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You're Going to Love Port Au Prince

Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince attracts thousands of visitors every year, with its beautiful tropical landscape, colorful buildings, and voodoo culture.

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When to Visit Port Au Prince

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The best time to visit is between December and March, when there is little rainfall and the weather is less humid.

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Where to Stay in Port Au Prince

Hotel Oloffson is a former historic mansion and marine base that has been turned into one of the most popular tourist hotels. Another is The Inn at Villa Bambou with its manicured gardens and impressive sea views.

Popular Neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince

Where to stay in popular areas of Port Au Prince

How to Get Around Port Au Prince

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The Cost of Living in Port Au Prince

Shopping Streets

Marché de Fer and Village Artistique de Noailles are the two main open air markets. Delmas 2000 is a more traditional shopping store selling toys, appliances, and home decor.

Groceries and Other

Giant Supermarket and Caribbean Supermarket are the two main grocery stores. A dozen eggs costs 230 HTG.

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Where to Eat in Port Au Prince

Coin Vert serves homemade Haitian food, including a selection of lamb, meat, and chicken dishes served alongside cold, locally brewed beer. A typical meal costs 300 HTG.