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Tucson car rentals

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Tucson, AZ, United States
1 Jun — 8 Jun
Same drop-off
Tucson, AZ, United States
Wed 1/6
Wed 8/6
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Search hundreds of hire car sites at once for hire car deals in Tucson

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Pick-up locationTucson
Rental locations30
Airport locations9

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Rated no. 1
Best rated
8.8 Excellent (207 reviews)
1 location in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
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  • 8.5
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent30 Mar 2022
Explanation of how some of the controls worked.
10.0 Excellent1 Jan 2022
Cost up compared to prior rentals but what isn't? Otherwise great experience.
10.0 Excellent5 Dec 2021
The customer service was excellent. The truck was brand new and worked perfect for our needs.
10.0 Excellent30 Aug 2021
Everything was excellent
1.9 Horrible21 Aug 2021
Very poor customer service to help change my reservation.
10.0 Excellent14 Jul 2021
Linda Kumat and her team made sure everything g was just right. Thank you, Linda.
10.0 Excellent4 Jul 2021
Prices were fair and representatives were very friendly and helpful.
2.0 Mediocre26 May 2021
We didn't like anythingThe lady inside was very rude to my husband. She was trying to over charge him by hundreds of dollars. The vehicle we reversed was sold out they didn't really have any good options for us to choose from. We seen an suv but another lady came to outside where we were trying to find a car. She said that's a different class you have to pay more. We settled for a mini van it was horrible. Ended up exchange it in another state. Got another mini van that was way worse. My 7hr trip turned into 12hr since I couldn't go more than 65mph otherwise van would shake horrible and thought something bad would happen. Worse rental experience in my life! Would not recommend to any friends or family. Nothing was said to us for what happened
8.0 Excellent19 May 2021
Car was clean and newHad to wait for 15 minutes with our car sitting 50 feet from us because the booth is understaffed.
2.0 Mediocre9 Dec 2020
I was pawned off on another companies staff because Alamos desk was empty. That was the first sign of poor service. They had no interest in satisfying me whatsoever. They site to substitute a tiny Toyota Corolla for my requested midsize car. When I rejected that I was forced to upgrade and they wouldn’t even cover my upgrade cost. I got stuck with a large daily charge.Have someone at your desk who knows it’s important to satisfy the customer. I’ll never rent from Alamo again because of this experience.
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Rated no. 2
8 Excellent (191 reviews)
11 locations in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
  • 8.1
  • 8.2
  • 8.1
  • 8
  • 8
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent20 Feb 2022
Everything was handled very professionally. Thank you
10.0 Excellent29 Jan 2022
Like-customer service and value.
6.0 Good25 Jan 2022
I canceled Because the schedule is not close/open is was poor, No bady can help my.,,
8.0 Excellent24 Nov 2021
Able to pick from several mid-sized cars. Professional, quick and easy to get on the road. Our rental was for Tuscon, AZ. For improved experience with the car I would have provided a quick tutorial on the Apple play. Then I would explain the drop off procedure. Over all its a good airport for rentals.
10.0 Excellent23 Sep 2021
Whether I’m at home and need a car for a day or two or traveling, I'm always impressed by Enterprise’s hard-working, friendly, efficient staff. Even when things don't go as planned, they always do their best to make it right.
10.0 Excellent7 Aug 2021
They were very professional. The car was awesome. The price was very good. The people are very friendly and helpful. They may be experience of very good. Would highly recommend them.
10.0 Excellent6 Jul 2021
Staff was helpful even though they were busy. The car was nice and clean and they helped me notice dings so I didn’t get changed.The rental car situation is bananas right now. I wish I could have gotten an affordable car by the airport where I needed it but I had to take a Lyft way out to the edge of town to find a car that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and I was lucky that I found one at all.
10.0 Excellent29 Jun 2021
Drop off was simple and fast.Prices are a little high, but they are to much with all the rental companies.
8.0 Excellent7 Jun 2021
The premium car I ordered was not available. Enterprise substituted a regular car at no discount.
8.0 Excellent3 Jun 2021
Super long wait time.
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Rated no. 3
7.9 Good (236 reviews)
1 location in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
  • 8
  • 8
  • 7.8
  • 7.8
  • 7.8
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent10 May 2022
Had to cancel at last minute due to Covid. No problem - even though I had pre-paid with "no refund" policy, refund was OK'd. Very helpful!
