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Queens Car Hire

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Pick-up location Queens
Rental locations 18
Airport locations 4

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Rated no. 1
Best rated
6.0 Okay (111 reviews)
1 location in Queens
Locations in Queens
88-08 23rd Avenue
+1 718 639 6400
  • 5.7
  • 6.4
  • 6.5
  • 5.3
  • 6.0
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent
10 May 2016
Very easy
Pros: Good staff- quick - nice-
Cons: A little crowded but it was a holiday at noon - so I get it
4.0 Okay
15 Jul 2016
Cons: Poor service at the Laguardia airport location - 23 Rd ave
4.8 Okay
29 Aug 2016
An hour and forty-five minutes later
Pros: The car was fine, getting it was a whole 'nother thing
Cons: I've rented from this Budget in the past, this time however they had us wrapped around the outside of the building in a line at least 50 people deep. The building's outside is essentially a green room with its clear glass overhang and sun facing windows - maybe it's helpful in the winter but in the summer it'd be better suited for a wrestling team trying to drop weight. All types of people (some very elderly) had to wait for 45-60 minutes moving at a snail's pace through the line. Only about an hour in did an employee think to offer the crowd water for the harsh waiting conditions. A lot of us would have walked off if we hadn't already prepaid. Eventually the crowd turned to disorder as impatient customers tried to flex their "I'm-more-important-than-the-next-guy" muscles and figure a way to skip the line. No employees offered any sort of help in maintaining the attitudes. Instead people tried to sign up for "Fastbreak" on the spot, trying to wiggle their way up front by any means necessary. Angry customers in all they made that day. Rent if you dare.
2.8 Mediocre
31 Aug 2016
Cons: Took advantage of my situation as i was travelling with two kids and luggage so they overcharged me for the rental.
8.8 Excellent
28 Jul 2017
Cons: It was lit bit dirty outside and fuel tank was empty
8.0 Excellent
10 Aug 2017
Return at JFK was easy
Pros: Simple return check. Within a minute all set. The JFK location is good. Can get on AirTrain to all terminals. The stop is just right above the Budget return point.
10.0 Excellent
6 Jan 2018
Cons: I didn;t realize they had EZPASS installed. tried to pay my toll with cash but the attendant said it was ato-paod already. This is a charge I DID NOT EXPECT!!!!!!!!
8.0 Excellent
28 Jul 2018
Fast and efficient
Pros: The car and the mileage. The fastest and the most efficient customer service when it comes to pick up and drop off. it was effortless and friendly.
Cons: The car had a special feature about crossing the lines on the road and it would feel all wobbly and it was annoying and felt dangerous, which is fine it comes with the car, just think it’s a good idea to let the customers know any special cars or features and what kind of gas it uses too and tolls information, keep in mind most people that rent from the airport do not leave in the state and could be overseas.
8.8 Excellent
10 Aug 2018
Budget at LaGuardia Great Value and Easy Drop Off
Pros: The car was clean and well maintained. Dropping the car off was easy to do.
Cons: Picking up the car was a process. They needed more agents on duty to handle the number of customers. We had to wait about 35 minutes just to be seen and about another 10 to get the car.
2.0 Mediocre
11 Sep 2018
No ez pass
Cons: Nobody went over the vehicle with me, the guy just said your car is in A12. The front tire was almost flat, and the car had no ez pass. I told an employee about the missing ez pass and she started looking for the guy in charge. She found him after a half hour and he gave me an ez pass and scans it to match it to the sticker in the vehicles windshield I got out of there at one o clock. I then received a message in my iPhone calendar that the car must be dropped off on Monday September 10 between 12 and 1 o’clock. I looked for a gas station and filled the tires with air.
Rated no. 2
5.3 Okay (43 reviews)
3 locations in Queens
Locations in Queens
104-04 Ditmars Blvd
+1 718 779 1861
106-12 Atlantic Avenue
+1 718 846 7927
135-30 140th Street
+1 718 848 7472
  • 5.1
  • 6.0
  • 5.4
  • 5.0
  • 5.3
Recent reviews
8.0 Excellent
5 Jun 2018
A Breeze
Pros: Dropping the car was easy. The attendant was really nice.
Cons: The city is like a garbage. Traffic was at its worst.
8.0 Excellent
8 Nov 2016
Cons: Maintenance light came on and low tire pressure came on.
3.6 Mediocre
19 May 2017
Cons: I had a very bad experience, and i would like some of my money refunded. I have been told that the Hertz staff with whom I spoke put notes in the account. I was given a choice to pick-up a car as late as 9 pm, if i am not mistaken. I scheduled a pick-up for 6 pm, but learned that the office from which I was supposed to pick-up closed at 6 pm. How can I pick-up a car at 6 pm from an office that closes at 6 pm? You then charged me more than thirty dollars to pick-up the car at a different location. I request a refund of the difference between the original rate, approximately $72., and the final rate of approximately $114. Please respond to me at as soon as possible.
