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Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is a modern city with elements of its Soviet-era history on display throughout. Much of the country has been rebuilt since World War II, and its architecture is a monument to its turbulent past, while its thriving businesses are a badge of its prosperous present. Don't miss visiting this Eastern European jewel!

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Visit Minsk in the mid-summer, when temperatures are around 68 degrees, or just at the beginning of fall. Avoid the winters as it can get as cold as -31 degrees.

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Where to Stay in Minsk

When staying in Minsk, choose Crowne Plaza Minsk for a luxury stay, Hotel Belarus if you want a mid-range option, and Marx Hostel for budget-friendly but centrally located accommodation

Popular Neighborhoods in Minsk

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Tsentralny District

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Shopping Streets

Besides the Stolitsa Underground Mall, don't miss Suvenirnaja Lavka, which is a famous souvenir shop with local crafts, and GUM department store in Prospekt Nezalezhnosti for fashion shopping.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk in Minsk is Br11,829 while a dozen eggs costs Br22,653.

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Where to Eat in Minsk

Close to Trinity Hill, right across from the Svislach River is one of the top-rated authentic restaurants in Minsk, Kuhmistr, dishing up Belarusian and Lithuanian food like kvaas. Expect to spend around Br60,000-120,000.