8.0 Excellent2 May 2022
Since the car manual doesn't make it clear...tell the customer how to open the gas tank flap. The manual refers to a button on the driver's door...eventually (!!!) we figured out you just push on the flap and it opens. Otherwise, pretty smooth!
8.0 Excellent24 Apr 2022
Easy drop off
4.0 Okay1 Apr 2022
The check in agent was dealing with a frustrated customer ahead of us. We had to wait quite a while but more shocking was his rudeness and frustration back at the customer. Our check in was fine however we received a vehicle that reeked of cigarettes. It was disgusting and one of my kids has asthma and it really bothered him. We were traveling with friends who rented from Hertz. We shouldn't have had to pay more to receive better treatment and a cleaner vehicle.
2.0 Mediocre16 Mar 2022
I had the most embarrassing and unpleasant experience aside from loosing over 200 dallors and no rental car.i waited in line for about 20 min for the attendant to request a 300 dallor deposit from a major credit card she wouldn't accept debit card or cash. Very disappointing
8.0 Excellent21 Feb 2022
Inside of vehicle could have been cleaner.
8.0 Excellent4 Jan 2022
No issues at all. Had my reservation, got to the counter and they had a car for me in minutes.
10.0 Excellent23 Nov 2021
They were very helpful and they gave me the best options and service
10.0 Excellent14 Nov 2021
The only negative was the rental rate. It was expensive, but still lower than the competition
6.0 Good8 Nov 2021
The car was pretty dirty on the inside. The dash and center console had lots of dust and dirt on it, especially for a car that is supposed to be sanitized due to COVID. The car had a really musty smell to it. The side mirrors looked like somebody spit on them and the instrument cluster looked like it was mopped with a wet rag and not dried. Didn't give me much confidence in the "clean guarantee".
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Rated no. 4
7 Good (165 reviews)
4 locations in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
  • 7.5
  • 7.5
  • 7
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  • 7.1
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent11 May 2022
Overall the car was nice & drove beautifully. However, No smoking signs are on the windows but the odor of "smoking" was overwhelming. I had to wipe down the seats & windows. Windows were smeared too. Other than that I had a wonderful trip at an affordable price. Thank you!
4.0 Okay10 May 2022
Car was very dirty, dented, brakes were soggy and accelerator unresponsive. Really annoying quirks with this vehicle.
2.0 Mediocre27 Apr 2022
We ended up with a mini van instead
2.0 Mediocre27 Apr 2022
We were in a Lyft and called the pick up location and told him we were close but traffic was heavy, He said they closed at 5PM. We asked if we could accomplish any paperwork over the phone to get the process going-to save our car. We arrived at 5:02 and it was dark, locked and they guy was gone. Lyft driver stated that was something he has never seen before and asked that we not judge Tucson by this guy. We had to hire a Lyft to our hotel, then next morning, Lyft out there again. He said because we had not paid for it the night before (which he did not tell us) we had to go with that days rates. The only car he had was a mini van, not the full size we had reserved. We had called corporate that morning to make sure all was OK - so were shocked for this hustle!! Then we went to return in Phoenix-at a hotel, and they did not have anyone to help the rental customers. A poor kid employee was running his tail off trying to help. He finally told us we could return the car at the airport and pay the fee. We chose to do that. This is a shock with your company!!
6.0 Good26 Apr 2022
Tires were bad
6.0 Good25 Apr 2022
I rented a vehicle that should have been a Toyota 4 runner or some other 4 wheel drive vehicle, as I was traveling through all the national parks one way to drop off in Colorado. When I got there I was told a dodge caravan was all they had for me. It was not the best for driving those areas. I'm grateful I had a car at all since I was 3000 miles from home. I only wish they didn't offer me a 4 wheel drive vehicle if I couldn't get one.
10.0 Excellent14 Apr 2022
The lady at the front desk was very friendly and helpful.
2.0 Mediocre12 Apr 2022
I purchased a Camry on your site( for an extra $150) because I didn’t want the cheaper Malibu but received a Malibu at budget since they didn’t have a camry
4.0 Okay21 Mar 2022
My car smelled of heavy cigarette smoke. The car’s brakes locked in an emergency situation.
10.0 Excellent8 Mar 2022
Easy and quick for both pick up and return. Very friendly staff. Will definitely use them again when a rental is needed. Thanks for your service.
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Rated no. 5
7 Good (215 reviews)
5 locations in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
  • 7.2
  • 7.3
  • 6.9
  • 7
  • 6.8
Recent reviews
2.0 Mediocre12 Apr 2022
When I arrived at the rental office, I was told they were out of available rental cars despite my reservation. I’m not sure if this mistake is on Hertz or Priceline, but it did throw a very stressful curveball into my travel plans.
