6.9
  • 6.4
  • 6.2
  • 6.5
Recent reviews
8.0 Excellent14 Feb 2022
Great car at a decent price especially compared to Hertz or Avis.
8.0 Excellent6 Jan 2022
Little more enthusiasm from the staffs with customers will make the rental experience better.
10.0 Excellent13 Oct 2021
Fred at the Budget Rental car was awesome. Excellent customer service, friendliness, new his products available, helped with kid seats, everything. I will use Kayak again because of Fred at the Budget office at Memphis Airport. Thank you, Will Koberg
5.9 Okay20 Sep 2021
When I arrived, one person was available to assist. She instructed me to wait for someone else. Then she asked for my drivers license and started the process. She kept her window closed, requiring me to speak from an open window at the other end of the booth. When the second attendant appeared, I moved down and spoke through the glass that she opened briefly. Next, I was ask to quickly fill out documents and handed the keys and my receipt. I located the car and noted scratches on it. To avoid responsibility, I ask for a pre- inspection document noting the damage. She said that she forgot to tell me I could address that with the attendant on the way out. In sum, the communication was not acceptable. When I returned the car, there were at least 20 parked in front of my car. There was no attendant to check me in, provide a post inspection clearance, and confirm the car had a full tank of gas. Somewhere signs posted to leave the keys in the car, but I did not see one when I drove in. So, I walked to the booth and waited in line for at least 10-15 minutes to inquire about the return protocol, but I had to wait as the attendant had to let two people out with rental cars. She then told me I had to leave keys and that the vehicle would be checked in later. This disconcerting given the liability you assume in renting a car. So in sum, this was a mediocre experience at best. This location needs more people with communication skills who prioritize customer service.
1.9 Horrible2 Aug 2021
Pickup up was slow, vehicle wasn’t ready 1st vehicle given window cracked and huge nail in vehicle so they filled the air up to the max returned, 2nd vehicle no oil change returned, 3rd vehicle manger stated that due to their fault and additional discount was added and I still had to pay over a $100 just in airport fees that weren’t included in my rental. Never using this service again.
4.0 Okay13 Jun 2021
Give traveling business folks options to adjust their drop off locations during emergencies when they need to modify reservations. It is ridiculous this can’t be done when most of your customers are business people during the week. I won’t be returning.
4.0 Okay7 Apr 2021
Car was nice! Which I suppose is the most important part. Clean, odor-free, got a size upgrade, which as a 6’3” man I appreciated. Drop-off was easy and the employee at the Jackson location couldn’t have been nicer.It literally took longer for me to pick up my car in Memphis than my incoming flight from Atlanta took. It was well over an hour before keys were placed in my hands due to a slow moving line at the pickup counter (my representative was lovely, but had to constantly stop service to assist the other representative. Lovely gesture, slowed down service), and then once I got upstairs to the pickup counter, the crew in the garage could not have been any less helpful. My car was ready, but I had to wait another 30-45 minutes in the line just to be talked to to simply pick up my keys. I hate being that sort of Karen, but there is a line where the service becomes so terrible I can’t keep it to myself. Especially after having to travel last second for a family emergency, this lack of service and consideration for my time and business will keep me from booking Budget in the future unless it’s the only option available, especially at Memphis.
9.6 Excellent20 Jul 2020
The car was nice in every categoryNot much
8.0 Excellent28 May 2020
Free upgradeCleanliness of vehicles and line wait time
2.8 Mediocre29 Dec 2019
Do not rent with Budget. They ruined our trip. They did not have the size car that we reserved. They did not call us to say they did not have it. We were uncomfortable in the car they gave us.
Rated no. 7
6.3 Good (91 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
  • 6.9
  • 6.7
  • 6.1
  • 6
  • 6.6
Recent reviews
2.0 Mediocre25 May 2022
The. Rental dates were wrong so I didnt get a car when I needed it and I got charged for a car I never picked up a week later when I wasnt even in that state anymore.
2.0 Mediocre28 Feb 2022
Our flight was late arriving. Our car was given away/not available.
5.9 Okay15 Sep 2021
had to wait on car, because they was low staff, and customer service was terrible.
1.9 Horrible13 Sep 2021
Booked with Thrifty via Priceline, and when I arrived at rental car kiosk at Memphis airport, I was surprised by the long line. After waiting about 35 mins with minimum movement, and seeing disgusted faces coming from kiosk, found out they oversold and had 0 cars available. Apparently they do this quite often, as after booking with another more trusted rental car company next door, they stated it happens all of the time. Was able to get a refund via Priceline, but Thrifty needs better organization. Disappointing.
1.9 Horrible17 Aug 2021
Took 2 hours to pick up car upon arrival
10.0 Excellent14 Aug 2021
Easy pick up and drop off- $1000 for 5 days of a mid size car is high but inflation is bad and covid screwed up a lot with cars
1.9 Horrible10 Aug 2021
My reservation was for pick up at 8am I got a vehicle at 10:42am it wasn’t the car I order but I had to except to reach destination on time
1.9 Horrible3 Aug 2021
Stood in line for2 hours to get a car. Then took an hour to bring it up. 3 hours total wait. Missed appointments I should of had plenty of time to get to. Rental agent was the most rude person I have dealt with. Cursed me, threatened to cancel my contract all because I simply asked for an eta of when my car would be ready. I have the pictures and video to backup everything I am saying. Filed a corporate complaint since the 1-800 number is useless and I have heard absolutely nothing from corporate in 4 days.
1.9 Horrible31 Jul 2021
The counter is in the garage which was extremely hot. We had to wait 5 minutes for any staff to show. When she did she said they were out of cars and would have to wait a least an hour- this is despite a reservation. That didn’t seem to matter at all. We asked to cancel and get our money back- she said she couldn’t do anything for us. I had my 84 year old mother and we couldn’t wait in an un-air conditioned parking garage for an hour so we rented somewhere else and now are trying to go through a refund process which is also very difficult. When we returned our car yesterday we noticed a line of at least 15 people waiting at Thrifty to pick up with only one person again at the window. I would not rent from here.
3.9 Mediocre30 Jul 2021
No cars were ready upon my arrival. Gave me a mid-size when I paid for a full. Car had vibrations at highway speeds.
Rated no. 8
6.2 Good (83 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
  • 6.5
  • 6.4
  • 5.8
  • 5.7
  • 6.4
Recent reviews
9.2 Excellent15 Mar 2020
Could not find a Payless agent, Finally discovered Avis agents could help
10.0 Excellent21 Jan 2020
Helpful staffThe car itself had a trunk that did not open conventionally which was hard to figure out how to open without a google search
6.8 Good13 Nov 2019
Staff was friendly, car was clean, everything worked.1. No car was available when we arrived, in spite of my efforts earlier to ensure there would be. We were lucky that a car appeared within 20 mins. 2. The air pressure warning was on the entire 8 days. I added air to all tires but the warning persisted. 3. Too much time spent waiting for receipt to be printed upon our return. Avis doesn’t seem to try harder anymore.
2.0 Mediocre31 Jul 2019
absolutely nothinggo with anyone else but them
10.0 Excellent7 Mar 2019
Smooth, no problems.
2.0 Mediocre7 Jan 2019
Nothing. They are horrible.When I arrived to pickup the car at 1pm on a Thursday there was no one at the counter and there had not been an attendant for some time. The rep from Avis at the next counter gave me the same deal since no one was working at Payless. Also, when I called to inquire about a baby car seat the automated phone system required that I provide an "Access Code", whatever that is, to complete the call and I was not able to get anyone on the phone to assist. I will never use this junk company again.
2.0 Mediocre31 Dec 2018
Never use this site again!Nothing!!!I reserved a vehicle and when I went to pick it up, it was not there!!! The agent said laughed and said they were out of vehicles and especially the type that I reserved.
4.8 Okay15 Sep 2018
Poor customer service20 minute wait for clerk to check in and out
6.0 Good22 Aug 2018
Customer service is poor and not helpful.
6.0 Good27 Jun 2018
I liked the carI did not speak or talk to any representative from Payless. At both pickup and dropoff I had to be assisted by an Avis rep. The reps for Payless were “unavailable”, no one did a car inspection at pickup or drop off. Next time I will just go to Avis. They’re reps were available and ready to assist another company’s customers. I find it odd that he even had passwords and such to log into the payless system being he wasn’t a payless employee.
Rated no. 9
8.6 Excellent (5 reviews)
1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
  • 8.8
  • 8.4
  • 8.8
  • 9.2
  • 8
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent12 May 2019
Super easy pickup and dropoff. Brand new vehicle.Called a few days ahead to change my pickup to one hour earlier, but reservations told there was no availability and the price would change. When i arrived 30 minutes early anyway there were multiple vehicles available and the Memphis team were happy for me to drive off in one.
Eagle Rent A Car
1 location in Memphis Airport
Eagle Rent A Car
Locations in Memphis Airport
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1 location in Memphis Airport
Locations in Memphis Airport
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799 travellers who rented a car in Memphis Airport gave the car agency they used an average rating of 7.3