6.0 Good
18 Sep 2017
Pros: Clean and nice car. Rental extension was easy and inexpensice
Cons: The hotel lobby needs more than 1 person to assist. Very friendly guy but it took 40 min to get the car due to waiting as only one person could assist each customer (about 15-20min per person)
7.2 Good
4 Jan 2018
More fees
Pros: When searching on Kayak, I thought I had a great deal. $139.00 for the rental.
Cons: When I came out of the dealer I had so many fees and taxes, it came to $223. Way more. I feel - Hertz ripped me off.
6.4 Good
7 Oct 2019
Cons: Got into a small accident and was left stranded by Hertz. It took 2.5 hours to confirm a tow truck was even on the way. Then Hertz's solution was having me drive on a donut for 45 miles in the wrong direction to pick up a replacement car. This added 6 hours to my drive. Also, it was a 50/50 shot as to whether employees would be helpful. Was hung up on 2x by Emergency Roadside Assistance and had to keep calling back and getting put back in the queue. It was MADDENING and made a stressful situation way worse than it needed to be.
7.6 Good
18 Oct 2017
Pros: Good service and good car suitable for its purpose
Cons: The side mirors of this type of car (Nissan Versa) have limited viewing angle, and often other vehicles driving close by cannot be observed.
6.0 Good
11 Oct 2016
Cons: Tried to slap on extra fees than what Kayak quoted. Gave away my original car bc I didn't pick-up within 30 minutes of my reservation. Generally poor customer service.
2.0 Mediocre
20 Oct 2016
The worst rental ever.....
Cons: Terrible service at location picked up. Had to wait over 11/2 hours before we were able to leave, also sales reps were trying to up sale us saying they had no cars to rent us, only the next size, and they wanted an additional $160.00.I have rented cars from every car rental company, and I have never had such a war to get a car, at the reservation amount. Also the car was not vacuumed, cleaned in or out, and mud all over the exterior.We even took pictures due to the unbelief that they actually let a car in that condition leave there lot. The chances of using your service as well as Hertz,is over.
2.0 Mediocre
27 Oct 2016
Cons: My rental pick up time was for 6:00pm. I called at 5:30 and told them I couldn't make it by 6:00 and that I would be about an hour late. The customer service rep said no problem. I asked if he wanted my name and he said no need. When I got there at 7:00 the hertz team was not there and the hotel staff informed me that hertz closed at 6:00 and they all went home at that time. I was never notified of this by the hertz rep.
Rated no. 3
Economy Rent a Car
5.2 Okay (89 reviews)
1 location in Queens
Economy Rent a Car
Locations in Queens
JFK Airport
+1 877 777 0010
  • 4.8
  • 5.7
  • 5.4
  • 4.8
  • 5.3
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent
31 May 2016
Economy was there every step of the way.
Pros: Highly suggest. A quick walk from Airtran at JFK, cutting time with shuttle. The car was ready and freshly washed. A video of surface scratches was made on the spot and emailed. The personnel were all very helpful and personable, with good advice on direction. And what a deal. Came through in a pinch, too, at the last minute. Even the other customers there were in a good mood.
Cons: At first it seemed difficult to find but with GPS I got there easily.
2.0 Mediocre
25 Oct 2016
they don't tell u its not where all the other rent
Cons: the they want an additional 200 up front. I didn't have that much on my credit card since i came from europe and they wouldn't take cash. i had to leave wasted 2 hours.
7.6 Good
13 Dec 2016
Probably wouldn't rent from here again
Pros: They were thorough about documenting the condition of the car and emailing receipts.
Cons: My car had bald tires, rough brakes, and one morning all the oil drained out of my car. Had to have it towed and repaired. Seriously held up my day. The people seemed friendly, and the price was good, just wasn't happy with the condition of my car.
8.8 Excellent
12 May 2017
Good for the money
Pros: It was well worth the price especially in NYC due to exaggerated pricing of car rentals there. I paid 133 for a few days well worth the price for a nissan versa. Our drop off was extremely fast and the driver that took us to the airport was extremely courteous. Overall my experience with them was good they treated their client well and the car was good.
Cons: The only thing I found a uncomfortable was the time spent waiting for a ride to get to the location where the rental car was.
2.0 Mediocre
20 May 2017
Pros: The car didn't break down on the trip.
Cons: Far from the airport, shuttle service required a phone call and instructions were very confusing, shuttle was very slow to arrive, office was slow too, basically a portable trailer in a shady lot, lots of added fees and people returning cars being charged ridiculous amounts, required their insurance which they didn't even show terms/conditions of, they don't even show you the contract papers, they ask you to sign a blank iPad!! No good!! Car "upgrade" was filthy, dirty stained interior and smelled bad, brakes were not working very well once we got on the road. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. You might think a bigger company is more expensive but you'll pay less, they add all sorts of extra fees. SCAM!!! DO NOT RENT HERE!!!