10.0 Excellent1 Apr 2022
Easy pickup at the Tucson airport, got a Corolla which is what was expected. Easy return process. The car needed a systems update so everyone I started it I had to dismiss this notification. Would be nice if they kept the software updated.
2.0 Mediocre4 Mar 2022
I drove back to Tucson quickly from Phoenix (a 2-hr drive) to make sure I got there before the office closed at 5, in order to avoid a late charge or an extra day. I got there around 3:30 and was greeted to a taped sign on the window saying "BE RIGHT BACK." I waited there for an hour because the drop-off box said "Any keys dropped in here will be charged an extra day if dropped off after closing time." I had no proof that I was there at 3:30 and not 5:01, but I had no choice. I drove my own car home. When I got home at 4:30 or so, I called the Hertz place again and again got no answer. This Motherf*cker apparently took the afternoon off to go get drunk or snort coke and never came back. I will never use them again. They owe me for 2 hours of my time.
10.0 Excellent8 Feb 2022
This Car rental was very easy . and staff very nice .
10.0 Excellent7 Feb 2022
Great vehicle
10.0 Excellent4 Jan 2022
Great customer service. I will definitely use Hertz again.
10.0 Excellent6 Dec 2021
We upgraded to a Mustang convertible. Super fun!
10.0 Excellent29 Nov 2021
Smooth check in and out. Loved the amenities in the car.
2.0 Mediocre25 Nov 2021
Don’t rent from hertz.
8.0 Excellent28 Oct 2021
While Hertz did not have the vehicle I had hope to rent they gave me a free upgrade on an SUV. The SUV rode very nice, was comfortable and added to the overall enjoyment of the rental vehicle. I would go back again.
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Rated no. 6
7.3 Good (56 reviews)
1 location in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
  • 7.5
  • 7.5
  • 7.3
  • 7
  • 7.4
Recent reviews
2.4 Mediocre17 Feb 2020
Easy drop offThe staff arrived late to open and had to set up before helping customers. Should be there early to set up before opening. Ordered full sz suv but got small kia that did not fit the 7 paasengers and 4 luggage that was expected.
6.0 Good11 Feb 2020
Staff was very friendly.They close 5 pm and I don’t have that info . I called them no answer so I called Uber and then pickup my car next day . Spent lots of time and money for Uber.
2.0 Mediocre10 Feb 2020
NothingI had to worst experience with this transaction. I entered the dates for my rental incorrectly. I needed Thursday to Sunday. I made a mistake and entered Friday to Sunday. I realized it right away and tried to contact you. Of course there was no way to contact you. Since you book through PriceLine I finally got in touch with them. They were NO help at all. I simply wanted to add one more day to my rental. I wanted to PAY MORE MONEY to add one more day and they would not help me at all. Their only optioins were to cancel and pay a cancellation fee of $49 or keep the rental, create a new booking for the one day, pick up that car, bring that car back the next day and pick up the other car. Absolutely ridiculous! I ended up just cancelling. And I will never use your service again. I'd rather pay more than go through this again.
6.0 Good6 Jan 2020
The price was good for a day rental split between the seven of us using the mini-van for the day.I've rented many cars before and the staff person was pretty blase and didn't explain pretty normal things to explain well. For example, as he handed me the receipt he just, here's your total, with the deposit.". Now, I know how a deposit for a rental works, but let's say you didn't, let's say it's your first time. What I've heard other associates say in the past is, "You'll notice a deposit of $200. You'll see this on your credit card balance, but once you return the car, this amount will go back on your credit card with 1-3 business days, so no worries, we aren't charing you $200! This line here is your total." It's little details like that. Another example: He offered us the option of two different models of mini-vans. Not being familiar with mini-vans I asked for his opinion/suggestion. He said, "I'll put you the Chrysler,". I said, "Oh, any particular reason?" He just kinda looked at me and said, "Well, it's a mini-van, like you wanted, right?" Um...I was hoping to hear, "Oh, I like the Chrysler better because it has more leg room," or "they're both comparable vehicles, so I think you'll like either," SOMETHING! He totally didn't have customer service 101 down. It did seem he was there by himself, in which case he could say, "I'm sorry I'm going through this so quickly with you, I'm here alone today, and I have all these people to help, so I'm just trying to help you as efficiently as possible,". He just didn't seem like he understood customer serivce. Also, I notice that almost all rental car places don't disclose important info to check BEFORE you rent: Cost of adding a driver (even though when I called I said I wanted to do that and they said, "yes we can do that) but price was never mentioned, can you leave your own vehicle there or not (not all rental cars will allow that!), etc. This is a general complaint to the enitre industry.