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Top tips for renting a car at Memphis Airport

  • If you book a car rental at Memphis Airport, you will be provided with an easy way to move throughout the city. Memphis is not known for being particularly walkable or for having an extensive public transportation system, so driving is one of the best ways to get to where you need to go. Having your own vehicle will also make it easy to store any sports equipment or luggage that you may be traveling with.
  • There are several different models that you can choose between for your car rental at Memphis Airport. If you will be traveling with several other passengers or are planning on spending some time in the nearby mountains, you can opt for a standard or full-size SUV. When driving throughout the city center, a compact vehicle is a convenient option, as it will make it easier to park and drive through narrow streets.
  • Once you are ready to return your car rental at Memphis Airport, you can do so by bringing it back to the location where you first picked it up at the Ground Transportation Center. Most rental car companies that have branches at the airport keep their fleets in this area, so make sure to look for your specific brand. As you start to approach the airport by car, you will find signs that will help to guide you to the drop-off area. Depending on which specific company you choose to rent a car with, you may have the option of dropping your vehicle off outside of normal business hours.
  • Memphis is a popular destination amongst travelers, so its roads can often be congested. To prevent yourself from getting caught in a traffic jam, plan on picking up and returning your rental outside of rush hour, which is generally between 6 and 9 am and 5 and 7 pm. Some major roads tend to be busier than others, and these include streets like Interstates 175 and 240.
  • 25% of our users found rental cars at Memphis Airport for $115 or less
  • Book your rental car at Memphis Airport at least 1 day before your trip in order to get a below-average price

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