2.0 Mediocre
22 Nov 2017
Rude and liars!!
Cons: Followed the instructions given on the phone on the email, i arrived at the Federal Circle station in JFK and call them to pick me up, they informed me that in 15 minutes a shuttle will be there. After 15 minutes i called again, and they said the driver informed them that he picked up all the passengers at federal circle, well, i was there all the time looking for the black Mercedes with the economy logo on it, but no one came... simple liars! then, they said OK in 7 minutes the car will come, so 10 minutes later i called again and asked if anyone coming to pick me up ? I was answered in a very rude way, "why are you calling us, we already told you a car is on the way"... waited 10 more minutes and NO car was on the way, so i called to cancel the reservation.
6.0 Good
13 May 2018
The Car Was a basic.
Pros: Customer Service was great.
Cons: The car was a tin can.
5.6 Okay
12 Jun 2018
Cons: the vehicle had lot of running noise
2.0 Mediocre
11 Oct 2015
Cons: Service not as described
2.0 Mediocre
12 Oct 2015
Cons: Flight was delayed 30 minutes. The company canceled our reservation and we were stranded at the airport
Rated no. 4
8.0 Good (25 reviews)
7 locations in Queens
Locations in Queens
10814 Astoria Blvd
+1 718 672 7631
11201 Queens Blvd
+1 718 793 0900
165-07 Northern Blvd
+1 718 460 5400
218-30 Hillside Avenue
+1 718 465 0200
32 33 62nd Street
+1 718 726 9000
65-20 Metropolitan Avenue
+1 718 628 4400
86-02 Rockaway Blvd
+1 718 835 2500
  • 7.8
  • 7.5
  • 8.3
  • 7.8
  • 8.2
Recent reviews
4.8 Okay
4 Oct 2016
Did not rent us a car
Pros: Nothing
Cons: We reserved online for 1pm on a sunday. We arrived at 1:05 to see they were closed. We were late, so we were ultimately responsible, but I think it's clear that they should make the last reservation 12 or 12:30 if they close at 1. Or maybe give us a courtesy call to let us know that we can't reserve a car if we are a few minutes late. The guy who turned us away was rude and short with us. He made it clear that he could not care less that our travel plans were screwed up. He could not be bothered to point us in the right direction of somewhere we could get a car. I'm going to avoid renting from Enterprise from now on
10.0 Excellent
23 Oct 2016
Pros: Friendliness and service.
Cons: No one told us they closed at 6 p.m. I made it in on time, but it was due to luck--not planning.
10.0 Excellent
27 Nov 2016
Great deal
Pros: The staff at the Enterprise in Jamaica, NY was wonderful. Very helpful.
Cons: Gas was not included in cost of rental. You could opt in at a low price per gallon,but it was still disappointing.
2.0 Mediocre
6 May 2017
Worst Service I've ever had
Pros: The staff was friendly
Cons: Had a reservation when I arrived they didn't have 1 car available.
4.0 Okay
22 Jun 2017
Pros: The workers were nice.
Cons: I did not like that I had a reservation for 4pm but when we showed up an employee had taken our car somewhere and we had to wait 30min or more to get into our vehicle- which ended up putting us an hour behind for our out of town show we were trying to make it to. I did not like that the car only had half a tank of gas when I got it. It also had ashes clearly left in the car from a previous driver. Not in an ash tray just in random places all around.
10.0 Excellent
6 Jul 2017
Good Car Rental
Pros: We've used Enterprise a couple of times and have always been happy. The car was what we expected, and it was clean and in good shape. Good value for the money.
2.8 Mediocre
19 Sep 2017
Not good
Cons: I was told to call a half hour before my pickup, to make sure I was picked up on time. I called at 0930, then again at 1000 and again at 1030 at which time I was put on hold for almost 15 mins then I was told someone would be there to pick me up. Once at the office there were 5 men sitting around a desk laughing, maybe these weren't the men that could have picked me up but it was unprofessional to have the sitting around laughing it up. The car smelled like smoke and was dirty on the inside. Won't go back to that office.
10.0 Excellent
3 Mar 2018
Pros: The fact that when I arrived the vehicle I ordered wasn't available but they provided me with a discount and required less fuel on the return
Cons: It was my birthday and I was looking forward to having that Kia for my trip
8.0 Excellent
4 Aug 2018
Cons: The final price in Greenville was more than quoted in college Park
10.0 Excellent
7 May 2019
Pros: All steps during the process were easy and fast.
Rated no. 5
Empire Rent A Car
3.9 Mediocre (3 reviews)
2 locations in Queens
Empire Rent A Car
Locations in Queens
15-02 131 Street
+1 718 539 5300
38-31 43rd Street
+1 718 482 9797
All Empire Rent A Car reviews
Empire Rent A Car reviews in Queens