7.2 Good3 Jan 2020
A newer car. This car had 40,000 miles, a scratch, and soon needed an oil change.
9.2 Excellent9 Dec 2019
Only single person working, had to wait in long line.
2.0 Mediocre6 Dec 2019
I didn't like anything about my experience. For one I was never able to pick up the car Becuz I do not have a credit card TWO the payment was taken out of my account regardless that I was never able to pick up a car. I would really REALLYA LIKE the payment reversed from my account IMMEDIATELY. The money should have never been taken from my account in the first place. So I need to reversed immediately. Thank you.It could have been better if I was allowed to pick up the car since the payment was already taken.
10.0 Excellent3 Dec 2019
Very friendly and helpful
5.2 Okay20 Nov 2019
carcustomer service rep lacked a courteous and helpful attitude, no one told us if we dropped off after 5 to go to airport direct instead of off site drop, no one went over hours at all
6.0 Good8 Nov 2019
Easy pickup, nice car.When I extended the rental they gouged me on the price.
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Rated no. 7
7.1 Good (58 reviews)
5 locations in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
  • 7.7
  • 7.6
  • 7
  • 7.3
  • 7.3
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent15 May 2022
Check out was the Best ever. Thank you to our check out representative. No problems with the car, it was very comfortable and quite energy efficient.
4.0 Okay29 Apr 2022
Slow on pick up with limited staff. As per standard you never get the car ordered, always an "equivalent" and there are hidden costs on return. The only one good thing is that it wasn't as poor as LA airport which was horrendous!
2.0 Mediocre19 Apr 2022
One person was helpful, others not. Didn’t have anything like the car I ordered but the car was comfortable. It was a gas guzzler, though. No shuttle to the airport. I don’t think I’ll use Avis Budget anymore. Sad.
2.0 Mediocre31 Mar 2022
Bald tires and difficult to change car, impossible to get customer service
2.0 Mediocre18 Mar 2022
Agent was no help. Never came to car to explain anything about the car. Wouldn't let customers use bathroom. "Covid". Never knew anyone catching Covid from a toilet. Terrible customer service. Will never rent from Avis again in Tucson.
2.0 Mediocre16 Mar 2022
Given car with 2 bald tires. Did not notice till on road. Avis answer was to return to Tucson over 2 hours away. Took numerous phone calls and many hours going through layers of management to finally get a safe car that I should have had. Never rent from Avis again.
10.0 Excellent26 Feb 2022
It was dependable!
10.0 Excellent17 Feb 2022
Very quick check out and check in. Car in excellent sharp and clean. Eric was excellent
10.0 Excellent8 Jan 2022
very comfortable and very clean.
2.0 Mediocre21 Oct 2021
I was not able to rent the car. Avis no longer allows same-day rentals in Tucson.
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1 location in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
Recent reviews
1 location in Tucson
Locations in Tucson
Recent reviews
1128 travellers who rented a car in Tucson gave the car agency they used an average rating of 7.7

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  • The spread out nature of Tucson means that it is ideal for car travel. When you’re visiting, rent a car to discover the Sonoran Desert and beyond rather than relying on the limited public transportation. With the comfort of a car, you can explore the city’s historic center or drive as far as the Santa Catalinas mountain range.
  • Planning to rent a car on your Tucson vacation? When you fly into Tucson International Airport you will have two options for renting your car. There are on-site car hire counters in the hire Car Center on the lower level of the main Terminal. You can also take a courtesy shuttle from outside the center to an off-site location.
  • Driving around Arizona, you need to be aware that many of the major highways have HOV or "high occupancy vehicle" lanes, which means you can drive in these lanes as long as there are more than two people in your car. During monsoon season, visibility on the roads does worsen, so do not attempt to drive during heavy rain and winds or dust storms.
  • Tucson’s morning rush hour is usually from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, while the evening rush hour can begin at 3:00 pm and finish at 7:00 pm. Roads will also be more congested as the weekend approaches, so expect extra traffic from Thursday. It’s best to avoid driving downton and throughout central Tucson, as traffic can be heavy during the morning and evening rush hours.
  • Book your rental car in Tucson at least 7 days before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Intermediate rental cars in Tucson are around 26% cheaper than other car types, on average

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