Recent reviews

All Car
1 location in Queens
All Car
Locations in Queens
96-18c 63rd Drive
Eagle Rent A Car
1 location in Queens
Eagle Rent A Car
Locations in Queens
164-01 Crossbay Blvd
1 location in Queens
Locations in Queens
90-05 25th Ave
+1 718 424 8504
1 location in Queens
Locations in Queens
84-15 Astoria Boulevard
+1 718 565 7222
268 travellers who rented a car in Queens gave the car agency they used an average rating of 5.8

Car hire locations in Queens

When to book a hire car in Queens

Average daily price per month
Car hire prices as pick-up date approaches
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Top tips for renting a car in Queens

  • Jaywalking, especially in residential areas, is very common throughout Queens. If you are in a residential area on a one or two-lane road, then it is even more likely to happen. Make sure you keep your eyes on road and you stay vigilant for any would-be jaywalkers that may pop out in front of you.
  • Planning on picking up a hire car before heading to Queens? If your flight is to JFK International Airport, the hire desks are located on the Arrivals level in each terminal. Flying into Newark Airport instead? In that case, you will find the hire car desks at Stations P2 and P3 on the AirTrain. As for LaGuardia Airport, the hire car center is located just off-site but there are shuttles in front of Terminal A to take passengers to passengers there.
  • Keep your eyes open for taxi drivers and stay out of their way. They are fearless drivers and will cross 3 or even 4 lanes of traffic if necessary. The easiest option is the path of least resistance, so simply let them drive around you and do their thing.
  • Queens, like much of New York City, experiences a daily rush hour. Drivers can typically expect the morning rush hour to pick up at around 7:00 a.m. and run until 9:00 a.m., while the afternoon rush hour starts at around 4:00 p.m. and goes to 7:00 p.m. In general, the Grand Central Parkway during rush hour is one of the roads hit by congestion, so drivers are advised to avoid it if possible.
  • Book your rental car in Queens at least 4 days before your trip in order to get a below-average price

FAQs about hiring a car in Queens

What is the best rental car company in Queens?

Based on ratings and reviews from real users on KAYAK, the best car rental companies in Queens are Alamo (8.7, 6933 reviews), Enterprise (8.5, 12851 reviews), and Avis (7.6, 2358 reviews).

How can I find car rentals near me in Queens?

Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

What type of car is recommended for driving in Queens?

Small and medium-sized vehicles are the most suited for driving Queens and New York in general. While larger vehicles are an option, drivers will usually find that larger vehicles are a struggle to fit into the limited parking spaces in the more crowded areas of Queens. Even medium-sized cars can be difficult to park at times, but in general they will be okay.

What's the speed limit in Queens?

Visitors to New York City should know that speed limits are set at a base limit of 25 mph unless signage says otherwise. However, drivers in Queens will see a variety of speed limits above that such as 35, 45, and even sometimes 50 mph. In some of the more densely packed residential areas, there are also speed limits as low as 20 mph.

How are gas prices in Queens?

Petrol prices are on average around $2.60 per gallon in Queens. Compared to other cities in the U.S. this is slightly on the more expensive side; however, compared to Seattle’s average price of $3.00 and Salt Lake City’s average of $2.75, it definitely could be worse.

Where are the best places to park in Queens?

Going out to dinner? If readily available, streetside parking nearby will be your best bet. However, drivers are advised not to search too long for streetside parking as it fills up fast. Instead, if you are willing to pay for it, private parking garages are a great option as you can check their availability online in advance.